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PRUNELLIDAE - Accentors (1:12)
PRUNELLA Vieillot, 1816 F - Fauvette de haie Buffon; type by monotypy = Motacilla modularis Linnaeus, 1758  1,2
Prunella himalayana   (Blyth, 1842) Altai Accentor
vAltai to Baikal, C Asia from Pamir to Tien Shan >> Himalayas east from N Pakistan
Prunella collaris Alpine Accentor
collaris (Scopoli, 1769) vSW Europe and NW Africa to Carpathian Mts. and Slovenia
subalpina (C.L. Brehm, 1831) vSE Europe, Crete, W and S Turkey
montana (Hablizl, 1783) vE Turkey, Caucasus area, Iran
rufilata (Severtsov, 1879) vNE Afghanistan, C Asia east to Tien Shan, NW China in W and S Xinjiang, N Pakistan
whymperi (E.C.S. Baker, 1915) iHimalayas from Kashmir to E Uttarakhand
nipalensis (Blyth, 1843) vSW China in Yunnan and SW Sichuan, Himalayas east from W Nepal, N Myanmar
tibetana (Bianchi, 1904) vE Xizang and WC and NC China north to Qinghai and Gansu
erythropygia (Swinhoe, 1870) vAltai and Russian Far East, mountains of N Japan, N Korea, Mongolia, C to NE China
fennelli Deignan, 1964 iMountains of Taiwan
Prunella immaculata   (Hodgson, 1845) Maroon-backed Accentor
vSE and E Xizang, WC to NC China from N Yunnan to S Gansu, Himalayas east from Nepal >> N Myanmar
Prunella rubeculoides Robin Accentor
muraria R. & A. Meinertzhagen, 19263 vHimalayas from N Pakistan to Uttarakhand
rubeculoides (F. Moore, 1854)4 iS, E and NE margins of Xizang, Himalayas east from W Nepal
Prunella strophiata Rufous-breasted Accentor
jerdoni (W.E. Brooks, 1872) iE Afghanistan, Himalayas from N Pakistan to Uttarakhand
strophiata (Blyth, 1843) vWC to NC China from N Yunnan to E Qinghai east to S Shanxi >> Himalayas east from Nepal, N Myanmar
Prunella fulvescens Brown Accentor
fulvescens (Severtsov, 1873) iNW Afghanistan to C Tien Shan, SW Xizang and Himalayas from N Pakistan to Himachal Pradesh
dahurica (Taczanowski, 1874)5 vE Kazakhstan and Altai to Baikal, Mongolia, NC China in Ningxia and Nei Mongol >> SE Siberia, NW China
dresseri E. Hartert, 1910 iNW China in S Xinjiang including Tsaidam basin
nanschanica Sushkin, 1925 vS and E Xizang, WC to NW and NC China from Sichuan to Qinghai and Gansu >> ? E Himalayas
khamensis Sushkin, 1925 vN Xizang, W Gansu
sushkini Collin & E. Hartert, 19276 S and SE Tibet
Prunella koslowi   (Przevalski, 1887) Mongolian Accentor/Koslov's Accentor
iW and C Mongolia, NC China from Ningxia to Nei Mongol
Prunella rubida 7,8  (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) Japanese Accentorα
vS Sakhalin, S Kuril Is., Japan south to Shikoku >> C and S Japan
Prunella montanella Siberian Accentor
montanella (Pallas, 1776) vUral Mts. to C Siberia and Altai to Baikal and W Russian Far East >> Korea, NC to NE China
badia Portenko, 19299 vNE Siberia east from lower Lena basin >> NC to NE China
Prunella modularis Dunnock/Hedge Sparrow
occidentalis (E. Hartert, 1910)10 vIreland, British Isles, W France
modularis (Linnaeus, 1758)11 vN, C and S Europe, NW Asia Minor >> S Europe, N Africa, W and S Turkey12
obscura (Hablizl, 1783)13,14 vCrimea, Caucasus area, E Turkey, N Iran >> Middle East
Prunella atrogularis Black-throated Accentor
atrogularis (von Brandt, 1843)15 αvN and C Ural Mts. >> Iran, Afghanistan, C Asia to Tien Shan Mts., N Pakistan
huttoni (F. Moore, 1854) iAltai Mts., C Asia from Pamir Mts. to Tien Shan Mts., NW China in W Xinjiang >> W Himalayas
Prunella ocularis Radde's Accentor
ocularis (Radde, 1884) vS and E Turkey, Transcaucasia, Iran
fagani (Ogilvie-Grant, 1913)16 W Yemen

1 Species sequence follows Drovetski et al. (2013) [Drovetski, 2013 #14436].
2 The applicable but unavailable name Accentor Bechstein, 1802 is a junior homonym of Accentor used by Bechstein, 1797 for a dipper and thus a junior synonym of Cinclus Borkhausen, 1797.
3 For recognition see Vaurie (1959) [Vaurie, 1959 #3961]. Not recognised by Hatchwell (2005) [Hatchwell, 2005 #12216].
4 Includes fusca see Vaurie (1959) [Vaurie, 1959 #3961].
5 Hatchwell (2005) [Hatchwell, 2005 #12216] recognised mongolica; but see Stepanyan (2003) [Stepanyan, 2003 #4769].
6 Not recognised by Hatchwell (2005) [Hatchwell, 2005 #12216].
7 Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721] recognised fervidus from Hokkaido and the Kuril Is., but this was not accepted by Orn. Soc. Japan (2000) [Ornithological Society of Japan, 2000 #2875].
8 For correct date of publication of fascicle 2 see Holthuis & Sakai (1970) [Holthuis, 1970 #1986].
9 For recognition see Vaurie (1959) [Vaurie, 1959 #3961].
10 Includes hebridium; see Svensson (1992) [Svensson, 1992 #15374]. But see Hatchwell (2005) [Hatchwell, 2005 #12216].
11 Includes mabbotti, meinertzhageni and euxina; see Svensson (1992) [Svensson, 1992 #15374]. But see Hatchwell (2005) [Hatchwell, 2005 #12216].
12 Introduced to New Zealand, Chatham Is., Antipodes Is., Auckland Is. and Campbell Is.
13 Mlíkovský (2011) [Mlíkovský, 2011 #13191] suggested that this is a nomen dubium and recommended its replacement by the name orientalis Sharpe, 1883.
14 Includes fuscata Mauersberger, 1971 [Mauersberger, 1971 #2533]; see Stepanyan (1990, 2003) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721], [Stepanyan, 2003 #4769].
15 For correct date of publication see Sherborn (1923) [Sherborn, 1923 #15632].
16 Treated as a separate species by Vaurie (1955) [Vaurie, 1955 #3953]; but see molecular findings of Drovetski et al. (2013) [Drovetski, 2013 #14436].