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MEGAPODIIDAE - Megapodes1 (7:22)
ALECTURA Latham, 1824 F - New Holland Vulture; type by monotypy = Alectura lathami J.E. Gray, 1831  
Alectura lathami Australian Brush-turkey/Brush Turkey
purpureicollis (Le Souef, 1898) vN Queensland (Cape York Pen.)
lathami J.E. Gray, 1831 iNE, EC and SE Queensland (south from Cooktown), E New South Wales
AEPYPODIUS Oustalet, 1880 M - Telegallus bruijnii Oustalet, 1880; type by subsequent designation (Salvadori, 1882, Orn. Pap. delle Mol., 3, p. 251).  
Aepypodius arfakianus Wattled Brush-turkey
misoliensis Ripley, 1957 vMisool (Western Papuan Is.) [Ripley, 1957 #3306]
arfakianus (Salvadori, 1877) vMontane New Guinea, Yapen I.
Aepypodius bruijnii   (Oustalet, 1880) Bruijn's Brush-turkey
iWaigeo (Western Papuan Is.)
TALEGALLA Lesson, 1828 F - Talegalla cuvieri Lesson, 1828; type by original designation  
Talegalla cuvieri Red-billed Brush-turkey
cuvieri Lesson, 1828 iMisool, lowland NW New Guinea (Vogelkop)
granti Roselaar, 1994 iLowland SW New Guinea (foothills of Maoke Mts.) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384]
Talegalla fuscirostris Black-billed Brush-turkey
meyeri Roselaar, 1994 iLowland NW New Guinea (head of Cenderawasih Bay) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384]
fuscirostris Salvadori, 1877 vLowland SC and SE New Guinea (R. Fly to Milne Bay)
occidentis C.M.N. White, 1938 iLowland SW New Guinea (head of Cenderawasih Bay to R. Noord) [White, 1938 #4453]
aruensis Roselaar, 1994 vLowland SW and SC New Guinea (R. Noord to R. Fly), Aru Is. [Roselaar, 1994 #3384]
Talegalla jobiensis Brown-collared Brush-turkey
jobiensis A.B. Meyer, 1874 vLowland N New Guinea (NE coast of Cenderawasih Bay), Yapen I.
longicaudus A.B. Meyer, 1891 iLowland N, NE and SE New Guinea (R. Mamberamo to Milne Bay, north of central cordillera)
LEIPOA Gould, 1840 F - Leipoa ocellata Gould, 1840; type by monotypy  
Leipoa ocellata 2  Gould, 1840 Malleefowl
vSW and SC Australia
MACROCEPHALON S. Müller, 1846 N - Macrocephalon maleo S. Müller, 1846; type by monotypy  
Macrocephalon maleo   S. Müller, 1846 Maleo
iSangir Is., Sulawesi, Buton I.
EULIPOA Ogilvie-Grant, 1893 F - Megapodius wallacei G.R. Gray, 1861; type by monotypy  
Eulipoa wallacei   (G.R. Gray, 1861) Moluccan Megapodeα
iMoluccas, Western Papuan Is. (Misool)
MEGAPODIUS Gaimard, 1823 M - Megapodius freycinet Gaimard, 1823; type by subsequent designation (Selby, 1840, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Types Aves, p. 40).  3
Megapodius nicobariensis Nicobar Megapode
nicobariensis Blyth, 1846 vC Nicobars
abbotti Oberholser, 1919 iLittle Nicobar and Great Nicobar (S Nicobars)
Megapodius cumingii4 Philippine Megapode
dillwyni Tweeddale, 1878 αiLuzon, Mindoro, Marinduque and neighbouring islands (Philippines) [Tweeddale, 1878 #5552]
cumingii Dillwyn, 1853 iSatellites of N and E Borneo; SW Philippines (Calamian Group, Palawan, Balabac and Sulu Arch.)
pusillus Tweeddale, 1878 αvW and E Visayan Is., W Mindanao and Basilan (Philippines)
tabon Hachisuka, 1931 iE Mindanao (Philippines)
talautensis Roselaar, 1994 vTalaud Is. [Roselaar, 1994 #3384]
sanghirensis Schlegel, 1880 vSangir Is.
gilbertii G.R. Gray, 1862 αiSulawesi, Togian Is.
Megapodius bernsteinii 5  Schlegel, 1866 Sula Megapode
iBanggai Is., Sula Is.
Megapodius tenimberensis   P.L. Sclater, 1883 Tanimbar Megapode
vTanimbar Is.
Megapodius layardi   Tristram, 1879 Vanuatu Megapode
Megapodius laperouse Micronesian Megapode
laperouse Gaimard, 1823 iN Northern Mariana Is. Extirpated S Northern Mariana Is. and Guam
senex Hartlaub, 18686 αiPalau
Megapodius pritchardii   G.R. Gray, 1864 Tongan Megapode
iNiuafo'ou (Tonga)7
Megapodius forsteni8,9 Forsten's Megapode
forsteni G.R. Gray, 1847 Seram and satellites (S Moluccas)
buruensis Stresemann, 1914 αvBuru (S Moluccas)
Megapodius freycinet Dusky Megapode
quoyii G.R. Gray, 186210 αiN Moluccas [Gray, 1862 #1800]
freycinet Gaimard, 1823 iN Moluccas (Gebe), Western Papuan Is. (Waigeo, Misool and outer islets)
oustaleti Roselaar, 1994 iWestern Papuan Is. (Batanta, Salawati and inner islets) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384]
Megapodius geelvinkianus   A.B. Meyer, 1874 Biak Megapode
vNumfoor I., Biak I., Mios Num I. (in Cenderawasih Bay)
Megapodius decollatus 11,12,13  Oustalet, 1878 New Guinea Megapode
vLowland to montane N New Guinea (E Cenderawasih Bay to Huon Gulf), Yapen I. and offshore islands east to Manam I.
Megapodius eremita 14  Hartlaub, 1868 Melanesian Megapodeα
iBismarck Arch., Solomons and peripheral islets
Megapodius reinwardt15 Orange-footed Megapode
reinwardt C. Dumont, 1823 iIslands in Java, Flores and Banda Seas, satellites of SE Sulawesi, SE Moluccas, Lesser Sundas (east to Damar and Sermata), Aru Is., lowland NW to all S New Guinea, Torres Strait Is.
macgillivrayi G.R. Gray, 186216 αiIslands off SE New Guinea (Louisiade Arch., D'Entrecasteaux Arch., Trobriand Is.)
tumulus Gould, 1842 iNW and NC Australia (Kimberley Division, Arnhem Land)
yorki Mathews, 1929 iN Queensland (N and E Cape York Pen. south to Cooktown)
castanonotus Mayr, 1938 vNE and EC Queensland (Cooktown to Yeppoon) [Mayr, 1938 #2543]

1 Sequence of genera follows Birks & Edwards (2002) [Birks, 2002 #309] and Crowe et al. (2006) [Crowe, 2006 #9517], in substantial agreement with Roselaar (1994) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384] and Jones et al. (1995) [Jones, 1995 #2152].
2 Includes rosinae; see Elliott (1994) [Elliott, 1994 #12113].
3 Sequence of species derived from Birks & Edwards (2002) [Birks, 2002 #309], into which the species nicobariensis, bernsteinii and laperouse, not examined by them, have been interpolated on morphological and geographical grounds.
4 Previously treated as conspecific with M. nicobariensis, but now best seen as an allospecies; see Roselaar (1994) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384].
5 Previously treated as conspecific with M. nicobariensis, now best seen as an allospecies. Includes perrufus Neumann, 1939 [Neumann, 1939 #2762]; see Roselaar in Jones et al. (1995) [Jones, 1995 #2152].
6 For recognition see Jones et al. (1995) [Jones, 1995 #2152].
7 Introduced to Fonualei (Tonga).
8 See Birks & Edwards (2002) [Birks, 2002 #309] for suggested relationship to M. freycinet.
9 Spelling selected by a First Reviser; see David et al. (2009) [David, 2009 #11541].
10 May merit treatment as a separate species; see Birks & Edwards (2002) [Birks, 2002 #309].
11 Includes jobiensis and huonensis; see Elliott (1994) [Elliott, 1994 #12113].
12 Part of the M. freycinet complex according to data in Birks & Edwards (2002) [Birks, 2002 #309], but morphologically distinct; see Jones et al. (1995) [Jones, 1995 #2152] whom we follow.
13 Formerly treated as a subspecies of M. affinis, but the type of affinis identifiable as M. reinwardt; see Roselaar (1994) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384].
14 Includes brenchleyi; see Elliott (1994) [Elliott, 1994 #12113].
15 Peters (1934) [Peters, 1934 #3007] listed a species affinis, but this name is now in the synonymy of nominate reinwardt; see Roselaar (1994) [Roselaar, 1994 #3384].
16 Perhaps a stabilised hybrid form between M. reinwardt and M. eremita; see Jones et al. (1995) [Jones, 1995 #2152].