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SAROTHRURIDAE - Flufftails1 (1:9)
SAROTHRURA F. Heine, Jr., 1890 F - Gallinula jardinei A. Smith, 1839; type by original designation = Crex affinis A. Smith, 1828  
Sarothrura pulchra White-spotted Flufftail
pulchra (J.E. Gray, 1829)2 vSenegal and Gambia to N and C Cameroon
zenkeri Neumann, 1908 iSE Nigeria, coastal Cameroon, Gabon
batesi Bannerman, 1922 iS Cameroon
centralis Neumann, 1908 vPR Congo and N Angola to South Sudan, W Kenya, NW Tanzania and NW Zambia
Sarothrura elegans Buff-spotted Flufftail
reichenovi (Sharpe, 1894) iSierra Leone to Uganda south to N Angola
elegans (A. Smith, 1839)3 iS Ethiopia and Kenya to Zimbabwe and E and S South Africa
Sarothrura rufa Red-chested Flufftail
bonapartii (Bonaparte, 1856) iSierra Leone to Cameroon and Gabon
elizabethae van Someren, 1919 iEthiopia, Central African Republic and N DR Congo to Uganda and W Kenya
rufa (Vieillot, 1819)4 vC Kenya to NE Tanzania, Angola and S DR Congo to E and S South Africa
Sarothrura lugens Chestnut-headed Flufftail
lugens (Böhm, 1884)5,6 δiCameroon to DR Congo, Rwanda, W Tanzania
lynesi C.H.B. Grant & Mackworth-Praed, 1934 iC Angola, Zambia [Grant, 1934 #1752]
Sarothrura boehmi 7  Reichenow, 1900 Streaky-breasted Flufftail
iGhana to Kenya, south to Zimbabwe
Sarothrura affinis8 Striped Flufftail
antonii von Madarász & Neumann, 19119 iSouth Sudan to E Zimbabwe
affinis (A. Smith, 1828) vE and S South Africa [Smith, 1828 #7961]
Sarothrura insularis   (Sharpe, 1870) Madagascar Flufftail
vE Madagascar
Sarothrura ayresi   (J.H. Gurney Sr., 1877) White-winged Flufftail
iEthiopia, Zimbabwe and South Africa
Sarothrura watersi 10  (E. Bartlett, 1880) Slender-billed Flufftail
iE Madagascar

1 For move from Rallidae to family status here see Hackett et al. (2008) [Hackett, 2008 #10993].
2 Includes cinnamomea and tibatiensis; see Keith et al. (1970) [Keith, 1970 #2180].
3 Includes buryi, loringi and languens; see Keith et al. (1970) [Keith, 1970 #2180].
4 Includes ansorgei; see Keith et al. (1970) [Keith, 1970 #2180].
5 Includes modesta Monard, 1949 [Monard, 1949 #2703]; see Mayr (1957) [Mayr, 1957 #2558] and Keith et al. (1970) [Keith, 1970 #2180].
6 Original spelling lugeus; incorrect Latin word, emended by Mackworth-Praed & Grant (1957) [Mackworth-Praed, 1957 #2465] or in 1952 edition.
7 Includes danei; see Keith et al. (1970) [Keith, 1970 #2180].
8 Peters (1934) [Peters, 1934 #3007] used the name lineata. Since then Smith's early names have been recognised; see Macdonald & Grant (1953) [Macdonald, 1953 #12421].
9 For treatment as a subspecies of S. affinis see Keith et al. (1970) [Keith, 1970 #2180].
10 For treatment in a monotypic genus Lemurolimnas see Penhallurick (2003) [Penhallurick, 2003 #2999].