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PANDIONIDAE - Osprey (1:1)
PANDION Savigny, 1809 M - Pandion fluvialis Savigny, 1809; type by monotypy = Falco haliaetus Linnaeus, 1758  
Pandion haliaetus Osprey
haliaetus (Linnaeus, 1758) iN Africa, Europe to E Siberia, N Japan, SW and S Asia, N and C China, Taiwan >> Africa, S Asia, SE Asia to Greater Sundas, Philippines, N Sulawesi (?)
carolinensis (J.F. Gmelin, 1788) vNorth America >> West Indies, Central and South America
ridgwayi Maynard, 1887 iBahamas and Cuba; coast and cays off E Yucatan Pen.
cristatus (Vieillot, 1816)1,2 vBorneo, Java, Bali, Wallacea, lowland New Guinea, Bismarck Arch., Solomons, coastal Australia, New Caledonia >> north to Philippines

1 This name has clear precedence over leucocephalus Gould, 1838, used by Marchant & Higgins (1993) [Marchant, 1993 #2487] for the Australasian form. Treated as a separate species by Wink (2004) [Wink, 2003 #4242] and Christidis & Boles (2008) [Christidis, 2008 #11602].
2 Includes melvillensis and microhaliaetus; see Prevost (1983) [Prevost, 1981 #3129].