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PLOCEIDAE - Weavers1 (15:115)
BUBALORNIS A. Smith, 1836 M - Bubalornis niger A. Smith, 1836; type by monotypy   
Bubalornis albirostris   (Vieillot, 1817) White-billed Buffalo Weaver
vSenegal to Eritrea, S South Sudan, N Uganda, NW Kenya
Bubalornis niger2 Red-billed Buffalo Weaver
intermedius (Cabanis, 1868) vSE South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania
niger A. Smith, 18363 vW and SW Angola, SW and E Zambia to C Namibia, Botswana, W and S Zimbabwe, S Mozambique, N and NE South Africa.
DINEMELLIA Reichenbach, 1863 F - Textor leucocephalus Rüppell, 1845; type by monotypy and virtual tautonymy = Textor dinemelli Rüppell, 1845  
Dinemellia dinemelli White-headed Buffalo Weaver
dinemelli (Rüppell, 1845) iS South Sudan, S Ethiopia, Somalia, NE Uganda, Kenya
boehmi (Reichenow, 1885) iSE DR Congo, Tanzania
PLOCEPASSER A. Smith, 1836 M - Plocepasser mahali A. Smith, 1836; type by monotypy   
Plocepasser mahali White-browed Sparrow Weaver
melanorhynchus Rüppell, 18454,5 vSE South Sudan, S Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, S Somalia [Rüppell, 1845 #3433]
pectoralis (W. Peters, 1868)6 vE Zambia to Malawi, SE Tanzania, N Zimbabwe, W Mozambique (Tete)
ansorgei E. Hartert, 19077 iS Angola, N Namibia
mahali A. Smith, 18368 iC and S Namibia, Botswana, W and C Zimbabwe, N and C South Africa
Plocepasser superciliosus   (Cretzschmar, 1827) Chestnut-crowned Sparrow Weaver
vSenegal to Ethiopia, Uganda and NW Kenya
Plocepasser donaldsoni   Sharpe, 1895 Donaldson Smith's Sparrow Weaver
iSW Ethiopia, N Kenya, S Somalia
Plocepasser rufoscapulatus   Büttikofer, 1888 Chestnut-mantled Sparrow Weaver
vS and C Angola, SE DR Congo, Zambia, Malawi
HISTURGOPS Reichenow, 1887 M - Histurgops ruficauda Reichenow, 1887; type by original designation   
Histurgops ruficauda   Reichenow, 1887 Rufous-tailed Weaver
iN Tanzania
SPOROPIPES Cabanis, 1847 M - Fringilla lepidoptera M.H.C. Lichtenstein, 1842; type by original designation = Estrelda squamifrons A. Smith, 1836  
Sporopipes squamifrons Scaly-fronted Weaver/Scaly-feathered Weaver
fuligescens Clancey, 19579 iE and N Botswana, Zimbabwe, N and NE South Africa
squamifrons (A. Smith, 1836)10 iS Angola, Namibia, S and W Botswana, NW South Africa
Sporopipes frontalis Speckle-fronted Weaver
frontalis (Daudin, 1800)11 αvSenegal to Eritrea and N Ethiopia
emini Neumann, 1900 iS South Sudan, NE Uganda, Kenya, N Tanzania
PSEUDONIGRITA Reichenow, 1903 M - Nigrita arnaudi Bonaparte, 1850; type by original designation   
Pseudonigrita arnaudi Grey-headed Social Weaver
australoabyssinicus Benson, 1942 vS Ethiopia
arnaudi (Bonaparte, 1850)12 αiSW Sudan, E South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, N Tanzania
dorsalis (Reichenow, 1887)13 vNC Tanzania
Pseudonigrita cabanisi   (G.A. Fischer & Reichenow, 1884) Black-capped Social Weaver
iS Ethiopia, E Kenya, NE Tanzania
PHILETAIRUS A. Smith, 1837 M - Philetairus lepidus A. Smith, 1837; type by original designation and monotypy = Loxia socia Latham, 1790  
Philetairus socius 14  (Latham, 1790) Sociable Weaver
Namibia, SW Botswana, NW South Africa
AMBLYOSPIZA Sundevall, 1850 F - Pyrrhula albifrons Vigors, 1831; type by original designation   15
Amblyospiza albifrons16 Grosbeak Weaver
capitalba (Bonaparte, 1850)17 αvSenegal (Casamance); Sierra Leone to SW Nigeria
saturata Sharpe, 1908 vS Nigeria to W and N DR Congo
melanota (von Heuglin, 1863) vNE DR Congo to Ethiopia, Uganda, NW Kenya
montana van Someren, 1921 vE DR Congo to SW and C Kenya, Tanzania, N and E Zambia, Malawi
unicolor (G.A. Fischer & Reichenow, 1878) iE Kenya, E Tanzania
tandae Bannerman, 1921 iNW Angola
kasaica Schouteden, 1953 vS DR Congo
maxima Roberts, 1932 vS Angola, SW Zambia, N Botswana
woltersi Clancey, 1956 iE Zimbabwe, C and S Mozambique, NE South Africa (Limpopo to N KwaZulu-Natal)
albifrons (Vigors, 1831) iSE South Africa (S Eastern Cape, S KwaZulu-Natal)
QUELEA Reichenbach, 1850 F - Loxia sanguinirostris Linnaeus, 1766; type by subsequent monotypy (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 70). = Emberiza quelea Linnaeus, 1758  
Quelea cardinalis Cardinal Quelea
cardinalis (Hartlaub, 1880) iS South Sudan, S Ethiopia, Uganda, NW Kenya, Rwanda, NW Tanzania
rhodesiae C.H.B. Grant & Mackworth-Praed, 1944 iSE Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
Quelea erythrops 18  (Hartlaub, 1848) Red-headed Quelea
iSenegal to Ethiopia, south to Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and KwaZulu-Natal.
Quelea quelea Red-billed Quelea
quelea (Linnaeus, 1758) iMauritania and Senegal to Chad, Central African Republic
aethiopica (Sundevall, 1850) vS Sudan to Somalia, E DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, NE Zambia
lathamii (A. Smith, 1836) iAngola, S DR Congo, Malawi, Mozambique to South Africa
EUPLECTES Swainson, 1830 M - Loxia orix Linnaeus, 1758; type by original designation   19,20
Euplectes afer Yellow-crowned Bishop
strictus Hartlaub, 1857 vHighlands of Ethiopia
afer (J.F. Gmelin, 1789) vSenegal to SW Sudan, south to DR Congo and NW Angola21
ladoensis Reichenow, 188522 vSouth Sudan, SW Ethiopia, Uganda, W and C Kenya, N Tanzania
taha A. Smith, 1836 iSW Angola, Zambia and SW Tanzania south to C and E South Africa
Euplectes aureus   (J.F. Gmelin, 1789) Golden-backed Bishop
vSão Tomé, W Angola
Euplectes gierowii Black Bishop
ansorgei (E. Hartert, 1899) iS and E South Sudan, SW Ethiopia to E DR Congo, Uganda, W Kenya (probably this race NW DR Congo to W Cameroon)
friederichseni G.A. Fischer & Reichenow, 1884 iS Kenya, N Tanzania
gierowii Cabanis, 1880 iSW DR Congo, W Angola
Euplectes franciscanus23 Northern Red Bishop
franciscanus (Isert, 1789) vMauritania and Senegal to Ethiopia, Uganda, NW Kenya24
pusillus (E. Hartert, 1901)25 vSE Ethiopia, Somalia
Euplectes ardens Red-collared Widowbird
laticauda (M.H.C. Lichtenstein, 1823) iHighlands of E South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea
suahelicus (van Someren, 1921) vHighlands of W and C Kenya, N Tanzania
ardens (Boddaert, 1783)26 iGambia, Sierra Leone to South Sudan, Uganda, SE Kenya, south to Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, C and S Mozambique, NE and E South Africa
Euplectes diadematus   G.A. Fischer & Reichenow, 1878 Fire-fronted Bishop
vS Somalia, E Kenya, NE Tanzania
Euplectes hordeaceus Black-winged Bishop
hordeaceus (Linnaeus, 1758) vSenegal to W Sudan, DR Congo, Tanzania, SE Kenya, south to Angola, Zimbabwe, C Mozambique
craspedopterus Bonaparte, 185027 αvSouth Sudan, W Ethiopia, Uganda, W Kenya
Euplectes orix Southern Red Bishop
nigrifrons (Böhm, 1884)28 iE DR Congo to SW Kenya, Tanzania, E Zambia, N and C Mozambique
orix (Linnaeus, 1758)29,30 iAngola, S DR Congo, W Zambia and Zimbabwe to N Namibia, South Africa and S Mozambique
nigroventris Cassin, 184831 vSE Kenya, E Tanzania, N Mozambique, Zanzibar
Euplectes capensis Yellow Bishop
phoenicomerus G.R. Gray, 1862 vE Nigeria, Cameroon; Bioko
xanthomelas Rüppell, 1840 iEthiopia
angolensis Neunzig, 1928 vAngola
crassirostris (Ogilvie-Grant, 1907) vE DR Congo to Kenya, south to NE Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, NE South Africa (Limpopo)
approximans (Cabanis, 1851) iE South Africa (Gauteng and Mpumalanga to Eastern Cape)
capensis (Linnaeus, 1766)32 vSW South Africa (Western Cape, W Northern Cape)
Euplectes macroura Yellow-mantled Widowbird
macrocercus (M.H.C. Lichtenstein, 1823) vEthiopian Highlands, W Kenya
macroura (J.F. Gmelin, 1789)33 iSenegal to South Sudan, Uganda, SW Kenya south to Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique
conradsi (Berger, 1908) iN Tanzania (Ukerewe I. in Lake Victoria)
Euplectes axillaris Fan-tailed Widowbird
bocagei (Sharpe, 1871)34 iMali and Niger to Benin; NE Nigeria and Cameroon to W and S DR Congo, Angola, W Zambia, N Botswana
traversii (Salvadori, 1888) iN and C Ethiopia
phoeniceus (von Heuglin, 1862) vSE Sudan, SW Ethiopia to Uganda, W Kenya, W Tanzania, E DR Congo, NE Zambia
zanzibaricus (Shelley, 1881) vS Somalia, E Kenya, E Tanzania and offshore islands
axillaris (A. Smith, 1838) vMalawi, Mozambique and E South Africa
Euplectes albonotatus White-winged Widowbird
eques (Hartlaub, 1863)35 iSW Sudan, C Ethiopia, Eritrea to E DR Congo, Uganda, Kenya, N and C Tanzania
asymmetrurus (Reichenow, 1892) vGabon to Angola
albonotatus (Cassin, 1848) vZambia, SE DR Congo, S Tanzania to E Botswana, Mozambique, NE and E South Africa
Euplectes hartlaubi Hartlaub's Widowbird
humeralis (Sharpe, 1901) vE Nigeria and Cameroon to W DR Congo, Uganda, W Kenya
hartlaubi (Bocage, 1878) iAngola, S DR Congo, N Zambia
Euplectes jacksoni   (Sharpe, 1891) Jackson's Widowbird
iW and C Kenya, N Tanzania
Euplectes psammacromius 36,37  (Reichenow, 1900) Montane Widowbirdδ
vE DR Congo, NE Zambia, N Malawi, SW Tanzania
Euplectes progne Long-tailed Widowbird
delamerei (Shelley, 1903) iC Kenya
delacouri Wolters, 195338 Angola, S DR Congo, Zambia
progne (Boddaert, 1783) iS DR Congo, Angola, N and W Zambia, E South Africa
FOUDIA Reichenbach, 1850 F - Loxia madagascariensis Linnaeus, 1766; type by subsequent monotypy (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 70).   
Foudia madagascariensis   (Linnaeus, 1766) Madagascar Fody/Red Fody
vMadagascar; (? introduced to) Comoros, Mauritius, Réunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles39
Foudia eminentissima Comoro Fody
aldabrana Ridgway, 1893 vAldabra (Aldabra Is.)
consobrina A. Milne-Edwards & Oustalet, 188540 δiGrande Comore (Comoros)
eminentissima Bonaparte, 185041 αvMohéli (Comoros)
anjuanensis (A. Milne-Edwards & Oustalet, 1888) vAnjouan (Comoros)
algondae (Schlegel, 1867)42 αiMayotte (Comoros)
Foudia omissa   Rothschild, 1912 Forest Fody
vN and E Madagascar
Foudia rubra   (J.F. Gmelin, 1789) Mauritius Fody
Foudia sechellarum   E. Newton, 1867 Seychelles Fody
Foudia flavicans 43  A. Newton, 1865 Rodrigues Fody
BRACHYCOPE Reichenow, 1900 F - Ploceus anomalus Reichenow, 1887; type by monotypy   
Brachycope anomala   (Reichenow, 1887) Bob-tailed Weaver
vSE Cameroon and Central African Republic to SW and C DR Congo
PLOCEUS Cuvier, 1816 M - Loxia philippina Linnaeus, 1766; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1840, A List of the Genera of Birds, p. 42).   44,45,46
Ploceus baglafecht Baglafecht Weaver
baglafecht (Daudin, 1802) iEritrea, W and C Ethiopia, E South Sudan
neumanni (Bannerman, 1923) iSE Nigeria, Cameroon
eremobius (Hartlaub, 1887) vNE DR Congo, SW South Sudan
emini (Hartlaub, 1882) iS South Sudan, N Uganda
reichenowi (G.A. Fischer, 1884) iKenya, N Tanzania
stuhlmanni (Reichenow, 1893) iE DR Congo, C and S Uganda, NW Tanzania
sharpii (Shelley, 1898)47 αiS and SW Tanzania
nyikae (Benson, 1938) iNE Zambia, N Malawi
Ploceus bannermani   Chapin, 1932 Bannerman's Weaver
iSE Nigeria, W Cameroon
Ploceus batesi   (Sharpe, 1908) Bates's Weaver
iS Cameroon
Ploceus nigrimentum   Reichenow, 1904 Black-chinned Weaver
iSE Gabon to W Angola, W DR Congo
Ploceus bertrandi   (Shelley, 1893) Bertram's Weaver
iTanzania, NE Zambia, Malawi, NW Mozambique
Ploceus pelzelni Slender-billed Weaver
pelzelni (Hartlaub, 1887)48 iUganda, W Kenya to NW Tanzania, E DR Congo [Shelley, 1887 #15767]
monacha (Sharpe, 1890) iSE Ivory Coast and Ghana to Gabon, NW Angola, C and S DR Congo
Ploceus subpersonatus   (Cabanis, 1876) Loango Weaver
vW Gabon to mouth of R. Congo
Ploceus luteolus Little Weaver
luteolus (M.H.C. Lichtenstein, 1823) vMauritania and Senegal to Eritrea, south to NE DR Congo, N Kenya
kavirondensis (van Someren, 1921)49 vUganda, W Kenya, NW Tanzania
Ploceus ocularis Spectacled Weaver
crocatus (Hartlaub, 1881)50 vCameroon to W Ethiopia, W Kenya, NW Tanzania, south to Angola, SW Zambia, N Botswana and NW Zimbabwe
suahelicus Neumann, 1905 vE Kenya and E Tanzania to E Zambia, Zimbabwe, C Mozambique
ocularis A. Smith, 182851,52 vS Mozambique, E South Africa [Smith, 1828 #7961]
Ploceus nigricollis Black-necked Weaver
brachypterus Swainson, 183753 vBioko; Senegal to Nigeria
nigricollis (Vieillot, 1808)54 αvS Cameroon to South Sudan, DR Congo, NW Angola, W Kenya
melanoxanthus (Cabanis, 1878) vS Ethiopia, S Somalia, C and E Kenya, NE Tanzania
Ploceus alienus   (Sharpe, 1902) Strange Weaver
vE DR Congo, W Uganda
Ploceus melanogaster Black-billed Weaver
melanogaster Shelley, 1887 iE Nigeria, W Cameroon, Bioko
stephanophorus (Sharpe, 1891) vSE South Sudan, E DR Congo, Uganda, W Kenya
Ploceus capensis 55  (Linnaeus, 1766) Cape Weaver
vNE, E, S and W South Africa
Ploceus temporalis 56  (Bocage, 1880) Bocage's Weaver
vC Angola to NW Zambia
Ploceus subaureus African Golden Weaver
aureoflavus A. Smith, 1839 vE Kenya, E Tanzania to Malawi, C Mozambique
subaureus A. Smith, 183957 vS Mozambique, Coastal E and SE South Africa
Ploceus xanthops   (Hartlaub, 1862) Holub's Weaver
iGabon, S and E DR Congo, Uganda and S Kenya south to Angola, N Botswana, Zimbabwe, E South Africa
Ploceus aurantius Orange Weaver
aurantius (Vieillot, 1808)58 αvLiberia to Cameroon, Gabon, DR Congo
rex Neumann, 1908 iUganda, NW Tanzania
Ploceus heuglini   Reichenow, 1886 Heuglin's Masked Weaver
iSenegal to W and S South Sudan, Uganda, NW Kenya
Ploceus bojeri 59  (Cabanis, 1868) Golden Palm Weaverα
iS Somalia, C and SE Kenya, NE Tanzania
Ploceus castaneiceps   (Sharpe, 1890) Taveta Weaver
iSE Kenya, NE Tanzania
Ploceus princeps 60  (Bonaparte, 1850) Principe Golden Weaverα
Ploceus castanops   Shelley, 1888 Northern Brown-throated Weaver
iUganda to E DR Congo, NW Tanzania, W Kenya
Ploceus xanthopterus Southern Brown-throated Weaver
castaneigula (Cabanis, 1884) iNE Namibia, SE Angola, N Botswana, SW Zambia, NW Zimbabwe
marleyi (Roberts, 1929) iCoastal S Mozambique, E South Africa
xanthopterus (Hartlaub & Finsch, 1870) vNE Zimbabwe, Malawi, C Mozambique
Ploceus burnieri   N.E. & E.M. Baker, 1990 Kilombero Weaver
iEC Tanzania [Baker, 1990 #166]
Ploceus galbula   Rüppell, 1840 Rüppell's Weaver
iNE Sudan to N Ethiopia, N Somalia, SW Arabia to S Oman
Ploceus taeniopterus Northern Masked Weaver
furensis Lynes, 1923 vSW Sudan
taeniopterus (Reichenbach, 1863) vC and SE Sudan, South Sudan, N Uganda, SW Ethiopia, NW Kenya
Ploceus intermedius Lesser Masked Weaver
intermedius Rüppell, 1845 vSouth Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia to E DR Congo, W and C Tanzania61
cabanisii (W. Peters, 1868) iS Angola, Zambia, E Tanzania south to C Namibia, Botswana, NE and E South Africa
beattyi Traylor, 1959 iW Angola
Ploceus velatus 62  Vieillot, 1819 Southern Masked Weaver
vS Angola, S and E Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to South Africa
Ploceus katangae63 Katanga Masked Weaver
upembae (Verheyen, 1953) iS DR Congo
katangae (Verheyen, 1947) iNW Zambia, SE DR Congo
Ploceus ruweti 64  Louette & Benson, 1982 Lufira Masked Weaver
iSE DR Congo [Louette, 1982 #2423]
Ploceus reichardi   Reichenow, 1886 Tanzanian Masked Weaver
iSW Tanzania
Ploceus vitellinus Vitelline Masked Weaver
vitellinus (M.H.C. Lichtenstein, 1823) vMauritania and Senegal to Chad, S and C Sudan
peixotoi Frade & Naurois, 1964 iSão Tomé [Frade, 1964 #1592]
uluensis (Neumann, 1900) vSouth Sudan, S Ethiopia and Somalia to N and C Tanzania
Ploceus spekei   (von Heuglin, 1861) Speke's Weaver
iS and E Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, NE Tanzania
Ploceus spekeoides   C.H.B. Grant & Mackworth-Praed, 1947 Fox's Weaver
iC Uganda
Ploceus cucullatus Village Weaver
cucullatus (Statius Muller, 1776) vSenegal to Cameroon, S Chad, Bioko65
abyssinicus (J.F. Gmelin, 1789) vW and C Ethiopia to Eritrea, adjacent Sudan and South Sudan
bohndorffi Reichenow, 1887 iN DR Congo, Uganda, W and S South Sudan, W Kenya, NW Tanzania
frobenii Reichenow, 1923 iS and SE DR Congo
collaris Vieillot, 1819 vGabon, W DR Congo, N Angola
graueri E. Hartert, 1911 iE DR Congo, Rwanda, W Tanzania
nigriceps (E.L. Layard, 1867)66 iSE Somalia, C and E Kenya, E and S Tanzania to Zambia, S Angola, NE Namibia, N Botswana, N Zimbabwe, C Mozambique.
spilonotus Vigors, 1831 E South Africa, SE Botswana, S Mozambique
Ploceus grandis   (G.R. Gray, 1844) Giant Weaver
vSão Tomé
Ploceus nigerrimus Vieillot's Weaver
castaneofuscus Lesson, 1840 vSierra Leone and Guinea to W Nigeria
nigerrimus Vieillot, 1819 vE Nigeria, Cameroon to W Kenya
Ploceus weynsi   (A.J.C. Dubois, 1900) Weyns's Weaver
iN DR Congo, S Uganda, NW Tanzania
Ploceus golandi   (Stephenson Clarke, 1913) Clarke's Weaver
iE Kenya
Ploceus dichrocephalus 67  (Salvadori, 1896) Juba Weaverδ
vS Ethiopia, S Somalia, NE Kenya
Ploceus melanocephalus Black-headed Weaver
melanocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) vGambia, Guinea-Bissau68
capitalis (Latham, 1790) vMauritania and Senegal to S Chad, Nigeria, Central African Republic
duboisi Hartlaub, 1886 iDR Congo, N Zambia
dimidiatus (Antinori & Salvadori, 1873) vE Sudan, W Eritrea
fischeri Reichenow, 188769 iUganda to E DR Congo, W Kenya, NW Tanzania
Ploceus jacksoni   Shelley, 1888 Golden-backed Weaver
iSE South Sudan, W and S Kenya, Uganda, N and C Tanzania70
Ploceus badius Cinnamon Weaver
badius (Cassin, 1850) vSE Sudan
axillaris (von Heuglin, 1867) vSouth Sudan
Ploceus rubiginosus Chestnut Weaver
rubiginosus Rüppell, 1840 vEthiopia, Somalia, SE Sudan, NE Uganda, Kenya, NE Tanzania
trothae Reichenow, 1905 iSW Angola, N Namibia, NW Botswana
Ploceus aureonucha   Sassi, 1920 Golden-naped Weaver
iNE DR Congo
Ploceus tricolor Yellow-mantled Weaver
tricolor (Hartlaub, 1854) iSW Sierra Leone and Guinea to Cameroon, Gabon, Angola
interscapularis Reichenow, 1893 vDR Congo, S Uganda, NW Angola
Ploceus albinucha Maxwell's Weaver
albinucha (Bocage, 1876) iSierra Leone to Ghana
maxwelli (Alexander, 1903) iBioko
holomelas Sassi, 1920 iSW Nigeria to Gabon, Central African Republic, N DR Congo, W Uganda
Ploceus nelicourvi   (Scopoli, 1786) Nelicourvi Weaver
iN and E Madagascar
Ploceus sakalava Sakalava Weaver
sakalava Hartlaub, 1861 iN Madagascar
minor (Delacour & Berlioz, 1931) vW and S Madagascar
Ploceus hypoxanthus Asian Golden Weaver
chryseus Hume, 187871 vC, S and SE Myanmar including N Tenasserim, and S and SE continental SE Asia east from C Thailand [Hume, 1878 #2039]
hypoxanthus (Sparrman, 1788) vJava72
Ploceus superciliosus   (Shelley, 1873) Compact Weaver
vSierra Leone to SW Ethiopia, Uganda, W Kenya, NW Tanzania, NW Zambia and N Angola
Ploceus benghalensis   (Linnaeus, 1758) Black-breasted Weaver
vSW China in S Yunnan, Pakistan, N, C and NE India, Bangladesh73
Ploceus manyar Streaked Weaver
flaviceps (Lesson, 1831) iS Asia (except NE) to Sri Lanka
peguensis E.C.S. Baker, 1925 vSW China in W Yunnan, NE India, E Bangladesh, Myanmar (except Tenasserim)
williamsoni B.P. Hall, 1957 iNW Thailand, and S and SE continental SE Asia east from W Thailand
manyar (Horsfield, 1821) iBawean I. (Java Sea), Java, Bali74
Ploceus philippinus Baya Weaver
philippinus (Linnaeus, 1766) vPakistan, S Nepal, NW, C and SE India, Sri Lanka
travancoreensis Ali & Whistler, 193675 δvSW India
burmanicus Ticehurst, 1932 vSW China in W and S Yunnan, NE India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, NW Thailand
angelorum Deignan, 1956 iC Thailand
infortunatus E. Hartert, 1902 vSE continental SE Asia, Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, Java, Bali
Ploceus megarhynchus Finn's Weaver
megarhynchus Hume, 1869 vFoot of Himalayas from Uttar Pradesh to W Nepal
salimalii Abdulali, 196176 αiS Bhutan, NE India from West Bengal to Assam
Ploceus bicolor Dark-backed Weaver
tephronotus (Reichenow, 1892) vBioko; E Nigeria, S Cameroon, Gabon
amaurocephalus (Cabanis, 1880)77 vN and C Angola
mentalis (Hartlaub, 1891) vS South Sudan, E DR Congo, Uganda, W Kenya
kigomaensis (C.H.B. Grant & Mackworth-Praed, 1956) vSE DR Congo, E Angola, N Zambia, W Tanzania
kersteni (Hartlaub & Finsch, 1870) iS Somalia, E Kenya, E Tanzania
stictifrons (G.A. Fischer & Reichenow, 1885)78 iSE Tanzania, S Malawi, Mozambique, E Zimbabwe and E South Africa (N KwaZulu-Natal)
bicolor Vieillot, 1819 iCoastal SE South Africa (S KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape)
Ploceus preussi   (Reichenow, 1892) Preuss's Weaver
iSierra Leone to Ghana; S Cameroon to DR Congo
Ploceus dorsomaculatus   (Reichenow, 1893) Yellow-capped Weaver
vS Cameroon to S Central African Republic, south to Gabon; E DR Congo
Ploceus olivaceiceps 79  (Reichenow, 1899) Olive-headed Weaver
SE Tanzania, Malawi to S Mozambique
Ploceus nicolli80,81 Usambara Weaver
nicolli W.L. Sclater, 1931 iNE Tanzania (Usambara Mts.)
anderseni Franzmann, 198382 iE Tanzania (Morogoro) [Franzmann, 1983 #1595]
Ploceus insignis 83  (Sharpe, 1891) Brown-capped Weaver
vBioko; SE Nigeria and N Cameroon to Angola; SE South Sudan, E DR Congo to N and C Kenya, W Tanzania
Ploceus angolensis   (Bocage, 1878) Bar-winged Weaver
vAngola, N Namibia, S DR Congo, N Zambia
Ploceus sanctithomae 84  (Hartlaub, 1848) São Tomé Weaverδ
iSão Tomé
Ploceus flavipes   (Chapin, 1916) Yellow-legged Weaver
iNE DR Congo
MALIMBUS Vieillot, 1805 M - Malimbus cristatus Vieillot, 1805; type by monotypy and virtual tautonymy = Tanagra malimbica Daudin, 1802  
Malimbus coronatus   Sharpe, 1906 Red-crowned Malimbe
vS Cameroon to N and NE DR Congo
Malimbus cassini   (Elliot, 1859) Black-throated Malimbe/Cassin's Malimbe
iS Cameroon, Gabon, PR Congo to W and NE DR Congo
Malimbus racheliae   (Cassin, 1857) Rachel's Malimbe
iSE Nigeria to Gabon
Malimbus ballmanni 85  Wolters, 1974 Tai Malimbe/Gola Malimbe
iE Sierra Leone to SW Ivory Coast [Wolters, 1974 #4258]
Malimbus scutatus Red-vented Malimbe
scutatus (Cassin, 1849) vSierra Leone to Ghana and W Togo
scutopartitus Reichenow, 1894 vBenin and S Nigeria, W Cameroon
Malimbus ibadanensis   Elgood, 1958 Ibadan Malimbe
vSW Nigeria
Malimbus nitens   (J.E. Gray, 1831) Blue-billed Malimbe
iS Senegal and Guinea-Bissau to S Nigeria, DR Congo, NE Angola, W Uganda
Malimbus rubricollis86 Red-headed Malimbe
bartletti Sharpe, 1890 iSierra Leone to Ghana and W Togo
nigeriae Bannerman, 1921 iBenin, SW Nigeria
rubricollis (Swainson, 1838) vSE Nigeria to S PR Congo, DR Congo, S South Sudan, Uganda, W Kenya
rufovelatus (Fraser, 1843)87 αvBioko
praedi Bannerman, 1921 iNW Angola
Malimbus erythrogaster   Reichenow, 1893 Red-bellied Malimbe
iSE Nigeria to Gabon, N, C and E DR Congo, W Uganda
Malimbus malimbicus Crested Malimbe
nigrifrons (Hartlaub, 1855) iSierra Leone to W Togo; SW Nigeria
malimbicus (Daudin, 1802)88 αvS Cameroon to DR Congo, W Uganda, NW Angola
ANAPLECTES Reichenbach, 1863 M - Ploceus melanotis Lafresnaye, 1840; type by subsequent designation (Sharpe, 1890, Cat. Birds Brit. Mus., 13, p. 411). = Ploceus leuconotus J.W. von Müller, 1851  
Anaplectes rubriceps89 Red-headed Weaver
leuconotos (J.W. von Müller, 1851)90 δvSenegal to Ethiopia, N Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, N Tanzania; also W Angola
jubaensis van Someren, 1920 vS Somalia, NE Kenya
rubriceps (Sundevall, 1850) iS Angola, SE DR Congo, S Tanzania south to N and E Botswana, NE South Africa and Mozambique

1 The genera Plocepasser, Histurgops, Pseudonigrita and Philetairus have been transferred from the Passeridae to the Ploceidae following Groth (1998) [Groth, 1998 #1834] and Sorenson & Payne (2001) [Sorenson, 2001 #3681]. The sequence of genera follows that of Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
2 For treatment as a separate species from B. albirostris see Hall & Moreau (1970) [Hall, 1970 #1887].
3 Includes militaris; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
4 Includes propinquatus; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
5 For corrected author and date see Steinheimer (2005) [Steinheimer, 2005 #3709].
6 Includes stridens Clancey, 1968 [Clancey, 1968 #836]; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
7 Includes terricolor Clancey, 1979 [Clancey, 1979 #903]; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
8 Includes stentor, see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
9 For recognition see Dean in Hockey et al. (2005) [Dean, 2005 #12724]. But see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
10 Includes pallidus da Rosa Pinto, 1967 [da Rosa Pinto, 1967 #1110].
11 For correct date see Wood (1931) [Wood, 1931 #15582].
12 Dated 1851 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726], but see Zimmer (1926) [Zimmer, 1926 #4296].
13 Includes iringae Ripley & Heinrich, 1966 [Ripley, 1966 #3320]; see implicitly Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
14 Monotypic treatment follows Spottiswoode in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724]; thus includes geminus, lepidus, eremnus and xericus Clancey, 1989 [Clancey, 1989 #945].
15 This genus seems not to have had its DNA read and is placed here following Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
16 Subspecies treatment follows Oschadleus (2004) [Oschadleus, 2004 #15737]. But see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
17 Dated 1851 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726], but see Zimmer (1926) [Zimmer, 1926 #4296].
18 Includes viniceps Clancey, 1986 [Clancey, 1986 #934]; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
19 Species sequence follows Prager & Amdersson (2009) [Prager, 2009 #11993].
20 For recommended date of publication see Dickinson et al. (2011) [Dickinson, 2011 #13287].
21 Introduced to Portugal and Puerto Rico.
22 Treated as a synonym of afer by Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
23 For treatment as a separate species from E. orix see Craig (1993) [Craig, 1993 #1079] and Prager et al. (2008) [Prager, 2008 #10635].
24 Introduced to Puerto Rico.
25 Treated as a synonym of fransiscanus by Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
26 Includes tropicus and concolor; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
27 Dated 1851 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726], but see Zimmer (1926) [Zimmer, 1926 #4296].
28 For recognition see Benson & Irwin (1967). Benson & Irwin (1967) [Benson, 1967 #15738]. But see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
29 Implicitly includes turgidus, see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
30 May deserve species rank see DNA evidence in Prager & Andersson (2009) [Prager, 2009 #11993].
31 Treatment within E. orix follows the molecular findings of Prager et al. (2008) [Prager, 2008 #10635]. But see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
32 Includes macrorhynchus, see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
33 Includes intermedius see White (1963) [White, 1963 #4190].
34 Includes quanzae; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
35 Includes sassii see White (1963) [White, 1963 #4190].
36 Correct original spelling. Spellings psammocromia in Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] and psammocromius in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] were ISS.
37 For treatment as a separate species from E. hartlaubi; see Craig (2004) [Craig, 2004 #15650].
38 Includes definita Clancey, 1970 [Clancey, 1970 #846], see Craig (2004) [Craig, 2004 #15650].
39 Introduced to Bahrain and Chagos Arch.
40 Original spelling cosobrina; here corrected on account of internal information.
41 Dated 1851 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726], but see Zimmer (1926) [Zimmer, 1926 #4296].
42 For correct date see Duncan (1937) [Duncan, 1937 #1442].
43 Note corrected authorship; not E. Newton.
44 We have not listed P. victoriae Ash, 1986 [Ash, 1986 #105]. The validity of this has been debated, see Louette (1987) [Louette, 1987 #2428] and Ash (1987) [Ash, 1987 #106]. It remains best considered a species inquirenda, see Vuilleumier et al. (1992) [Vuilleumier, 1992 #4066].
45 Four new subgenera were proposed by Wolters (1970) [Wolters, 1970 #8508].
46 Dated 1817 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726], but see Browning & Monroe (1991) [Browning, 1991 #542].
47 Date 1890 given by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] was erroneous.
48 Cited from Zool. Jahrb. 2 p. 343 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] but Shelley (1887) [Shelley, 1887 #15767] reported Hartlaub's proposed name and included an indication to Pelzeln's original description; correct authorship is thus Hartlaub in Shelley see Art. 50.1.1 of the Code (I.C.Z.N., 1999) [I.C.Z.N., 1999 #2059].
49 For recognition see Zimmerman et al. (1996) [Zimmerman, 1996 #4328]. But see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
50 Includes tenuirostris Traylor, 1964 [Traylor, 1964 #3864] see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
51 Includes brevior Lawson, 1962 [Lawson, 1962 #2341], see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
52 First published in 1828; link to original reference added to range statement.
53 Includes po; see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
54 Sherborn (1928) [Sherborn, 1928 #15745] dates this post 1807.
55 For monotypic treatment, see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490]; thus includes rubricomus Clancey, 1966 [Clancey, 1966 #828] and olivaceus.
56 For treatment as a separate species from P. capensis; see Hall & Moreau (1970) [Hall, 1970 #1887].
57 Includes tongensis, see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
58 Sherborn (1923) [Sherborn, 1923 #15632] dates this post 1807.
59 Proof of delay in publication not established, thus 1869 rejected.
60 Dated 1851 by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726], but see Zimmer (1926) [Zimmer, 1926 #4296].
61 Introduced to United Arab Emirates.
62 For monotypic treatment see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490]; thus includes shelleyi, tahatali, caurinus and nigrifrons. But see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
63 For treatment as a separate species from P. velatus see Louette & Benson (1982) [Louette, 1982 #2423] and Vuilleumier et al. (1992) [Vuilleumier, 1992 #4066].
64 For rediscovery see Louette & Hasson (2009) [Louette, 2009 #13568].
65 Introduced to Mauritius, Hispaniola and Lesser Antilles (Martinique).
66 Includes paropterus; see Craig (2004) [Craig, 2004 #15650].
67 Correct original spelling. Spelling dicrocephalus in Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
68 Introduced to Portugal.
69 Treated as a synonym of dimidiatus by Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
70 Introduced to United Arab Emirates.
71 For replacement of name hymenaicus Deignan, 1947 see Pittie & Dickinson (2008) [Pittie, 2008 #11252].
72 Introduced to Singapore.
73 Introduced to Qatar.
74 Introduced to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.
75 Correct original spelling. Spelling travencoreensis in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
76 Date given as 1960 in Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726]; this issue of the JBNHS was published in January 1961 (Pittie, 2003) [Pittie, 2003 #3097].
77 Includes albidigularis Ripley & Heinrich, 1966 [Ripley, 1965 #3317], see Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
78 Includes lebomboensis, sclateri and sylvanus Clancey, 1977 [Clancey, 1977 #888], see Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
79 Monotypic treatment follows Craig in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724]; thus includes vicarius Clancey & Lawson, 1966 [Clancey, 1966 #830].
80 For treatment as a separate species from P. olivaceiceps see Craig (2004) [Craig, 2004 #15650].
81 Considered monotypic by Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
82 For recognition see Craig (2004) [Craig, 2004 #15650].
83 Includes unicus see White (1963) [White, 1963 #4190].
84 Correct original spelling. Abbreviated spelling st. thomae in Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] and spelling sanctaethomae in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] both ISSs.
85 Includes Malimbus golensis Field, 1979 [Field, 1979 #1550].
86 Treated as monotypic by Craig (2010) [Craig, 2010 #13490].
87 For correct date see Duncan (1937) [Duncan, 1937 #1442].
88 Date 1802 used by Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] restored; the citation therein is perfectly correct.
89 Use of Anaplectes melanotis (Lafresnaye, 1840) by Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was incorrect. Moreau & Greenway (1962) [Moreau, 1962 #2726] were correct; Lafresnaye's name is a junior primary homonym, preoccupied by Ploceus melanotis Swainson, 1938, and permanently unavailable. By reason of priority rubriceps becomes the nominate form.
90 Correct original spelling. Spelling leuconotus in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.