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EUPETIDAE - Rockfowl, Rockjumper and Rail-babbler1 (3:4)
PICATHARTES Lesson, 1828 M - Corvus gymnocephalus Temminck, 1825; type by original designation and monotypy   
Picathartes gymnocephalus   (Temminck, 1825) White-necked Rockfowl
vW Sierra Leone and Guinea to E Ghana
Picathartes oreas   Reichenow, 1899 Grey-necked Rockfowl
iBioko; SE Nigeria to S Central African Republic, NE Gabon and N PR Congo; W Nigeria (?)
CHAETOPS Swainson, 1832 M - Chaetops burchelli Swainson, 1832; type by original designation = Malurus frenatus Temminck, 1826  
Chaetops frenatus2 Rockjumper
frenatus (Temminck, 1826) vSW South Africa
aurantius E.L. Layard, 18673 vLesotho, SE South Africa
EUPETES Temminck, 1831 M - Eupetes macrocerus Temminck, 1831; type by original designation   4
Eupetes macrocerus Rail-babbler
macrocerus Temminck, 18315 αvThai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, N Natuna Is.
borneensis Robinson & Kloss, 1921 vBorneo

1 For newly revealed relationships between the three genera included here see Jønsson et al. (2007) [Jønsson, 2007 #6663]. The name Eupetidae Bonaparte, 1850, has many years precedence over Picathartidae Lowe, 1938.
2 Sometimes treated as two species following Clancey (1980) [Clancey, 1980 #909]; but re-united by Fry (2000) [Fry, 2000 #1631].
3 Treated as a separate species by Collar & Robson (2007) [Collar, 2007 #12226].
4 For final removal of this species and its genus from the babbler assemblage see Jønsson et al. (2007) [Jønsson, 2007 #6663].
5 In this instance an inappropriate, but validly formed, original spelling is retained; see Art. 18 in the Code (I.C.Z.N., 1999) [I.C.Z.N., 1999 #2059].