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PLATYSTEIRIDAE - Wattle-eyes and Batises1,2 (4:29)
LANIOTURDUS Waterhouse, 1838 M - Lanioturdus torquatus Waterhouse, 1838; type by monotypy   3
Lanioturdus torquatus 4  Waterhouse, 1838 White-tailed Shrike
vSW Angola, NW and C Namibia
BATIS Boie, 1833 F - Muscicapa capensis Linnaeus, 1766; type by subsequent designation (Sharpe, 1879, Cat. Birds Brit. Mus., 4, p. 133).   
Batis diops   F.J. Jackson, 1905 Ruwenzori Batis
iE DR Congo, SW Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi
Batis margaritae Margaret's Batis
margaritae Boulton, 1934 iW Angola (Mt. Moco)
kathleenae C.M.N. White, 1941 iS DR Congo, NW Zambia
Batis mixta5 Forest Batis
mixta (Shelley, 1889)6 vSE Kenya, NE Tanzania
reichenowi Grote, 19117 SE Tanzania
Batis crypta   Fjeldså, Bowie & Kiure, 2006 Dark Batis
vC, E and S Tanzania, NW Malawi [Fjeldså, 2006 #6212]
Batis capensis8 Cape Batis
sola W. Lawson, 1964 vNE Zambia, N Malawi
dimorpha (Shelley, 1893) vS Malawi, N Mozambique
kennedyi Smithers & W. Paterson, 1956 iSW and C Zimbabwe
erythrophthalma Swynnerton, 1907 vE Zimbabwe, W Mozambique, SW Malawi
hollidayi Clancey, 1952 iNE South Africa (Limpopo to N KwaZulu-Natal and E Free State), S Mozambique, Swaziland
capensis (Linnaeus, 1766) vS and E South Africa (Western Cape to S KwaZulu-Natal)
Batis fratrum Woodwards' Batis
sheppardi Haagner, 19099 S Malawi, C Mozambique, SE Zimbabwe
fratrum (Shelley, 1900) S Mozambique, NE South Africa (N KwaZulu-Natal)
Batis molitor Chinspot Batis
puella Reichenow, 1893 iE DR Congo, South Sudan and Uganda to W and C Kenya and Tanzania
pintoi W. Lawson, 1966 iN and C Angola, NW Zambia
palliditergum Clancey, 1955 iS Angola, S Zambia, N Namibia, N and E Botswana, NE South Africa
molitor (Küster, 1850)10 iS Mozambique, E Swaziland, SE South Africa
Batis senegalensis   (Linnaeus, 1766) Senegal Batis
vSW Mauritania and Senegal to NE Nigeria and C Cameroon
Batis orientalis Grey-headed Batis
chadensis Alexander, 1908 vE Nigeria, S Chad and Central African Republic to SW Sudan, South Sudan and W Ethiopia
lynesi C.H.B. Grant & Mackworth-Praed, 1940 iNE Sudan
orientalis (von Heuglin, 1870)11,12 αvSE Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia (except W), Somalia, NE Uganda and N Kenya
Batis soror   Reichenow, 1903 East Coast Batis/Pale Batis
iSE Kenya to S Mozambique
Batis pririt Pririt Batis
affinis (Wahlberg, 1855)13 αvSW Angola, Namibia, W and C Botswana, NW South Africa
pririt (Vieillot, 1818) iS and C South Africa (Western Cape and W Eastern Cape to Free State)
Batis minor Black-headed Batis
minor von Erlanger, 1901 vS Somalia
suahelica Neumann, 190714 vSE Kenya, E Tanzania
Batis erlangeri15 Von Erlanger's Batis
erlangeri Neumann, 1907 N Cameroon to Ethiopia, south to Uganda, W Kenya and Burundi
congoensis Neumann, 190716 vS PR Congo, SW DR Congo, NW Angola
Batis perkeo   Neumann, 1907 Pygmy Batis
iSE South Sudan, S Ethiopia, S Somalia, N and E Kenya, NE Tanzania
Batis minulla   (Bocage, 1874) Angola Batis
vGabon, NW PR Congo, W DR Congo, W Angola
Batis minima   (J. & E. Verreaux, 1855) Verreaux's Batis/Gabon Batis
vS Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, W PR Congo
Batis ituriensis   Chapin, 1921 Ituri Batis
vNE and E DR Congo, W Uganda
Batis poensis Bioko Batis
occulta W. Lawson, 198417 vSierra Leone to Ghana; SW Nigeria to S PR Congo
poensis Alexander, 1903 vBioko
DYAPHOROPHYIA Bonaparte, 1854 F - Platystira leucopygialis Fraser, 1843; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 52). = Platysteira castanea Fraser, 1843  18
Dyaphorophyia castanea Chestnut Wattle-eye
hormophora Reichenow, 190119 vGuinea to W Togo
castanea (Fraser, 1843) vS Benin and Nigeria to S South Sudan, W Kenya, NW Tanzania, S DR Congo, NW Zambia and N Angola
Dyaphorophyia tonsa   Bates, G.L., 1911 White-spotted Wattle-eye
vSE Nigeria to C and NE DR Congo
Dyaphorophyia blissetti 20  Sharpe, 1872 Red-cheeked Wattle-eye
iGuinea to E Cameroon
Dyaphorophyia chalybea   Reichenow, 1897 Reichenow's Wattle-eye/Black-necked Wattle-eye
vBioko; W Cameroon to N Gabon; W Angola (Gabela)
Dyaphorophyia jamesoni 21  Sharpe, 1890 Jameson's Wattle-eyeα
iN and NE DR Congo to S South Sudan, W Kenya and NW Tanzania
Dyaphorophyia concreta Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye
concreta (Hartlaub, 1855) vSierra Leone to SE Ivory Coast
graueri E. Hartert, 190822 iSE Nigeria to Gabon, DR Congo and W Kenya
ansorgei E. Hartert, 1905 iW Angola
kungwensis Moreau, 1941 vW Tanzania
PLATYSTEIRA Jardine & Selby, 1830 F - Muscicapa melanoptera J.F. Gmelin, 1789; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1840, A List of the Genera of Birds, p. 31). = Muscicapa cyanea Statius Muller, 1776  
Platysteira cyanea23 Brown-throated Wattle-eye
cyanea (Statius Muller, 1776) vSenegal and Gambia to W Central African Republic, Gabon, SW DR Congo and NW Angola
nyansae Neumann, 190524 iE Central African Republic and C and E DR Congo to W and S South Sudan, W Kenya and NW Tanzania
aethiopica Neumann, 1905 vE South Sudan, W Ethiopia
Platysteira albifrons   Sharpe, 1873 White-fronted Wattle-eye
iNW Angola
Platysteira laticincta 25  Bates, G.L., 1926 Banded Wattle-eye
vHighlands of W Cameroon
Platysteira peltata Black-throated Wattle-eye
cryptoleuca Oberholser, 1905 vSomalia to E Tanzania, SE Zambia, N Malawi, N Mozambique and E Zimbabwe
mentalis Bocage, 1878 vUganda and W Kenya to E and S DR Congo, N and W Zambia and Angola
peltata Sundevall, 1850 vE Zambia and S Malawi to C and S Mozambique and NE South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal)

1 Sequence of genera drawn from Fuchs et al. (2012) [Fuchs, 2012 #14689] despite limited taxon sampling; their evidence suggests Dyaphorophyia is not monophyletic but poor resolution suggests that corroborative studies are needed.
2 Family circumscription follows Njabo et al. (2008) [Njabo, 2008 #11247].
3 Previously placed in the Malaconotinae, but see Harris & Arnott (1988) [Harris, 1988 #1895], Fry (1997) [Fry, 1997 #1630], Fuchs et al. (2004) [Fuchs, 2004 #1635] and Fuchs et al. (2012) [Fuchs, 2012 #14689].
4 Treated as monotypic, with mesicus Clancey, 1970 [Clancey, 1970 #842] in synonymy, by Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #9545].
5 Considered by Louette (2006) [Louette, 2006 #12218] to form a superspecies with B. crypta, B. capensis and B. fratrum.
6 Includes ultima, see Fjeldså et al. (2006) [Fjeldså, 2006 #6212].
7 Treatment within B. mixta follows Fjeldså et al. (2006) [Fjeldså, 2006 #6212]; but see Louette (2006) [Louette, 2006 #12218].
8 Traylor (1986) [Traylor, 1986 #4778] treated dimorpha as a species including subspecies sola but we follow Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #9545].
9 For recognition restored see Johnson in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724]; but see Louette (2006) [Louette, 2006 #12218].
10 See note 95 to Table 66 in Dickinson et al. (2011) [Dickinson, 2011 #13287] for reasons not to use 1836; no reasons yet being known to doubt Zimmer's evidence that part 20 did not appear until 1850.
11 Includes bella see White (1963) [White, 1963 #4190] and Zimmerman et al. (1996) [Zimmerman, 1996 #4328]; but see its recognition by Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #9545] and by Louette (2006) [Louette, 2006 #12218].
12 For date correction see van den Elzen et al. (2011) [van den Elzen, 2011 #12758].
13 This date cited by Gyldenstolpe (1926) [Gyldenstolpe, 1926 #1841]; however, for a caution see Dickinson et al. (2011) [Dickinson, 2011 #13287].
14 For recognition see Louette (2005) [Louette, 2005 #9952].
15 For treatment as a separate species from B. minor see Louette (2005) [Louette, 2005 #9952].
16 For recognition see Louette (2005) [Louette, 2005 #9952].
17 Described as a species, but we follow Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #9545].
18 Previously submerged in Platysteira, but see Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #1531].
19 May merit species rank; see Njabo et al. (2008) [Njabo, 2008 #11247].
20 We follow Dowsett & Dowsett-Lemaire (1993) [Dowsett, 1993 #1417] and Harris & Franklin (2000) [Harris, 2000 #1896] in splitting this and the next two, while treating them as a superspecies; but see also Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #9545] and Louette (2006) [Louette, 2006 #12218].
21 Date 1809 in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was a misprint.
22 Includes kumbaensis, harterti and silvae see Érard & Fry (1997) [Érard, 1997 #9545].
23 Considered by Louette (2006) [Louette, 2006 #12218] to form a superspecies with P. albifrons.
24 Spelling not nyanzae nor nyansea as sometimes given.
25 For treatment as a separate species from P. peltata see Harris & Franklin (2000) [Harris, 2000 #1896] and Njabo et al. (2008) [Njabo, 2008 #11247].