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IRENIDAE - Fairy-bluebirds and Leafbirds (2:13)
IRENA Horsfield, 1821 F - Coracias puella Latham, 1790; type by monotypy   
Irena puella1 Asian Fairy-bluebird
1 andamanica Abdulali, 19642 vAndamans, ? Nicobars [Abdulali, 1964 #14]
1 puella (Latham, 1790) iS Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from E Nepal, S, WC, EC and NE India, (formerly?) Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, continental SE Asia, N Thai-Malay Pen.
1 malayensis F. Moore, 18543 αvC and S Thai-Malay Pen.
1 crinigera Sharpe, 1877 vSumatra and satellites, Borneo
1 turcosa Walden, 1870 vJava
2 tweeddalii Sharpe, 18774,5 δiPalawan (Philippines)
Irena cyanogastra6 Philippine Fairy-bluebird
1 cyanogastra Vigors, 1831 vLuzon, Polillo, Catanduanes (Philippines)
1 ellae Steere, 1890 iSamar, Bohol, Leyte (Philippines)
2 hoogstraali Rand, 1948 iDinagat, Mindanao (Philippines)
2 melanochlamys Sharpe, 1877 iBasilan (Philippines)
CHLOROPSIS Jardine & Selby, 1827 F - Turdus cochinchinensis J.F. Gmelin, 1789; type by original designation   7
Chloropsis media 8  (Bonaparte, 1850) Sumatran Leafbird
vUplands of Sumatra
Chloropsis sonnerati Greater Green Leafbird
zosterops Vigors & Horsfield, 18309,10 iSE Myanmar in S Tenasserim, Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra and satellites (Batu Is., Riau Arch., Bangka, Belitung), Borneo
sonnerati Jardine & Selby, 1827 iJava, Bali
Chloropsis cyanopogon11,12 Lesser Green Leafbird
septentrionalis Robinson & Kloss, 191913 αvSW continental SE Asia, N Thai-Malay Pen.
cyanopogon (Temminck, 1830)14 αiC and S Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, Borneo
Chloropsis palawanensis 15  (Sharpe, 1876) Yellow-throated Leafbirdα
vPalawan (Philippines) [Sharpe, 1876 #3584]
Chloropsis flavipennis 16  (Tweeddale, 1878) Philippine Leafbird
vMindanao and, formerly, Cebu (Philippines)
Chloropsis aurifrons Golden-fronted Leafbird
aurifrons (Temminck, 1829) iHimalayan foothills east from Himachal Pradesh, E and NE India, Bangladesh, Myanmar except S and E
frontalis (von Pelzeln, 1856) vW and SE India
insularis Whistler & Kinnear, 193217 αvSW India, Sri Lanka
pridii Deignan, 1946 iSW Yunnan, N continental SE Asia from S and E Myanmar to N and C Laos
inornata Kloss, 1918 vEC Thailand to S Laos and C Vietnam
incompta Deignan, 1948 vFar-SW continental SE Asia to SE Thailand, Cambodia and S Vietnam
Chloropsis venusta   (Bonaparte, 1850) Blue-masked Leafbird
vMountains of Sumatra
Chloropsis jerdoni 18  (Blyth, 1844) Jerdon's Leafbird
C and S India, Sri Lanka
Chloropsis hardwickii19 Orange-bellied Leafbird
1 hardwickii Jardine & Selby, 183020 δiSE Xizang, Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from Himachal Pradesh, NE India, SE Bangladesh, N continental SE Asia east to Laos
2 melliana Stresemann, 1923 vS and SE China, mountains of C Laos and NE and C Vietnam
2 lazulina (Swinhoe, 1870)21 vMountains of Hainan
2 malayana Robinson & Kloss, 1923 vMountains of Tenasserim (SE Myanmar) and S Thai-Malay Pen.
Chloropsis kinabaluensis 22,23  Sharpe, 1887 Bornean Leafbird
vMountains of Borneo [Sharpe, 1887 #33]
Chloropsis cochinchinensis Blue-winged Leafbird
1 chlorocephala (Walden, 1871)24 vFar-NE India, E Bangladesh, Myanmar, W and NW Thailand
1 auropectus D.R. Wells, Dickinson & Dekker, 200325 SE continental SE Asia from EC and SE Thailand to Cambodia and S Vietnam [Wells, 2003 #4123]
1 kinneari B.P. Hall & Deignan, 1956 iS Yunnan, N continental SE Asia east from NE Thailand
1 serithai Deignan, 1946 iN Thai-Malay Pen.
1 moluccensis J.E. Gray, 183126,27 αvC and S Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra and E satellites (Bangka, Belitung), N Natuna Is. (Indonesia)
1 viridinucha (Sharpe, 1877) iLowland Borneo
2 cochinchinensis (J.F. Gmelin, 1789)28,29 vJava

1 Subspecies groups derive from the species of Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730].
2 For recognition see Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123]. But see Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332].
3 Delacour (1960) [Delacour, 1960 #1295] mistakenly dated this from volume 2 of this work.
4 Correct original spelling. Spelling tweeddalei in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
5 This subspecies may deserve species rank see Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730].
6 Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730] treated this as three phylogenetic species but subspecies melanochlamys was not sampled and the divergence of hoogstraali was the most compelling evidence.
7 Sequence of species derived from Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730].
8 For treatment as a separate species from C. aurifrons see Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123].
9 Includes parvirostris see Mees (1986) [Mees, 1986 #2631].
10 For suggested reasons to cite Vigors as sole author see Bruce (2003) [Bruce, 2003 #552].
11 The mtDNA data of Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730] indicated that the two subspecies of Chloropsis cyanopogon may be paraphyletic with respect to C. palawanensis. Hence they suggested the two subspecies be split. However, the locality of at least one nominate sample does not match its mitochondrial identity, and the two subspecies are difficult to differentiate on plumage and possibly clinal.
12 More research is needed to resolve discrepancies in the mitochondrial data and to anchor genetic divisions to real biological (vocal or plumage) traits.
13 For correct date of publication see Dickinson et al. (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #1386].
14 Pl. 512 appeared in Livr. 86 and must be dated from 1830 (Dickinson, 2001) [Dickinson, 2001 #1369].
15 Delacour (1960) [Delacour, 1960 #1295], erred in citing the original description. The correct earlier citation is linked from our range statement.
16 Includes mindanensis; see Dickinson et al. (1991) [Dickinson, 1991 #1361].
17 For correct date of publication see Pittie (2003) [Pittie, 2003 #3097].
18 For treatment as a separate species from C. cochinchinensis see Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123].
19 Subspecies groups derive from the two species identified by Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730].
20 Correct original spelling. Spelling hardwickei in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
21 Unscreened and placement in subspecies group tentative and decided on zoogeographical grounds.
22 For suggestion this be treated as a separate species from C. cochinchinensis; see Mees (1986) [Mees, 1986 #2631]. For action on this see Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123].
23 Sharpe (1889) [Sharpe, 1889 #5413] acted as First Reviser in selecting the name kinabaluensis over flavotincta; see Dickinson et al. (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #1386].
24 Accepted following Hall & Deignan (1956) [Hall, 1956 #1881] and Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123]. But see Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332].
25 Historically this population was considered to be named cochinchinensis but Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123] corrected the type locality to Java and this population required naming.
26 Includes icterocephala and billitonis, see Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123]; and natunensis, see Wells (2005) [Wells, 2005 #12207].
27 For correct date of publication see Dickinson et al. (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #1386].
28 The prior name nigricollis is unidentifiable and treated as a nomen dubium; see Wells et al. (2003) [Wells, 2003 #4123].
29 Moltesen et al. (2012) [Moltesen, 2012 #14730] suggest this is a different species from the remaining subspecies; this is zoogeographically plausible but their whole paper seems to have been interpreted in the context of the PSC.