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PELLORNEIDAE - Fulvettas, Thrush Babblers and allies1 (16:54)
MALACOPTERON Eyton, 1839 N - Malacopteron magnum Eyton, 1839; type by subsequent designation (Strickland, 1844, Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 1, 13, p. 417).   2
Malacopteron affine 3  (Blyth, 1842) Sooty-capped Babbler
vThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra including Banyak Is., Borneo
Malacopteron albogulare 4  (Blyth, 1844) Grey-breasted Babbler
vS Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra and satellites (Batu Is., Lingga Arch.), Borneo
Malacopteron cinereum Scaly-crowned Babbler
indochinense (Robinson & Kloss, 1921) vE continental SE Asia
rufifrons Cabanis, 1851 αiJava
cinereum Eyton, 1839 vThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra including Bangka I., N Natuna Is. (Indonesia), Borneo
niasense (Riley, 1937) vNias I. (NW Sumatra)
Malacopteron magnum5 Rufous-crowned Babbler
magnum Eyton, 1839 vThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, N Natuna Is. (Indonesia), Borneo except N
saba Chasen & Kloss, 1930 iN Borneo
Malacopteron palawanense   Büttikofer, 1895 Melodious Babbler
vBalabac, Palawan (W Philippines)
Malacopteron magnirostre Moustached Babbler
magnirostre (F. Moore, 1854) vFar-SW continental SE Asia, Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, Anamba Is. (Indonesia)
cinereocapilla (Salvadori, 1868) iBorneo
GAMPSORHYNCHUS Blyth, 1844 M - Gampsorhynchus rufulus Blyth, 1844; type by monotypy   
Gampsorhynchus rufulus6 White-hooded Babbler
1 rufulus Blyth, 1844 vW Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from E Nepal, NE India, SE Bangladesh, SW Myanmar
2 torquatus Hume, 1874 vSE Yunnan, continental SE Asia except SW, SC and NE
2 luciae Delacour, 19267 S Yunnan, NE continental SE Asia
2 saturatior Sharpe, 1888 vUplands of S Thai-Malay Pen.
SCHOENIPARUS Hume, 1874 M - Minla rufogularis Mandelli, 1873; type by subsequent designation (Sharpe, 1883, Cat. Birds Brit. Mus., 7, p. 606).8
Schoeniparus brunneus9 Dusky Fulvetta
olivaceus (Styan, 1896) vWC to C and SC China from SE Sichuan to S Shaanxi, Hubei and Guizhou
weigoldi Stresemann, 192310 iWC China in Red Basin (E Sichuan)
superciliaris (David, 1874) vSE and E China
brunneus (Gould, 1863) vTaiwan
argutus (E. Hartert, 1910) vHainan
Schoeniparus dubius11 Rusty-capped Fulvetta
mandellii (Godwin-Austen, 1876) iHimalayan foothills east from Bhutan, NE India, W Myanmar
intermedius Rippon, 1900 vW Yunnan, C, N and E Myanmar
genestieri (Oustalet, 1897) iSW, C and S China from SE Yunnan to Hunan and W Guangdong
cui (J.C. Eames, 2002) iC Vietnam [Eames, 2002 #1465]
dubius (Hume, 1874) vSE Myanmar in Karenni and N Tenasserim, W Thailand
Schoeniparus rufogularis Rufous-throated Fulvetta
rufogularis (Mandelli, 1873) vHimalayan foothills east from West Bengal
collaris (Walden, 1874) vFar-NE India from E Arunachal Pradesh to Manipur, NW Myanmar
major E.C.S. Baker, 1920 vNE Myanmar, N Thailand, NW and C Laos
stevensi Kinnear, 1924 iSE Yunnan, NE Laos, NW and NC Vietnam
kelleyi Bangs & Van Tyne, 1930 iC Vietnam
khmerensis Meyer de Schauensee, 1938 vSE Thailand, SW Cambodia
Schoeniparus cinereus   (Blyth, 1847) Yellow-throated Fulvetta
vSE Xizang, NW Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from Sikkim, NE India, N Myanmar, N Laos, NC Vietnam
Schoeniparus castaneceps Rufous-winged Fulvetta
castaneceps (Hodgson, 1837) iSE Xizang, W Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from WC Nepal, Myanmar (except S) including N Tenasserim, W and NW Thailand
exul (Delacour, 1932) iS and E Yunnan, NE Thailand, Laos, NW Vietnam
stepanyani (J.C. Eames, 2002) iC Vietnam [Eames, 2002 #1465]
klossi (Delacour & Jabouille, 1931)12,13 αiLangbian mountains (SC Vietnam)
soror (Sharpe, 1887) iMountains of S Thai-Malay Pen.
Schoeniparus variegaticeps 14  (Yen Kwok Yung, 1932) Gold-fronted Fulvetta
WC and SC China in S Sichuan and Dayao Shan (C Guangxi)
LATICILLA Blyth, 1845 F - Eurycercus burnesii Blyth, 1844; type by monotypy15,16
Laticilla burnesii Long-tailed Grass Babbler
burnesii (Blyth, 1844) iPakistan, NW India
nipalensis (Baral et al., 2007)17 Nepal [Baral, 2007 #10371]
cinerascens (Walden, 1874)18 iNE India, N Bangladesh
ILLADOPSIS F. Heine, Sr., 1860 F - Turdirostris fulvescens Cassin, 1859; type by original designation and monotypy   19,20
Illadopsis fulvescens Brown Thrush Babbler/Brown Illadopsis
gularis Sharpe, 1870 vGuinea to SW Ghana
moloneyana (Sharpe, 1892) vE Ghana, Togo
iboensis (E. Hartert, 1907) vS Nigeria
fulvescens (Cassin, 1859) iCameroon to PR Congo, W DR Congo
ugandae (van Someren, 1915) iC and E DR Congo, S South Sudan, Uganda, NW Tanzania, W Kenya
dilutior (C.M.N. White, 1953) vNW Angola
Illadopsis rufipennis Pale-breasted Thrush Babbler/Pale-breasted Illadopsis
extrema (Bates, G.L., 1930) vGuinea to Ghana
rufipennis (Sharpe, 1872) vS Nigeria to PR Congo and N Angola (Cabinda), east to Uganda, W Kenya
bocagei (Salvadori, 1903) iBioko
distans (Friedmann, 1928) iS Kenya, E Tanzania, Zanzibar
Illadopsis pyrrhoptera Mountain Thrush Babbler/Mountain Illadopsis
pyrrhoptera (Reichenow & Neumann, 1895) vE DR Congo to W Uganda, south to W Tanzania; W Kenya
nyasae (Benson, 1939) iN Malawi
Illadopsis cleaveri21 Black-capped Thrush Babbler/Black-capped Illadopsis
johnsoni (Büttikofer, 1889) iGuinea to Ivory Coast
cleaveri (Shelley, 1874) iGhana
marchanti Serle, 1956 iSW Nigeria
batesi (Sharpe, 1901) iSE Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic
poensis Bannerman, 1934 vBioko
Illadopsis albipectus 22  (Reichenow, 1887) Scaly-breasted Thrush Babbler/Scaly-breasted Illadopsis
N and W DR Congo, Uganda, S South Sudan, W Kenya, N Angola
Illadopsis turdina23 Spotted Thrush Babbler/Spotted Illadopsis
harterti (Grote, 1921)24 iC Cameroon
turdina (Hartlaub, 1883) vSW South Sudan, NE DR Congo
upembae (Verheyen, 1951) iSE DR Congo, NE Angola, N Zambia
Illadopsis puveli Puvel's Thrush Babbler/Puvel's Illadopsis
puveli (Salvadori, 1901) iS Senegal to Togo
strenuipes (Bannerman, 1920) iBenin to Cameroon, NE DR Congo and W Uganda
Illadopsis rufescens   (Reichenow, 1878) Rufous-winged Thrush Babbler/Rufous-winged Illadopsis
iSierra Leone to Ghana
PELLORNEUM Swainson, 1832 N - Pellorneum ruficeps Swainson, 1832; type by original designation and monotypy   25,26,27
Pellorneum ruficeps Puff-throated Babbler
olivaceum Jerdon, 1839 vSW India
ruficeps Swainson, 1832 iC and SC India
pallidum Abdulali, 1982 vE and SE India [Abdulali, 1982 #23]
punctatum (Gould, 1838) vHimalayan foothills from Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand
mandellii Blanford, 1871 iHimalayan foothills east from C Nepal
chamelum Deignan, 194728 vNE India in Meghalaya and S Nagaland, SE Bangladesh
pectorale Godwin-Austen, 1877 vNE India in Mishmi hills
ripleyi Deignan, 194729 iNE India in N Naga hills
vocale Deignan, 1951 vNE India in Manipur
stageri Deignan, 1947 iNE Myanmar
shanense Deignan, 1947 vSW Yunnan, E Myanmar
hilarum Deignan, 1947 vC Myanmar
victoriae Deignan, 1947 iW Myanmar in Chin hills
minus Hume, 1873 vSC and S Myanmar
subochraceum Swinhoe, 1871 vSE Myanmar in N Tenasserim to border of NW Thailand
insularum Deignan, 1947 iSE Myanmar in Mergui Arch.
acrum Deignan, 1947 vSW continental SE Asia and Thai-Malay Pen. except far-S
chthonium Deignan, 1947 vNW Thailand
indistinctum Deignan, 1947 vExtreme NE Thailand
elbeli Deignan, 1956 iNE Thailand (except range of indistinctum)
dusiti Dickinson & Chaiyaphun, 1970 iNC Thailand on W slope of Dong Phraya Fai range [Dickinson, 1970 #1356]
oreum Deignan, 1947 vS China, N Laos
vividum La Touche, 1921 vN Vietnam
ubonense Deignan, 1947 vFar-E Thailand, S Laos
deignani Delacour, 1951 iVietnam (except N and extreme S)
dilloni Delacour, 1951 iExtreme S Vietnam
euroum Deignan, 1947 vSC and SE Thailand, W Cambodia
smithi Riley, 1924 iSatellites of SE Thailand and Cambodia
Pellorneum capistratum Black-capped Babbler
nigrocapitatum (Eyton, 1839)30 vThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra and satellites Bangka and Belitung, N Natuna Is. (Indonesia)
capistratoides (Strickland, 1849) iBorneo except N
morrelli Chasen & Kloss, 1929 iN Borneo including Banggi I.
capistratum (Temminck, 1823) vJava
Pellorneum fuscocapillus Brown-capped Babbler
babaulti (T. Wells, 1919) iN and E Sri Lanka
fuscocapillus (Blyth, 1849)31 iW and SW Sri Lanka
Pellorneum palustre   Gould, 1872 Marsh Babbler
vNE India in S Arunachal Pradesh and C and E Assam, E Bangladesh
Pellorneum albiventre32 Spot-throated Babbler
ignotum Hume, 1877 vHimalayan foothills east from Bhutan
albiventre (Godwin-Austen, 1877) vNE India, W Myanmar
cinnamomeum (Rippon, 1900) vS Yunnan, N and E Myanmar, NW Thailand, Laos, C Vietnam
pusillum (Delacour, 1927) vN Laos, NW Vietnam
TRICHASTOMA Blyth, 1842 N - Trichastoma rostratum Blyth, 1842; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 41).
Trichastoma cinereiceps   (Tweeddale, 1878) Ashy-headed Babbler
Balabac and Palawan (Philippines)
Trichastoma malaccense33 Short-tailed Babbler
malaccense (Hartlaub, 1844) vThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, and Natuna and Anamba Is. (Indonesia)
poliogene (Strickland, 1849)34,35 δvBangka and Belitung Is., Borneo
Trichastoma bicolor   (Lesson, 1839) Ferruginous Babbler
SW Thailand, Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra including Bangka I., Borneo
Trichastoma rostratum White-chested Babbler
rostratum Blyth, 1842 vThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra and E satellites
macropterum (Salvadori, 1868) vBorneo including Banggi I.
Trichastoma celebense Sulawesi Babbler
celebense Strickland, 1849 vN Sulawesi and satellites
rufofuscum (Stresemann, 1931)36 vNC and C Sulawesi
finschi Walden, 1876 iSW Sulawesi
improbatum Deignan, 196437 vE and SE Sulawesi
togianense (Voous, 1952) vTogian Is. (Sulawesi)
Trichastoma buettikoferi 38  Vorderman, 1892 Sumatran Babbler
Trichastoma pyrrogenys39 Temminck's Babbler
pyrrogenys (Temminck, 1827)40 iJava
erythrote (Sharpe, 1883) vW Borneo on Poi Range and Penrissen mountains
longstaffi (Harrisson & Hartley, 1934) iMountains of Borneo except NW and W
canicapillus (Sharpe, 1887) iMt. Kinabalu (NW Borneo)
Trichastoma tickelli41 Buff-breasted Babbler
garoense (Godwin-Austen, 1874)42 vArunachal Pradesh, NE India, E Bangladesh, NW Myanmar [Godwin-Austen, 1874 #6253]
grisescens (Ticehurst, 1932) iW Myanmar in Arakan Yoma
fulvum (Walden, 1875) vW and S Yunnan, N and EC continental SE Asia east from NE Myanmar
annamense (Delacour, 1926) vS Laos, C and S Vietnam
tickelli (Blyth, 1859) iSW continental SE Asia, Thai-Malay Pen.
KENOPIA G.R. Gray, 1869 F - Timalia striata Blyth, 1842; type by subsequent designation (Salvadori, 1874, Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova, 5, p. 223).   
Kenopia striata   (Blyth, 1842) Striped Wren Babbler
vThai-Malay Pen. (except far-N), Sumatra, Borneo
MALACOCINCLA Blyth, 1845 F - Malacocincla abbotti Blyth, 1845; type by monotypy
Malacocincla abbotti Abbott's Babbler
abbotti Blyth, 184543 iHimalayan foothills east from Nepal, NE India, SW continental SE Asia from SW and SC Myanmar, N and C Thai-Malay Pen.
krishnarajui Ripley & Beehler, 1985 iE India on E Ghats [Ripley, 1985 #3337]
williamsoni Deignan, 1948 iE Thailand, NW Cambodia
obscurior Deignan, 1948 vSE Thailand, SW Cambodia
altera (Sims, 1957) vN Laos, C Vietnam
olivacea (Strickland, 1847) vThai-Malay Pen. (except range of abbotti), Sumatra
concreta Büttikofer, 189544 vBorneo, Belitung, Matasiri I. [Büttikofer, 1895 #628]
baweana Oberholser, 1917 vBawean I. (Java Sea)
Malacocincla sepiaria Horsfield's Babbler
tardinata E. Hartert, 1915 δvS Thai-Malay Pen.
barussana Robinson & Kloss, 192145 vSumatra
sepiaria (Horsfield, 1821)46 vJava, Bali
rufiventris Salvadori, 1874 vW and S Borneo
harterti Chasen & Kloss, 1929 iN and E Borneo
Malacocincla perspicillata   (Bonaparte, 1850) Black-browed Babbler
v? S Borneo
TURDINUS Blyth, 1844 M - Malacopteron macrodactylum Strickland, 1844; type by original designation and monotypy47
Turdinus macrodactylus48 Large Wren Babbler
macrodactylus (Strickland, 1844) vThai-Malay Pen.
beauforti Voous, 195049 αiSumatra
lepidopleura (Bonaparte, 1850) iJava
Turdinus rufipectus   Salvadori, 1879 Rusty-breasted Wren Babbler
Mountains of Sumatra
Turdinus atrigularis   (Bonaparte, 1850) Black-throated Wren Babbler
Turdinus marmoratus Marbled Wren Babbler
grandior Voous, 195050 αvMountains of S Thai-Malay Pen.
marmoratus Wardlaw Ramsay, 1880 vMountains of Sumatra
Turdinus crispifrons Limestone Wren Babbler
annamensis (Delacour & Jabouille, 1928) vSE Yunnan, NE continental SE Asia
calcicola (Deignan, 1939) iNC Thailand
crispifrons Blyth, 1855 iS and SE Myanmar (N Tenasserim), W and N Thailand
Turdinus brevicaudatus51 Streaked Wren Babbler
striatus Walden, 1871 vS Assam, Manipur, W Myanmar
brevicaudatus Blyth, 185552 vW Yunnan, N, E and SE Myanmar, W and N Thailand
stevensi (Kinnear, 1925) iSE Yunnan and Guangxi, NE continental SE Asia
proximus (Delacour, 1930) vS Laos, C Vietnam
rufiventer (Delacour, 1927) iSC Vietnam (Langbian mountains)
griseigularis (Delacour & Jabouille, 1928) vSE Thailand, SW Cambodia
leucostictus (Sharpe, 1887) vThai-Malay Pen.
Turdinus crassus   (Sharpe, 1888) Mountain Wren Babbler
vMountains of Borneo
PTILOCICHLA Sharpe, 1877 F - Ptilocichla falcata Sharpe, 1877; type by original designation and monotypy   
Ptilocichla leucogrammica   (Bonaparte, 1850) Bornean Wren Babbler
Ptilocichla mindanensis Striated Wren Babbler
minuta Bourns & Worcester, 1894 vSamar, Leyte (Philippines)
fortichi Rand & Rabor, 1957 iBohol (Philippines)
mindanensis (W. Blasius, 1890)53 αvMindanao (Philippines)
basilanica Steere, 1890 vBasilan (Philippines)
Ptilocichla falcata   Sharpe, 1877 Falcated Wren Babbler
vBalabac, Palawan (Philippines)
NAPOTHERA G.R. Gray, 1842 F - Myiothera epilepidota Temminck, 1828; type by original designation and monotypy   54
Napothera epilepidota Eyebrowed Wren Babbler
guttaticollis (Ogilvie-Grant, 1895) vE Bhutan, NE India in N Assam
roberti (Godwin-Austen & Walden, 1875) iNE India in Meghalaya, Manipur and Mizoram, NW Myanmar
bakeri (Harington, 1913) iE Myanmar
davisoni (Ogilvie-Grant, 1910) iSE Myanmar in Tenasserim, W and N Thailand
laotiana (Delacour, 1926)55 vSW China in S Yunnan, N, C and SE Laos
amyae (Kinnear, 1925) iN Vietnam
delacouri Yen Kwok Yung, 1934 iGuangxi on Dayao Shan
hainana (E. Hartert, 1910) vHainan
clara (Robinson & Kloss, 1919) vC and SC Vietnam
granti (Richmond, 1900) iUplands of Thai-Malay Pen.
diluta (Robinson & Kloss, 1916)56 vUplands of Sumatra
epilepidota (Temminck, 1828)57 vUplands of W and C Java
exsul (Sharpe, 1888) iUplands of Borneo
JABOUILLEIA Delacour, 1927 F - Rimator danjoui Robinson & Kloss, 1919; type by original designation
Jabouilleia danjoui Scimitar-billed Wren Babbler
naungmungensis Rappole, Renner, Nay Myo Shwe & Sweet, 200558 vN Myanmar [Rappole, 2005 #3211]
parvirostris Delacour, 1927 vC Laos, NC Vietnam
danjoui (Robinson & Kloss, 1919) iSC Vietnam
RIMATOR Blyth, 1847 M - Rimator malacoptilus Blyth, 1847; type by original designation and monotypy   
Rimator malacoptilus59 Long-billed Wren Babbler/Danjou's Wren Babbler
1 malacoptilus Blyth, 1847 vNW Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from E Nepal, NE India, N Myanmar
2 pasquieri Delacour & Jabouille, 1930 iNW Vietnam
3 albostriatus Salvadori, 1879 vMountains of Sumatra
GRAMINICOLA Jerdon, 1863 M - Graminicola bengalensis Jerdon, 1863; type by monotypy   60
Graminicola bengalensis Rufous-rumped Grass Babbler
bengalensis Jerdon, 1863 vN and NE India, S Nepal, S Bhutan, N Bangladesh
sinicus Stresemann, 1923 vSE China
striatus Styan, 1892 vE Myanmar, N Vietnam, Hainan (formerly C Thailand)
LEONARDINA Mearns, 1905 F - Leonardia woodi Mearns, 1905; type by original designation and monotypy   61,62,63
Leonardina woodi   (Mearns, 1905) Bagobo Babbler
iMindanao (Philippines)

1 The results of the phylogenetic study by Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713] suffer from limited taxon sampling in some genera and a situation where one genus-group name that seems needed is apparently not available.
2 Sequence of species follows Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
3 Treated as monotypic following Mees (1986) [Mees, 1986 #2631] thus including notatum and phoeniceum. For recognition of phoeniceum see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
4 Monotypic treatment follows Voous (1950) [Voous, 1950 #8416] and Wells (2007) [Wells, 2007 #10194]. For recognition of moultoni, see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226], who placed the species in monotypic genus Ophrydornis, but molecular data embed this in Malacopteron (Moyle et al., 2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
5 Considered to form a superspecies with M. palawanense by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
6 Subspecies groups derived from treatment as two species by Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226] and by Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749].
7 For recognition see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
8 Allocation of species from the broad genus Alcippe to multiple genera based on Pasquet et al. (2006) [Pasquet, 2006 #7390] and Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713]. Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226] placed some species in Pseudominla, but Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713] found monophyly for Schoeniparus including the type species of Pseudominla.
9 Considered to form a superspecies with S. dubius by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
10 For recognition see Cheng Tso-hsin (1987) [Cheng Tso-hsin, 1987 #739].
11 For treatment as a separate species from S. brunneus, see Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
12 Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226] treated this as a separate species.
13 Date 1919 in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was miscopied.
14 Awaits molecular screening; placed in this genus on morphological evidence.
15 For transfer from genus Prinia to here see Olsson et al. (2013) [Olsson, 2013 #14702]. The generic name Eurycercus Blyth, 1844, is preoccupied in Arthropoda.
16 Sometimes dated 1844; but see Dickinson & Pittie (2006) [Dickinson, 2006 #9467].
17 Renamed nepalicola Baral et al., 2008 [Baral, 2008 #10985], nipalensis having been a secondary homonym. However, transfer of this species to genus Laticilla resolves the homonymy based on Art. 59.4 of the Code [I.C.Z.N., 1999 #2059].
18 Treated as a separate species from L. burnesii by Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749]. That proposal needs more detailed support and this taxon, which has yet to be screened for its DNA, should be sampled.
19 The genus Ptyrticus is included to provide monophyly; see Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
20 Species sequence follow Nguembock et al. (2009) [Nguembock, 2009 #11857] and Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713], following whom Ptyrticus is included.
21 Considered to form a superspecies with I. albipectus by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
22 For monotypic treatment see Keith (2000) [Keith, 2000 #2185]; thus includes barakae and trensei Meise, 1978 [Meise, 1978 #2652].
23 Historically treated in the monotypic genus Ptyrticus, but found embedded in Illadopsis by Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
24 Authorship mistakenly attributed to Stresemann by Deignan (1964) [Deignan, 1964 #1250].
25 Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713] found that the clade including Pellorneum also held the type species of the genus Trichastoma and in a broad genus Pellorneum becomes a synonym. In addition two species from Malacocincla are included because that genus was found paraphyletic and its type species belongs in Turdinus which has priority, leaving Malacocincla in synonymy.
26 This treatment is provisional; broader taxon-sampling may permit some of the species to be united under the name Erythrocichla.
27 Species sequence follows Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
28 Perhaps better united with mandelli see Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332].
29 Perhaps better united with mandelli see Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332].
30 Includes nyctilampis; see Mees (1986) [Mees, 1986 #2631].
31 Includes scortillum; see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
32 Probably better placed in a monotypic genus, see Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
33 Considered to form a superspecies with A. cinereiceps by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
34 Includes saturata see Mees (1986) [Mees, 1986 #2631] and sordida see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226], who considered the name feriata applied to immature birds.
35 Correct original spelling. The spelling poliogenys in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
36 Includes connectens; see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
37 As the replacement name improbatum was proposed after 1961 it will be appropriate to restore it if what is treated here as T. malaccense were to be removed from Trichastoma. See Art. 59.4 of the Code (I.C.Z.N., 1999) [I.C.Z.N., 1999 #2059].
38 For reasons to treat this as a species see Wells et al. (2001) [Wells, 2001 #4121].
39 Considered to form a superspecies with T. tickelli by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
40 Includes besuki, see Mees (1996) [Mees, 1996 #2638].
41 There may be two distinct populations in Assam; see Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749].
42 Includes Brachypteryx cryptica Ripley, 1980 [Ripley, 1980 #3330], see Ripley (1985) [Ripley, 1985 #3335]. The often-used name assamensis is a junior synonym; see Dickinson & Cibois (2010) [Dickinson, 2010 #12714] and Dickinson et al. (2010) [Dickinson, 2010 #12715].
43 Includes amabilis, see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
44 For reasons to use this name in place of finschi or sirensis, see Mees (1971) [Mees, 1971 #2616].
45 Includes liberalis and vanderbilti; see Mees (1995) [Mees, 1995 #2637].
46 Includes minor, see Mees (1996) [Mees, 1996 #2638]; records from Bangka (bangkae) not accepted by Mees (1986) [Mees, 1986 #2631].
47 Includes the type species of Malacocincla based on findings of Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
48 Considered to form a superspecies with T. rufipectus by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
49 For date correction see Roselaar & Prins (2000) [Roselaar, 2000 #3386].
50 For date correction see Roselaar & Prins (2000) [Roselaar, 2000 #3386].
51 Considered to form a superspecies with T. crassus by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
52 Includes venningi; see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
53 Published April; the name basilanica appeared in July.
54 For reallocation of most species to other genera see Moyle et al. (2012) [Moyle, 2012 #14713].
55 For recognition, and inclusion of birds from S Yunnan in this subspecies, see Cheng (1987) [Cheng Tso-hsin, 1987 #739]. But see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
56 Includes mendeni, see Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
57 Pl. 448 appeared in Livr. 75 in 1828 (Dickinson, 2001) [Dickinson, 2001 #1369]; Deignan (1964) [Deignan, 1964 #1250] mistakenly cited Livr. 74 with date 1827.
58 Described as a species, but see Collar (2011) [Collar, 2011 #12811].
59 Treated as three separate species by Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
60 For assignment to this family see Leader et al. (2010) [Leader, 2010 #12463].
61 A DNA sample studied by Oliveros et al. (2012) [Oliveros, 2012 #14715] and said to be this forest floor species was founded embedded between two Rhinomyias flycatchers that were once associated subspecies, suggesting this sample must come from such a species.
62 To make sure of the relationships of L. woodi voucher specimens are available to permit sampling from a firmly identified museum specimen. We defer revising the placement of this specimen pending corroboration based on material of certain origin.
63 Original generic name Leonardia preoccupied and replacement name published within 2 months.