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DONACOBIIDAE - Donacobius1 (1:1)
DONACOBIUS Swainson, 1831 M - Donacobius vociferans Swainson, 1831; type by monotypy = Turdus atricapilla Linnaeus, 1766  2
Donacobius atricapilla Donacobius
brachypterus von Madarász, 1913 vE Panama, NW Colombia (east to Santa Marta region, south to Tolima)
nigrodorsalis Traylor, 1948 vSE Colombia, E Ecuador, E Peru (south to Madre de Dios)
atricapilla (Linnaeus, 1766) iN Venezuela, the Guianas, Brazil, Paraguay, NE Argentina
albovittatus d'Orbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837 vSW Brazil (Acre), N and E Bolivia (Beni, E Cochabamba, Santa Cruz)

1 Formerly included in the Mimidae or the Troglodytidae, but new family proposed by Aleixo & Pacheco (2006) [Aleixo, 2006 #5726], Johansson et al. (2008) [Johansson, 2008 #10998] and Fregin et al. (2012) [Fregin, 2012 #14321].
2 For date correction see Sherborn (1922) [Sherborn, 1922 #15557].