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POMATOSTOMIDAE - Australasian Babblers (2:5)
GARRITORNIS Iredale, 1956 M - Pomatorhinus isidorei Lesson, 1827; type by original designation   
Garritornis isidorei Papuan Babbler/Isidore's Babbler
isidorei (Lesson, 1827) iMisool, lowland NW, NE, SW, SC and SE New Guinea
calidus (Rothschild, 1931) vLowland N New Guinea (Cenderawasih Bay to Astrolabe Bay)
POMATOSTOMUS Cabanis, 1851 M - Pomatorhinus temporalis Vigors & Horsfield, 1827; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 45).   
Pomatostomus temporalis Grey-crowned Babbler
temporalis (Vigors & Horsfield, 1827)1 vLowland SC New Guinea (Trans-Fly region); E and SE Australia (west to E Lake Eyre and Murray-Darling basins)
rubeculus (Gould, 1840)2 iNW and WC Australia (east to Centralian ranges and S Gulf of Carpentaria)
Pomatostomus halli   Cowles, 1964 Hall's Babbler
iC and SC Queensland, NW New South Wales [Cowles, 1964 #1069]
Pomatostomus superciliosus3 White-browed Babbler
ashbyi Mathews, 1911 iSW Western Australia
superciliosus (Vigors & Horsfield, 1827)4 vWC and SC Australia
centralis Schodde & Mason, 1999 vC Australia [Schodde, 1999 #3524]
gilgandra (Mathews, 1912) iSE Australia (C and E Murray-Darling basin)
Pomatostomus ruficeps   (Hartlaub, 1852) Chestnut-crowned Babbler
iSW Queensland, W New South Wales, NW Victoria, E South Australia (S Lake Eyre basin to W and C Murray-Darling basin)

1 Includes tregellasi, trivirgatus and cornwalli; see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524]. Also includes strepitans; see Mees (1982) [Mees, 1982 #2626]. See also Edwards (1993) [Edwards, 1993 #15447].
2 Includes intermedius, mountfordae, browni, bamba and nigrescens; see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].
3 Subspecies recognition follows Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].
4 Includes gwendolenae; see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].