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BOMBYCILLIDAE - Waxwings1 (1:3)
BOMBYCILLA Vieillot, 1808 F - Bombycilla cedrorum Vieillot, 1808; type by monotypy   
Bombycilla garrulus Bohemian Waxwing
garrulus (Linnaeus, 1758)2 iN Europe and N Asia (east to Kamchatka) >> W Europe to Japan, Korea and NE China
pallidiceps Reichenow, 1908 iNW and NC North America (Alaska to WC Qu├ębec and NW Montana) >> south to SE Canada and C and NE USA
Bombycilla japonica   (P.F. von Siebold, 1824) Japanese Waxwing
vSE Siberia to Russian Far East >> Japan, Korea, NE China
Bombycilla cedrorum 3,4  Vieillot, 1808 Cedar Waxwing
iS Alaska, W Canada (S Yukon to Newfoundland), N and C USA (south to N California and N Georgia) >> south to Costa Rica

1 Subfamilies and genera and species follow the sequences of Spellman et al. (2008) [Spellman, 2008 #11761]. However, we retain the subfamily Hypocoliinae and, as it is uncertain that Hypocolius and Hylocitrea belongs to the same clade, we treat the latter as incertae sedis noting that a family-group named derived from the latter has not yet been made available.
2 Includes centralasiae; see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721].
3 Includes aquilonia Burleigh, 1963 [Burleigh, 1963 #582], see Browning (1990) [Browning, 1990 #539]; and larifuga Burleigh, 1963 [Burleigh, 1963 #582]. Considered doubtfully recognisable by Browning (1990) [Browning, 1990 #539].
4 Banks & Browning (1996) [Banks, 1996 #198] acted as First Revisers in selecting Vieillot's name over the name Ampelis americana of Wilson, 1808; but the date of Vieillot's name is unsafe, see Dickinson (2011) [Dickinson, 2011 #12761]; this action has, however, been endorsed by I.C.Z.N. (1998) [I.C.Z.N., 1998 #9669].