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UROCYNCHRAMIDAE - Przevalski's Rosefinch1 (1:1)
UROCYNCHRAMUS Przevalski, 1876 M - Urocynchramus pylzowi Przevalski, 1876; type by monotypy   
Urocynchramus pylzowi   Przevalski, 1876 Przevalski's Rosefinch
iE Xizang, WC and NC China from N Sichuan to E Qinghai and Gansu

1 A family name was proposed for this single genus by Domaniewski (1918) [Domaniewski, 1918 #15675] but this has been little accepted; so far molecular support for this comes from the limited mtDNA evidence of Groth (2000) [Groth, 2000 #1836] and the work of Yang Shu-Juan et al. (2006) [Yang Shu-Juan, 2006 #10122].