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RHAGOLOGIDAE - False Whistler1 (1:1)
RHAGOLOGUS Stresemann & Paludan, 1934 M - Pachycephala leucostigma Salvadori, 1876; type by monotypy   
Rhagologus leucostigma False Whistler
leucostigma (Salvadori, 1876) iMontane NW New Guinea (mountains of Doberai Pen.)
novus Rand, 1940 vMontane WC New Guinea (Kobowre and W Maoke Mts.)
obscurus Rand, 1940 vMontane WC, EC, NE and SE New Guinea (west in central cordillera to E Maoke Mts.)

1 The one included species was previously placed in the Pachycephalidae, but has been recovered as a distinct root corvidan see Jønsson et al. (2008) [Jønsson, 2008 #10613], Norman et al. (2009) [Norman, 2009 #11907] and Jønsson et al. (2011) [Jønsson, 2011 #12727]. For proposal of family name see Schodde & Christidis (2014) [Schodde, 2014 #15669].