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CALYPTOMENIDAE - African and Green Broadbills1 (2:6)
SMITHORNIS Bonaparte, 1850 M - Platyrhynchus capensis A. Smith, 1839; type by monotypy  
Smithornis capensis African Broadbill
delacouri Bannerman, 1923 iSW Guinea to W Togo
camarunensis Sharpe, 1905 δvE Nigeria to Central African Republic, Gabon and W PR Congo
meinertzhageni van Someren, 1919 iNE DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, W Kenya
medianus E. Hartert & van Someren, 19162 vC Kenya, NE Tanzania
suahelicus Grote, 19263 vCoastal Kenya to E Tanzania
albigularis E. Hartert, 1904 vN Angola, N Zambia, SE DR Congo, W Tanzania, N Malawi
conjunctus Clancey, 1963 vS and SE Zambia, NW Mozambique (Tete), N Botswana, N Zimbabwe [Clancey, 1963 #812]
cryptoleucus Clancey, 1963 vS Malawi, SE Tanzania, Mozambique, E Zimbabwe, NE South Africa (E Limpopo to N KwaZulu-Natal) [Clancey, 1963 #812]
capensis (A. Smith, 1839)4 αvNE South Africa (coastal KwaZulu-Natal)
Smithornis sharpei Grey-headed Broadbill
sharpei Alexander, 1903 iBioko
zenkeri Reichenow, 1903 iE Nigeria to SW Central African Republic, N Gabon and W PR Congo
eurylaemus Neumann, 1923 vE DR Congo
Smithornis rufolateralis Rufous-sided Broadbill
rufolateralis G.R. Gray, 1864 vSierra Leone and Liberia to W Togo; SW Nigeria to W DR Congo and NW Angola (Cabinda)
budongoensis van Someren, 1921 vC and NE DR Congo, W Uganda
CALYPTOMENA Horsfield, 1822 F - Calyptomena viridis Horsfield, 1822; type by monotypy5
Calyptomena viridis Green Broadbill
viridis Raffles, 18226 vSW continental SE Asia (C Tenasserim and extreme W Thailand) and Thai-Malay Pen. to (formerly) Singapore [Horsfield, 1822 #14504]7
gloriosa Deignan, 19478 vSumatra, Nias I., N Natuna Is. (Indonesia), Borneo
siberu Chasen & Kloss, 1926 iSiberut I. and Pagai Is. (off W Sumatra)
Calyptomena hosii   Sharpe, 1892 Hose's Broadbill
iUplands of Borneo
Calyptomena whiteheadi 9  Sharpe, 1887 Whitehead's Broadbillα
iMountains of Borneo

1 Moyle et al. (2006) [Moyle, 2006 #9980] showed that broadbills belong in two well-supported clades and that either Sapayoa, the asities and the pittas must be included or the calyptomenids should be separated.
2 Includes chyulu, see Clancey (1963) [Clancey, 1963 #812].
3 Includes shimba, see Clancey (1970) [Clancey, 1970 #848].
4 For date 1840 see Waterhouse (1880) [Waterhouse, 1880 #14508].
5 For corrected authorship see Wells & Dickinson (2010) [Wells, 2010 #12366].
6 For precedence of Raffles in Horsfield (1822) over Raffles (1822) see Wells & Dickinson (2010) [Wells, 2010 #12366].
7 Type locality restricted to Singapore by lectotypification and caudacuta and continentis confirmed as synonyms by Wells (2013) [Wells, 2013 #15291].
8 For reasons to use this name see Dekker & Dickinson (2000) [Dekker, 2000 #1255].
9 For date of publication see Dickinson (2004) [Dickinson, 2004 #6148].