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MACROSPHENIDAE - Crombecs, Longbills and allies1 (6:18)
SYLVIETTA Lafresnaye, 1839 F - Sylvietta brachyura Lafresnaye, 1839; type by original designation   2,3
Sylvietta brachyura Northern Crombec
brachyura Lafresnaye, 1839 vMauritania, Senegal and Sierra Leone to Sudan and N Eritrea
carnapi Reichenow, 1900 iCameroon to Uganda and W Kenya
leucopsis Reichenow, 1879 iSE South Sudan, Ethiopia, S Eritrea and Somalia to NE Tanzania
Sylvietta whytii Red-faced Crombec
loringi Mearns, 1911 iSE Sudan and Ethiopia to NW Kenya
jacksoni Sharpe, 1897 iS and E Uganda, W, C and S Kenya, W Tanzania, N Malawi
minima Ogilvie-Grant, 1900 vCoastal Kenya, E Tanzania
whytii Shelley, 1894 iS Tanzania, S Malawi, Mozambique
nemorivaga Clancey, 19664 vZimbabwe
Sylvietta philippae   J.G. Williams, 1955 Philippa's Crombec
iNW and W Somalia, S and E Ethiopia
Sylvietta rufescens Long-billed Crombec
adelphe Grote, 1927 iE DR Congo, Zambia, N Malawi
flecki Reichenow, 1900 iS Angola, SW Zambia to N Namibia, N and E Botswana, W and C Zimbabwe, N and NE South Africa
ansorgei E. Hartert, 1907 iW Angola
pallida Alexander, 1899 vS Malawi and C and S Mozambique to E Zimbabwe and E South Africa (NE KwaZulu-Natal)
resurga Clancey, 1953 vE South Africa (E Mpumalanga, W and S KwaZulu-Natal)
rufescens (Vieillot, 1817) iS Namibia, SW Botswana, W and NW South Africa
diverga Clancey, 1954 iS and C South Africa
ochrocara Oberholser, 19055 C Namibia, W Botswana
Sylvietta isabellina   Elliot, 1897 Somali Crombec
vE and S Ethiopia, NW and S Somalia, N and E Kenya
Sylvietta ruficapilla Red-capped Crombec
schoutedeni C.M.N. White, 1953 iE DR Congo
rufigenis Reichenow, 1887 vW and S DR Congo
chubbi Ogilvie-Grant, 1910 iSE DR Congo (SE Katanga) to Malawi and N Mozambique
makayii C.M.N. White, 19536 δiN Angola
ruficapilla Bocage, 1877 iC and E Angola
gephyra C.M.N. White, 1953 iS DR Congo (W Katanga), NW and W Zambia
Sylvietta virens Green Crombec
flaviventris (Sharpe, 1877) vGambia, S Senegal to SW Nigeria
virens Cassin, 1859 iSE Nigeria to NW DR Congo
baraka Sharpe, 1897 iC and E DR Congo to SW and S South Sudan, Uganda and W Kenya
tando W.L. Sclater, 19277 iNW Angola, SW DR Congo, PR Congo
Sylvietta denti Lemon-bellied Crombec
hardyi Bannerman, 1911 iW Sierra Leone and Guinea to Ghana
denti Ogilvie-Grant, 1906 iSE Nigeria to DR Congo, NE Angola and W Uganda
Sylvietta leucophrys8 White-browed Crombec
leucophrys Sharpe, 1891 iW Uganda, W and C Kenya
chloronota E. Hartert, 19209,10 δvE DR Congo to SW Uganda, W Tanzania
chapini Schouteden, 194711 iNE DR Congo (Lendu Plateau)
CRYPTILLAS Oberholser, 1899 F - Bradypterus victorini Sundevall, 1860; type by original designation and monotypy12
Cryptillas victorini   (Sundevall, 1860) Victorin's Warbler
S South Africa (Western Cape, SW Eastern Cape)
ACHAETOPS Roberts, 1922 M - Sphenoeacus pycnopygius P.L. Sclater, 1852; type by original designation and monotypy13
Achaetops pycnopygius Rockrunner
pycnopygius (P.L. Sclater, 1853)14 αvS Angola, N Namibia
spadix Clancey, 1972 iHuila (SW Angola)
SPHENOEACUS Strickland, 1841 M - Muscicapa afra J.F. Gmelin, 1789; type by monotypy   15
Sphenoeacus afer Cape Grassbird
excisus Clancey, 1973 vE Zimbabwe, W Mozambique
natalensis Shelley, 1882 vNE and E South Africa
intermedius Shelley, 1882 vS South Africa (Eastern Cape)
afer (J.F. Gmelin, 1789) vS South Africa (Western Cape)
MELOCICHLA Hartlaub, 1857 F - Drymoica mentalis Fraser, 1843; type by monotypy   16
Melocichla mentalis Moustached Grass Warbler
mentalis (Fraser, 1843) vS Senegal to Central African Republic, N and S DR Congo, N Zambia and Angola
amauroura (von Pelzeln, 1883)17 iSouth Sudan, SW Ethiopia, W and C Kenya and EC Africa south to N and C Zambia
orientalis (Sharpe, 1883) vE and S Tanzania, S Malawi, E Zimbabwe and C Mozambique
luangwae Benson, 1958 iE Zambia, W Malawi
MACROSPHENUS Cassin, 1859 M - Macrosphenus flavicans Cassin, 1859; type by original designation   
Macrosphenus flavicans Yellow Longbill
flavicans Cassin, 1859 iSE Nigeria to W DR Congo and NW Angola; Bioko
hypochondriacus (Reichenow, 1893) vE DR Congo to SW South Sudan, W and S Uganda
Macrosphenus kempi Kemp's Longbill
kempi (Sharpe, 1905) iSierra Leone and Guinea to SW Nigeria
flammeus Marchant, 1950 vSE Nigeria and W Cameroon
Macrosphenus concolor 18  (Hartlaub, 1857) Grey Longbill
iS Guinea to DR Congo and Uganda, south to N Angola
Macrosphenus pulitzeri   Boulton, 1931 Pulitzer's Longbill
iW Angola
Macrosphenus kretschmeri Kretschmer's Longbill
kretschmeri (Reichenow & Neumann, 1895) iNE and EC Tanzania
griseiceps Grote, 1911 iSE Tanzania, NE Mozambique

1 For establishment of this family name see Fregin et al. (2012) [Fregin, 2012 #14321]; over the previous seven years this group was assembled as evidence emerged. Their sequence of genera is followed.
2 The name Sylviella is considered a variant spelling and thus brackets around an author and date are not required.
3 This genus associated with the genus Macrosphenus by Beresford et al. (2005) [Beresford, 2005 #277] as part of a group awaiting a family rank name.
4 For recognition, see Dean in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
5 For recognition, see Dean in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724]. But see Pearson (2006) [Pearson, 2006 #15592].
6 Correct original spelling. Spelling mackayii in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
7 Includes meridionalis see Lack (1997) [Lack, 1997 #2306].
8 Treatment follows Dowsett & Dowsett-Lemaire (1993) [Dowsett, 1993 #1417].
9 Correct original spelling. Spelling chloronata in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
10 Includes arileuca Parkes, 1987 [Parkes, 1987 #2938].
11 May warrant species rank, see Fishpool & Collar (2006) [Fishpool, 2006 #9847].
12 This taxon, previously treated in the Sylviidae (genus Bradypterus), e.g. by Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449], associated with the genus Macrosphenus by Beresford et al. (2005) [Beresford, 2005 #277]. For this Oberholser's name was available.
13 This genus associated with the genus Macrosphenus by Beresford et al. (2005) [Beresford, 2005 #277] as part of a group awaiting a family rank name.
14 For correct date see Dickinson et al. (2010) [Dickinson, 2010 #12496].
15 This genus associated with the genus Macrosphenus by Beresford et al. (2005) [Beresford, 2005 #277] as part of a group awaiting a family rank name.
16 This genus was associated with the group centred on the genus Macrosphenus by Fuchs et al. (2006) [Fuchs, 2006 #9858].
17 Includes incana; see Ryan (2006) [Ryan, 2006 #15593].
18 Implicitly includes grisescens; see Pearson (2006) [Pearson, 2006 #15592].