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STENOSTIRIDAE - Crested-flycatchers and allies1,2 (4:9)
STENOSTIRA Cabanis & Bonaparte, 1850 F - Muscicapa scita Vieillot, 1818; type by monotypy   3
Stenostira scita African Fairy-flycatcher
scita (Vieillot, 1818) vNW and W South Africa >> Namibia, Botswana
saturatior W. Lawson, 1962 vS South Africa >> C South Africa (W Free State)
rudebecki Clancey, 1955 iLesotho >> C and E South Africa
CHELIDORHYNX Blyth, 1843 M - Rhipidura hypoxantha Blyth, 1843; type by monotypy4,5
Chelidorhynx hypoxanthus 6  (Blyth, 1843) Fairy-fantail
vSC China, Himalayan foothills (east from N Pakistan), mountains of W and N continental SE Asia (east to NW Vietnam)
CULICICAPA Swinhoe, 1871 F - Platyrhynchus ceylonensis Swainson, 1820; type by monotypy   7
Culicicapa ceylonensis Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher
ceylonensis (Swainson, 1820) vSri Lanka
calochrysea Oberholser, 1923 vSE Xizang, SW to NC and C China, Himalayan foothills (east from N Pakistan), SW and NE India, continental SE Asia >> S China, N India, N continental SE Asia
antioxantha Oberholser, 19238 vThai-Malay Pen., Greater Sundas
sejuncta E. Hartert, 1897 vFlores, ? Lombok (Lesser Sundas)
connectens Rensch, 1931 iSumba (Lesser Sundas)
Culicicapa helianthea Citrine Canary-flycatcher
septentrionalis Parkes, 1960 vNW Luzon (Philippines)
zimmeri Parkes, 1960 iC and S Luzon (Philippines)
panayensis (Sharpe, 1877) vPalawan, Panay, Negros, Cebu, Leyte and Mindanao (Philippines)
mayri Deignan, 1947 iSulu Arch.
helianthea (Wallace, 1865) iSulawesi, Banggai Is., Salayar I.
ELMINIA Bonaparte, 1854 F - Myiagra longicauda Swainson, 1838; type by original designation   9,10
Elminia nigromitrata Dusky Crested-flycatcher
colstoni (Dickerman, 1994) iSierra Leone and Guinea to SW Ghana; SW Nigeria [Dickerman, 1994 #1348]
nigromitrata (Reichenow, 1874) vS Cameroon, Gabon to W Kenya
Elminia albonotata White-tipped Crested-flycatcher/White-tailed Crested-flycatcher
albonotata (Sharpe, 1891) vE DR Congo to Kenya, SW Tanzania, NE Zambia and N Malawi
swynnertoni (Neumann, 1908) iE Zimbabwe, C Mozambique
subcaerulea (Grote, 1923) vE and S Tanzania to S Malawi and N Mozambique
Elminia albiventris White-bellied Crested-flycatcher
albiventris (Sjöstedt, 1893) vBioko; SE Nigeria, Cameroon
toroensis (F.J. Jackson, 1906) vNE DR Congo, Rwanda, W Uganda
Elminia longicauda Blue Crested-flycatcher
longicauda (Swainson, 1838) iSenegal and Gambia to Nigeria
teresita Antinori, 1864 iCameroon to South Sudan and W Kenya, NW Angola
Elminia albicauda   Bocage, 1877 Blue-and-white Crested-flycatcher
iAngola to E DR Congo, Tanzania, Malawi and N Mozambique

1 For formal designation and circumscription of this family see Fuchs et al. (2009) [Fuchs, 2009 #11848]. When first proposed by Beresford et al. (2005) [Beresford, 2005 #277] it comprised the genera Stenostira, Elminia and Culicicapa. See also Barker et al. (2004) [Barker, 2004 #218].
2 Sequence of genera follows Fuchs et al. (2009) [Fuchs, 2009 #11848].
3 Disputed affinities discussed by Fry (1997) [Fry, 1997 #1630]. But see Beresford et al. (2005) [Beresford, 2005 #277].
4 Dual original spellings; see David et al. (2009) [David, 2009 #11541].
5 For placement of this genus in the family Stenostiridae see Fuchs et al. (2009) [Fuchs, 2009 #11848].
6 Previously often considered a species in the genus Rhipidura as in Watson et al. [Watson, 1986 #4786] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533].
7 For evidence this genus belongs here and not in the Muscicapidae see Barker et al. (2004) [Barker, 2004 #218].
8 Treated as a synonym of the nominate subspecies in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4091] but recognition restored by Wells (2007) [Wells, 2007 #10194].
9 Species sequence follows Nguembock et al. (2008) [Nguembock, 2008 #11742], who attributed this genus to the family Stenostiridae.
10 The genus as treated by Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4448] contained just the species longicauda and albicauda; the species since added came from the genus Trochocercus, see Urban et al. (1997) [Urban, 1997 #3901] and corroboration by Nguembock et al. (2008) [Nguembock, 2008 #11742].