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MUSOPHAGIDAE - Turacos1 (6:23)
CORYTHAEOLA F. Heine, Sr., 1860 F - Musophaga cristata Vieillot, 1816; type by monotypy  
Corythaeola cristata 2  (Vieillot, 1816) Great Blue Turaco
vGuinea-Bissau to W Kenya, NW Tanzania and N Angola, Bioko
CRINIFEROIDES Roberts, 1926 M - Chizaerhis leucogaster Rüppell, 1842; type by original designation and monotypy   3
Criniferoides leucogaster   (Rüppell, 1842) White-bellied Go-away-bird
NW, C and S Somalia, E and S Ethiopia and S South Sudan to NE Uganda, Kenya and N Tanzania
CRINIFER Jarocki, 1821 M - Phasianus africanus Latham, 1790; type by monotypy = Falco piscator Boddaert, 1783  
Crinifer zonurus 4  (Rüppell, 1835) Eastern Grey Plantain-eater
SE Chad and W Sudan (Darfur); N Eritrea, C and W Ethiopia; W South Sudan and NE DR Congo to Uganda, W Kenya and NW Tanzania
Crinifer piscator 5,6  (Boddaert, 1783) Western Grey Plantain-eater
iS Senegal and Gambia to Central African Republic; W DR Congo and PR Congo
CORYTHAIXOIDES A. Smith, 1833 M - Corythaix concolor A. Smith, 1833; type by original designation  
Corythaixoides personatus Bare-faced Go-away-bird
personatus (Rüppell, 1842) vEthiopian Rift Valley
leopoldi (Shelley, 1881) S Uganda, SW Kenya and Tanzania to SE DR Congo, NE Zambia, N Malawi
Corythaixoides concolor7,8 Grey Go-away-bird
molybdophanes Clancey, 1964 NE Angola to S Tanzania, N Malawi and N Mozambique [Clancey, 1964 #815]
pallidiceps Neumann, 18999 W Angola to C Namibia
bechuanae Roberts, 193210 S Angola, NE Namibia, SW Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to N South Africa (C and W Limpopo and North West Province)
concolor (A. Smith, 1833) S Malawi, C and S Mozambique, SE Zimbabwe, E Limpopo to N KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and Swaziland
GALLIREX Lesson, 1844 M - Corythaix porphyreolopha Vigors, 1831; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 149).  
Gallirex porphyreolophus12 Purple-crested Turaco
chlorochlamys Shelley, 1881 S Kenya to Malawi and N Mozambique
porphyreolophus (Vigors, 1831) vZimbabwe and C and S Mozambique to NE and E South Africa
Gallirex johnstoni13 Ruwenzori Turaco
johnstoni Sharpe, 1901 W Uganda (Rwenzori Mts.), NE and E DR Congo
kivuensis (Neumann, 1908) vHighlands of E DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and SW Uganda
bredoi (Verheyen, 1947)14 Mt. Kabobo (E DR Congo) [Verheyen, 1947 #3977]
TAURACO Kluk, 1779 M - Cuculus persa Linnaeus, 1758; type by subsequent designation (Domaniewski, 1933, Acta Orn. Mus. Zool. Polon., 1, p. 26).  15
Tauraco schalowi 16  (Reichenow, 1891) Schalow's Turaco
iSW Kenya, N and W Tanzania and N and C Malawi to SE DR Congo, Zambia and W Angola
Tauraco hartlaubi   (G.A. Fischer & Reichenow, 1884) Hartlaub's Turaco
iKenyan highlands to E Uganda and N Tanzania
Tauraco schuettii Black-billed Turaco
emini Reichenow, 1893 E DR Congo to Uganda, W Kenya and SE South Sudan
schuettii (Cabanis, 1879)17,18 δW and N DR Congo to N Angola
Tauraco livingstonii Livingstone's Turaco
reichenowi (G.A. Fischer, 1880)19 E and S Tanzania to Mozambique and NE KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
livingstonii G.R. Gray, 1864 SE Malawi and adjacent Mozambique, E Zimbabwe
Tauraco fischeri Fischer's Turaco
fischeri (Reichenow, 1878) Coastal S Somalia, Kenya, NE Tanzania
zanzibaricus Pakenham, 1938 αvZanzibar
Tauraco corythaix Knysna Turaco
phoebus Neumann, 1907 vE Limpopo and E Mpumalanga (South Africa), NW Swaziland
corythaix (Wagler, 1827) S KwaZulu-Natal to SE Western Cape (South Africa)
Tauraco persa20,21 Green Turaco
buffoni (Vieillot, 1819) Senegal and Gambia to Liberia
persa (Linnaeus, 1758) Ivory Coast to Cameroon
zenkeri Reichenow, 1896 S Cameroon to NW DR Congo, PR Congo and N Angola
Tauraco leucotis22 White-cheeked Turaco
leucotis (Rüppell, 1835) vW Ethiopian highlands, E South Sudan, Eritrea
donaldsoni Sharpe, 1895 EC Ethiopian highlands
Tauraco ruspolii   Salvadori, 1896 Ruspoli's Turaco
iS Ethiopia
Tauraco bannermani   (Bates, G.L., 1923) Bannerman's Turaco
iBamenda-Banso highlands (NW Cameroon)
Tauraco erythrolophus 23  (Vieillot, 1819) Red-crested Turaco
vW and C Angola
Tauraco leucolophus   (von Heuglin, 1855) White-crested Turaco
vSE Nigeria and N Cameroon to South Sudan, NE DR Congo, N and C Uganda and W Kenya
Tauraco macrorhynchus Yellow-billed Turaco
macrorhynchus (Fraser, 1839) vGuinea, Sierra Leone to Ghana
verreauxii (Schlegel, 1854)24 δS Nigeria to W DR Congo and Cabinda (N Angola), Bioko
Tauraco rossae 25  (Gould, 1852) Ross's Turaco
E Cameroon to S South Sudan and W Kenya, south to N and E Angola and NW Botswana
Tauraco violaceus 26,27  (Isert, 1788) α Violet Turaco
vGambia and Guinea to N Nigeria and NW Cameroon, S Chad and N Central African Republic

1 Sequence of genera and species follows Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979], who recognized three subfamilies.
2 Includes yalensis; see Chapin (1939) [Chapin, 1939 #13706].
3 Recognition of this genus follows Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
4 For recognition as a separate species from C. piscator see Moreau (1958) [Moreau, 1958 #14134].
5 Implicitly includes obscuratus; see White (1965) [White, 1965 #4191].
6 Treated as a superspecies with C. zonurus by Snow, Clancey & Read in Snow (1978) [Snow, 1978 #13852].
7 Subspecies classification follows Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885].
8 Considered to form a superspecies with C. personatus by Snow et al. in Snow (1978) [Snow, 1978 #13852].
9 Includes cuanhamae da Rosa Pinto, 1962 [da Rosa Pinto, 1962 #1108]; see Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885].
10 Recognition follows Irwin & Benson (1966) [Irwin, 1966 #14135]. Includes chobiensis; see Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885].
11 Sequence of genera follows Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885].
12 Transfer from Tauraco to Gallirex follows Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
13 For treatment within Gallirex see Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
14 For recognition see Louette et al. (2000) [Louette, 2000 #2431].
15 Includes Musophaga; see Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
16 Treatment as a separate species from T. livingstonii follows Dowsett-Lemaire & Dowsett (1988) [Dowsett-Lemaire, 1988 #14136]. Includes chalcolophus; see Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885]. Implicitly includes loitanus and marungensis; see White (1965) [White, 1965 #4191].
17 Includes finschi and sharpei; see Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885].
18 Original spelling schüttii. German origin. Here the justified emendation is used.
19 Includes cabanisi; see du Plessis & Dean in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
20 Previously treated as a broader species following Brosset & Fry (1988) [Brosset, 1988 #533], but see Turner (1997) [Turner, 1997 #3885], whose subspecific treatment we follow.
21 Considered to form a superspecies with T. schalowi, livingstonii, corythaix, schuettii and T. fischeri by Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636], but see genetic findings of Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
22 Considered to form a superspecies with T. hartlaubi and T. ruspolii by Snow, Clancey & Read in Snow (1978) [Snow, 1978 #13852], but see Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
23 Considered to form a superspecies with T. bannermani; see Snow, Clancey & Read in Snow (1978) [Snow, 1978 #13852].
24 Correct original spelling. Spelling verreauxi in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] an ISS.
25 Includes savannicola; see Moreau (1958) [Moreau, 1958 #14134].
26 For treatment of this and T. rossae within Tauraco see Veron & Winney (2000) [Veron, 2000 #3979].
27 Forms a superspecies with T. rossae; see Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].