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PNOEPYGIDAE - Wren Babblers1 (1:4)
PNOEPYGA Hodgson, 1844 F - Tesia albiventer Hodgson, 1837; type by subsequent designation (Zimmer & Vaurie, 1954, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, 74, p. 41).   2
Pnoepyga immaculata   J. Martens & Eck, 1991 Nepal Wren Babbler
vHimalayan foothills from Himachal Pradesh to E Nepal [Martens, 1991 #2503]
Pnoepyga pusilla Pygmy Wren Babbler
pusilla Hodgson, 1845 vS China; Himalayan foothills east from E Uttarakhand, NE India, N and EC continental SE Asia
annamensis Robinson & Kloss, 1919 vMountains of SE continental SE Asia
harterti Robinson & Kloss, 1918 iMountains of Thai-Malay Pen.
lepida Salvadori, 1879 vMountains of Sumatra
rufa Sharpe, 1882 vMountains of Java
everetti Rothschild, 1897 iMountains of Flores (Lesser Sundas)
timorensis Mayr, 1944 vMountains of Timor (Lesser Sundas)
Pnoepyga albiventer Scaly-breasted Wren Babbler
pallidior Kinnear, 1924 vHimalayan foothills from Himachal Pradesh to C Nepal
albiventer (Hodgson, 1837) iSE Xizang, Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from C Nepal, NE India, W and N Myanmar, NW Vietnam
mutica Thayer & Bangs, 19123 vWC China in N, C and SW Sichuan
Pnoepyga formosana 4  C. Ingram, 1909 Taiwan Wren Babbler
vMountains of Taiwan

1 For proposal of a family name see Gelang et al. (2009) [Gelang, 2009 #11542].
2 Sequence of species based on Päckert et al. (2013) [Päckert, 2013 #14717].
3 For recognition, and recommendation for treatment at specific rank, see Päckert et al. (2013) [Päckert, 2013 #14717].
4 Transferred from P. pusilla to P. albiventer by Harrap (1989) [Harrap, 1989 #1893]; raised to species rank by Päckert et al. (2013) [Päckert, 2013 #14717].