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PITTIDAE - Pittas1 (1:29)
PITTA Vieillot, 1816 F - Brève Buffon; type by monotypy = Corvus brachyurus Linnaeus, 1766  2
Pitta erythrogaster3 Red-bellied Pitta
1 erythrogaster Temminck, 1823 iPhilippines (except Palawan and satellites)
1 thompsoni Ripley & Rabor, 1962 iCulion (Philippines)
1 propinqua (Sharpe, 1877) vPalawan, Balabac (Philippines)
1 inspeculata A.B. Meyer & Wiglesworth, 1894 vTalaud Is.
2 caeruleitorques Salvadori, 1876 iSangir (Sangir Is.)
2 palliceps Brüggemann, 1876 iSiau, Tahulandang (Sangir Is.)
2 celebensis S. Müller & Schlegel, 1845 vSulawesi
2 dohertyi Rothschild, 18984 iBanggai Is., Sula Is.
3 rufiventris (F. Heine, Sr., 1860) αvMorotai, Halmahera, Bacan (N Moluccas)
3 cyanonota G.R. Gray, 1861 αvTernate (N Moluccas)
3 obiensis Hachisuka, 1935 vObi (N Moluccas)
3 bernsteini Junge, 1958 iGebe (N Moluccas)
4 rubrinucha Wallace, 1862 iBuru (S Moluccas)
4 piroensis Muir & Kershaw, 1910 vSeram (S Moluccas)
5 kuehni Rothschild, 1899 iKai Is. (SE Moluccas)
5 aruensis Rothschild & E. Hartert, 1901 vAru Is. (off SW New Guinea)
5 macklotii Temminck, 18345 iWestern Papuan Is. (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool), lowland NW, SW, SC and SE New Guinea (except extreme SE)
5 loriae Salvadori, 1890 iLowland extreme SE New Guinea (west to R. Kumusi and Cloudy Bay)
5 finschii E.P. Ramsay, 1884 iGoodenough I., Fergusson I. (D'Entrecasteaux Arch.)
5 digglesi Krefft, 18696 iNE Australia (Cape York Pen.) >> lowland S New Guinea
6 habenichti Finsch, 1912 iLowland N New Guinea (Cenderawasih Bay to Astrolabe Bay)
7 extima Mayr, 1955 vNew Hanover (Bismarck Arch.)
7 splendida Mayr, 1955 vTabar (Tabar Is., Bismarck Arch.)
7 novaehibernicae E.P. Ramsay, 1878 iNew Ireland, Djaul I. (subsp.?) (Bismarck Arch.)
7 gazellae Neumann, 1908 iNew Britain, Umboi (Bismarck Arch.)
8 meeki Rothschild, 1898 iRossel (Louisiade Arch.)
Pitta kochi   Brüggemann, 1876 Whiskered Pitta
iMountains of Luzon (Philippines)
Pitta venusta 7  S. Müller, 1836 Graceful Pittaα
vUpland Sumatra
Pitta arquata 8  Gould, 1871 Blue-banded Pitta
vUpland Borneo
Pitta granatina Garnet Pitta
coccinea Eyton, 1839 vS Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra
ussheri Gould, 18779 iN Borneo
granatina Temminck, 1830 vBorneo (except range of ussheri)
Pitta phayrei 10  (Blyth, 1862) Eared Pittaα
iContinental SE Asia (except S Vietnam)
Pitta oatesi Rusty-naped Pitta
castaneiceps Delacour & Jabouille, 1930 iSE China, NE Laos, N Vietnam
oatesi (Hume, 1873) iN and W continental SE Asia (E Myanmar to NW Laos)
bolovenensis Delacour, 1932 vMountains of S Laos and C Vietnam
deborah B.F. King, 1978 iMountains of S Thai-Malay Pen.
Pitta nipalensis Blue-naped Pitta
nipalensis (Hodgson, 1837) vSW China, Himalayan foothills (east from C Nepal), NE India, E Bangladesh, Myanmar (except E)
hendeei Bangs & Van Tyne, 1931 iN continental SE Asia (E Myanmar to N Vietnam)
Pitta soror Blue-rumped Pitta
tonkinensis Delacour, 1927 vS China, N Vietnam
douglasi Ogilvie-Grant, 1910 iHainan
petersi Delacour, 1934 iNC Vietnam
soror Wardlaw Ramsay, 1881 iS Laos, C and S Vietnam
flynnstonei Rozendaal, 1993 iExtreme SE Thailand, S Cambodia [Rozendaal, 1993 #3411]
Pitta caerulea Giant Pitta
caerulea (Raffles, 1822) vExtreme SW continental SE Asia, Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra
hosei E.C.S. Baker, 1918 iBorneo
Pitta schneideri   E. Hartert, 1909 Schneider's Pitta
iMountains of Sumatra
Pitta cyanea Blue Pitta
cyanea Blyth, 1843 vS Yunnan, NE India, E Bangladesh, continental SE Asia (excluding NW and E), N Thai-Malay Pen.
willoughbyi Delacour, 1926 iC Laos, S Vietnam
aurantiaca Delacour & Jabouille, 1928 vSE Thailand, Cambodia
Pitta gurneyi   Hume, 1875 Gurney's Pitta
iS Tenasserim, (formerly SW Thailand), N Thai-Malay Pen.
Pitta elliotii   Oustalet, 1874 Elliot's Pitta/Bar-bellied Pitta
iE continental SE Asia
Pitta guajana11 Banded Pitta
irena Temminck, 183612 iThai-Malay Pen. (except extreme N), Sumatra
guajana (Statius Muller, 1776)13,14 vJava, Bali
schwaneri Bonaparte, 1850 iBorneo
Pitta baudii 15  S. Müller & Schlegel, 1839 Blue-headed Pittaα
Pitta angolensis African Pitta
pulih Fraser, 1843 iSierra Leone to W Togo; SW Nigeria to SW Cameroon
reichenowi von Madarász, 190116 S Cameroon to W Uganda, south to C DR Congo
angolensis Vieillot, 1816 vS Gabon to N Angola
longipennis Reichenow, 1901 vSE Tanzania to Zimbabwe and C Mozambique >> N DR Congo, S Uganda, coastal Kenya
Pitta brachyura   (Linnaeus, 1766) Indian Pitta
vHimalayan foothills (Pakistan to C Nepal), NC India >> S India, Sri Lanka
Pitta moluccensis   (Statius Muller, 1776) Blue-winged Pittaα
vS Yunnan, continental SE Asia (except NW and NE), Thai-Malay Pen. (except extreme S) >> S Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, Borneo (where some may breed)
Pitta megarhyncha   Schlegel, 1863 Mangrove Pitta
vCoasts of Bangladesh, Myanmar, W Thai-Malay Pen., E Sumatra and W Borneo
Pitta nympha   Temminck & Schlegel, 1850 Fairy Pitta
iC and S Japan, S Korea, SE China, Taiwan >> C and E continental SE Asia, Borneo
Pitta elegans Elegant Pitta
virginalis E. Hartert, 189617 vFlores Sea islands
vigorsii Gould, 1838 iKaledupa (Tukangbesi Is.), Banda Is., Watubela Is., Tayandu Is., Kai Is. (S and SE Moluccas), Damar to Tanimbar Is. (E Lesser Sundas)
hutzi Meise, 1941 iPenida I. (off SE Bali)
concinna Gould, 185718 vLombok to Alor (W and C Lesser Sundas)
maria E. Hartert, 1896 iSumba >> Flores (W Lesser Sundas)
elegans Temminck, 1836 iRoti to Kisar (E Lesser Sundas) >> satellites of N and E Sulawesi, NW and S Moluccas
Pitta sordida Hooded Pitta
cucullata Hartlaub, 1843 vYunnan, Himalayan foothills (east from Himachal Pradesh), NE India, NE Bangladesh, mainland SE Asia (except S Thai-Malay Pen.) >> C (?) and S Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, Java
abbotti Richmond, 1902 iNicobars
mulleri (Bonaparte, 1850) iGreater Sundas, Sulu Arch. (Sibutu)
bangkana Schlegel, 1863 vBangka I. and Belitung I. (off SE Sumatra)
sordida (Statius Muller, 1776) vPhilippines (except Palawan and Balabac)
palawanensis Parkes, 1960 vBalabac, Palawan (Philippines)
sanghirana Schlegel, 1866 vSangir (Sangir Is.)
forsteni (Bonaparte, 1850) iN Sulawesi
novaeguineae S. Müller & Schlegel, 184519 iN Moluccas (Gebe), Western Papuan Is. (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool), lowland New Guinea, Karkar I.
rosenbergii Schlegel, 187120 αiBiak I. (in Cenderawasih Bay)
mefoorana Schlegel, 1874 vNumfoor I. (in Cenderawasih Bay)
goodfellowi C.M.N. White, 1937 iAru Is. (off SW New Guinea)
Pitta steerii Azure-breasted Pitta
coelestis Parkes, 1971 vSamar, Leyte, Bohol (Philippines)
steerii (Sharpe, 1876) δiMindanao (Philippines)
Pitta versicolor Noisy Pitta
simillima Gould, 1868 vLowland SC New Guinea (Trans-Fly region), NE Australia (Cape York Pen.)
intermedia Mathews, 1912 vCoastal NE and EC Queensland
versicolor Swainson, 1825 iSE Queensland, NE and EC New South Wales
Pitta maxima Ivory-breasted Pitta
morotaiensis van Bemmel, 1939 vMorotai (N Moluccas)
maxima S. Müller & Schlegel, 1845 vHalmahera, Bacan (N Moluccas)
Pitta anerythra Black-faced Pitta
pallida Rothschild, 1904 vBougainville (N Solomons)
nigrifrons Mayr, 1935 iChoiseul (C Solomons)
anerythra Rothschild, 1901 vSanta Isabel (C Solomons)
Pitta superba   Rothschild & E. Hartert, 1914 Superb Pitta
vAdmiralty Is. (Bismarck Arch.)
Pitta iris Rainbow Pitta
iris Gould, 1842 iNC Australia (Arnhem Land)
johnstoneiana Schodde & Mason, 1999 vNW Australia (Kimberley Division) [Schodde, 1999 #3524]

1 Relationships to the Eurylaimidae and sister taxa explained by Ericson et al. (2003) [Ericson, 2003 #1507], Chesser (2004) [Chesser, 2004 #744], Moyle et al. (2006) [Moyle, 2006 #9980] and Irestedt et al. (2006) [Irestedt, 2006 #9540].
2 Species sequence is based on Irestedt et al. (2006) [Irestedt, 2006 #9540] who sampled almost all species. They proposed recognition of additional genera Erythropitta and Hydrornis.
3 See Irestedt et al. (2013) [Irestedt, 2013 #14382] for a review of this species in which multiple splits are proposed; the eight clades in their fig. 2 we here signal as subspecies groups.
4 For reasons to maintain subspecies rank for this well-marked form see Rheindt (2010) [Rheindt, 2010 #12173].
5 Includes oblita.
6 For recognition see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].
7 For date correction see Richmond (1926) [Richmond, 1926 #3268].
8 Spelling discussed by Dickinson & Dekker (2000) [Dickinson, 2000 #1366].
9 Treated as a race of venusta by Mayr (1979) [Mayr, 1979 #2567], but see Rozendaal (1994) [Rozendaal, 1994 #3412].
10 For unique acoustic display suggesting that use of genus name Anthocincla might be justified see Round (2002) [Round, 2002 #3397].
11 For proposed recognition of irena and schwaneri at species level see Rheindt & Eaton (2010) [Rheindt, 2010 #12502].
12 Includes ripleyi; see Lambert & Woodcock (1996) [Lambert, 1996 #2311].
13 For choice of P.L. Statius Muller rather than P.L.S. Müller see fn. p. 170 in Holthuis & Junge (1958) [Holthuis, 1958 #10215].
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15 For date correction see Dickinson et al. (2000) [Dickinson, 2000 #1366].
16 For treatment as a subspecies of P. angolensis see Dowsett-Lemaire & Dowsett (2007) [Dowsett-Lemaire, 2007 #10783].
17 Includes plesseni and kalaoensis; see Dickinson et al. (2000) [Dickinson, 2000 #1366].
18 Includes mathilda and everetti; see Dickinson et al. (2000) [Dickinson, 2000 #1366].
19 Includes hebetior see Diamond & LeCroy (1979) [Diamond, 1979 #1320].
20 See Pieters & Dickinson (2005) [Pieters, 2005 #3077].