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RHEIDAE - Rheas (1:2)
RHEA Brisson, 1760 F - Rhea Brisson; type by tautonymy = Struthio americanus Linnaeus, 1758  
Rhea americana Greater Rhea
americana (Linnaeus, 1758) vNE to SE Brazil (south to São Paulo)
intermedia Rothschild & C. Chubb, 1914 vSE Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) and Uruguay
nobilis Brodkorb, 1939 vE Paraguay (east of R. Paraguay)
araneipes Brodkorb, 1938 iW Paraguay, SW Brazil (north to S Mato Grosso), E Bolivia
albescens Lynch & Holmberg, 1878 NE and E Argentina (south to R. Negro)
Rhea pennata1 Lesser Rhea
1 tarapacensis (C. Chubb, 1913)2 vAndes of SW Peru (Moquegua) to N Chile (Atacama)
1 garleppi (C. Chubb, 1913)3 iAltiplano region of Andes from SE Peru (Puno) through Bolivia to NW Argentina (Catamarca)
2 pennata d'Orbigny, 1834 vS Chile (north to Aisén) and S Argentina (north to Mendoza)

1 Formerly placed in monotypic genus Pterocnemia but see Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
2 May merit treatment, along with garleppi, as a separate species; see Blake (1977) [Blake, 1977 #326], Fjeldså & Krabbe (1990) [Fjeldså, 1990 #1570], Folch (1992) [Folch, 1992 #12473] and Jaramillo (2003) [Jaramillo, 2003 #13739].
3 Perhaps not diagnosable from tarapacensis; see Folch (1992) [Folch, 1992 #12473].