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HYLIOTIDAE - Hyliotas1 (1:3)
HYLIOTA Swainson, 1837 F - Hyliota flavigaster Swainson, 1837; type by subsequent monotypy (Swainson, 1837, Natural History and Classification of Birds, 2, p. 260).   
Hyliota flavigaster Yellow-bellied Hyliota
flavigaster Swainson, 1837 iSenegal to W Ethiopia, W Kenya
barbozae Hartlaub, 18832 iAngola to Tanzania and N Mozambique
Hyliota australis Southern Hyliota
slatini Sassi, 1915 αiNE DR Congo, W Uganda, W Kenya
usambara W.L. Sclater, 19323 iNE Tanzania
inornata Vincent, 19334 vAngola, S DR Congo, Zambia, Malawi and N Mozambique
australis Shelley, 1882 vZimbabwe, C and S Mozambique
Hyliota violacea Violet-backed Hyliota
nehrkorni Hartlaub, 1892 iSierra Leone and Guinea to Ghana and W Togo
violacea J. & E. Verreaux, 1851 vNigeria and Cameroon to E DR Congo

1 For the formal introduction of this family name see our Appendix 2; for the findings justifying that see Fuchs et al. (2006) [Fuchs, 2006 #9858].
2 Includes marginalis see Fry (1997) [Fry, 1997 #1630].
3 We follow Zimmerman et al. (1996) [Zimmerman, 1996 #4328] in presently retaining this within the species H. australis. But see Pearson (2006) [Pearson, 2006 #15592].
4 Includes pallidipectus see Fry (1997) [Fry, 1997 #1630].