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ZELEDONIIDAE - Wren-thrush and allies (2:3)
ZELEDONIA Ridgway, 1889 F - Zeledonia coronata Ridgway, 1889; type by monotypy   1
Zeledonia coronata   Ridgway, 1889 Wren-thrush
vCosta Rica, W Panama
TERETISTRIS Cabanis, 1855 M - Anabates fernandinae Lembeye, 1850; type by original designation   2
Teretistris fernandinae   (Lembeye, 1850) Yellow-headed Teretistris
iW Cuba, Isla de la Juventud
Teretistris fornsi Oriente Teretistris
fornsi Gundlach, 1858 E Cuba (Oriente, west to Matanzas)
turquinensis Garrido, 20003 vSE Cuba (Pico Turquino) [Garrido, 2000 #1679]

1 Placed by Barker et al. (2013) [Barker, 2013 #14348] in its own family; the genus had been listed in the Turdidae by Ripley (1964) [Ripley, 1964 #3315].
2 For placement of this genus close to Zeledonia see Barker et al. (2013) [Barker, 2013 #14348]; although he did not include it in this family it is judged to be best placed here.
3 Treated as a synonym of nominate fornsi by Curson (2010) [Curson, 2010 #13498]; but more study needed.