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NICATORIDAE - Nicators1 (1:3)
NICATOR Hartlaub & Finsch, 1870 M - Lanius chloris Valenciennes, 1826; type by original designation   
Nicator chloris   (Valenciennes, 1826) Western Nicator
iSW Senegal to Nigeria, S South Sudan and Uganda, south to S DR Congo and extreme N Angola.
Nicator gularis 2  Hartlaub & Finsch, 1870 Eastern Nicator
vSE Somalia, E Kenya to E and S Zambia, Mozambique and N KwaZulu-Natal
Nicator vireo   Cabanis, 1876 Yellow-throated Nicator
iCameroon to N Angola, east to W Uganda

1 For circumscription and naming of this family see Cracraft, Beresford & Barker (2014); in Appendix 2 to this volume.
2 Implicitly includes phyllophilus Clancey, 1980 [Clancey, 1980 #906] see Keith (2000) [Keith, 2000 #2185].