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NEOSITTIDAE - Sittellas1 (1:3)
DAPHOENOSITTA De Vis, 1897 F - Daphoenositta miranda De Vis, 1897; type by monotypy   2
Daphoenositta chrysoptera3 Varied Sittella
leucoptera (Gould, 1840)4 αvNW and NC Australia (east to NW Queensland)
striata (Gould, 1869) vNE Australia (Cape York Pen. and NE Queensland)
leucocephala (Gould, 1838)5 vEC and SE Queensland
chrysoptera (Latham, 1801)6 αvSE Australia (north to S Queensland)
pileata (Gould, 1838)7 vWC, SW, C and SC Australia
Daphoenositta papuensis8,9 Papuan Sittella
papuensis (Schlegel, 1871)10,11 vMontane NW New Guinea (mountains of Doberai Pen. and Bomberai Pen.)
intermedia (Junge, 1952) vMontane WC New Guinea (Wissel Lakes region; ? Kobowre Mts.)
alba (Rand, 1940) vMontane WC New Guinea (N outliers of Maoke Mts.)
toxopeusi (Rand, 1940) iMontane WC New Guinea (central Maoke Mts.)
wahgiensis (Gyldenstolpe, 1955) vMontane N, NE and EC New Guinea (Central Highlands; ? Adelbert Range and mountains of Huon Pen.)
albifrons (E.P. Ramsay, 1883) iMontane SE New Guinea
Daphoenositta miranda Black Sittella
frontalis van Oort, 1910 vUpper montane WC New Guinea (Maoke Mts.)
kuboriensis Mayr & Gilliard, 1952 vUpper montane EC New Guinea (Central Highlands)
miranda De Vis, 1897 vUpper montane SE New Guinea

1 Correct family group name even though Neositta is a junior synonym of Daphoenositta, see Article 40.2 of the Code (I.C.Z.N., 1999) [I.C.Z.N., 1999 #2059].
2 Includes Neositta; see Schodde (1975) [Schodde, 1975 #3503].
3 The forms 'albata', 'magnirostris' and 'rothschildi' are intergradients between subspecies striata and leucocephala, see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].
4 For correct date see Duncan (1937) [Duncan, 1937 #1442].
5 Includes lumholtzi see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].
6 For reasons to revert to 1801 and not use 1802 see Schodde et al. (2010) [Schodde, 2010 #12422].
7 The form 'lathami' is intergradient between subspecies chrysoptera and pileata, see Schodde & Mason (1999) [Schodde, 1999 #3524].
8 For treatment within a broad species D. chrysoptera; see Diamond (1972) [Diamond, 1972 #1318], Schodde (1975) [Schodde, 1975 #3503] and Noske (2007) [Noske, 2007 #12237].
9 Subspecific identity of isolated populations in Adelbert Range and mountains in the Huon Pen. not established and species-wide revision needed.
10 Now known from Fakfak Mts.; see Rheindt (2012) [Rheindt, 2012 #14420] but may not be this subspecies.
11 For correct date see Pieters & Dickinson (2005) [Pieters, 2005 #3077].