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PHYLLOSCOPIDAE - Old World Leaf Warblers1,2 (4:77)
RHADINA Billberg, 1828 F - Motacilla sibilatrix Bechstein, 1793; type by subsequent designation (E.C.S. Baker, 1930, Fauna British India, Birds, ed. 2, 7, p. 183).3
Rhadina orientalis 4  (C.L. Brehm, 1855) Eastern Bonelli's Warbler
vBalkans, Asia Minor, Levant >> NE Africa
Rhadina bonelli   (Vieillot, 1819) Western Bonelli's Warbler
SW and C Europe to W Ukraine, Slovenia and Italy, NW Africa >> W Africa
Rhadina sibilatrix   (Bechstein, 1793) Wood Warbler
Europe, SW Siberia to Altai, W Caucasus >> W and C Africa (sometimes E Africa)
ABRORNIS J.E. & G.R. Gray, 1847 M - Abrornis erochroa J.E. & G.R. Gray, 1847; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 35). = Phylloscopus pulcher Blyth, 18455
Abrornis yunnanensis 6  (La Touche, 1922) Chinese Leaf Warbler
vNC to WC China from NE Qinghai, Gansu and Shanxi to S Liaoning, south to Sichuan, Shaanxi and Hubei >> ? N continental SE Asia [la Touche, 1922 #2303]
Abrornis subviridis   (W.E. Brooks, 1872) Brooks's Leaf Warbler
vMountains of NE Afghanistan and N Pakistan >> C Pakistan, NW India
Abrornis inornatus   (Blyth, 1842) Yellow-browed Warbler
vNE Russia, Siberia east to Anadyrland and south to Altai Mts., Russian Far East, N Korea, NE Mongolia and NE China >> E Nepal, E India, Bangladesh, mainland SE Asia
Abrornis humei7 Hume's Leaf Warbler
humei (W.E. Brooks, 1878) iS Siberia from upper Yenisey to Baikal and Altai, Afghanistan and C Asia east to N Tien Shan, W Mongolia, NW China in NW Xinjiang, Himalayas east to W Nepal >> Afghanistan, northern S Asia
mandellii (W.E. Brooks, 1879) iN to SW China from Qinghai to Nei Mongol, south to Yunnan >> NE India, N continental SE Asia
Abrornis chloronotus8 Lemon-rumped Warbler
simlaensis (Ticehurst, 1920) vHimalayas from N Pakistan to W Nepal >> N India
chloronotus J.E. & G.R. Gray, 18479 αvHimalayas (east of simlaensis) >> NE India, NW continental SE Asia
Abrornis forresti 10  (Rothschild, 1921) Forrest's Leaf Warbler/Sichuan Leaf Warbler
NW Yunnan east to Sichuan, Shaanxi >> N continental SE Asia
Abrornis kansuensis 11  (Meise, 1933) Gansu Leaf Warbler
vNC China in NE Qinghai and SW Gansu >> ?
Abrornis proregulus 12  (Pallas, 1811) Pallas's Leaf Warbler
Siberia east to Sakhalin, Russian Far East, Korea, NE China >> N India
Abrornis pulcher Buff-barred Warbler
kangrae (Ticehurst, 1923) iHimalayas from Kashmir to Uttarakhand
pulcher (Blyth, 1845) vS and E Xizang, NC to SW China W Gansu to S Shaanxi, south to Yunnan, Himalayas (east of kangrae), N and E Myanmar, NW Vietnam >> NE India, S and SE Myanmar to N Tenasserim, NW Thailand
Abrornis maculipennis Ashy-throated Warbler
virens (Ticehurst, 1926) iNW Indian Himalayas east to Uttarakhand
maculipennis Blyth, 1867 vYunnan to SW Sichuan, Himalayas (east of virens), mountains of W and N Myanmar, NW Thailand, S Laos, Vietnam south to Langbian plateau
PHYLLOSCOPUS Boie, 1826 M - Sylvia trochilus Latham, 1790; type by monotypy = Motacilla trochilus Linnaeus, 1758  13
Phylloscopus fuscatus Dusky Warbler
fuscatus (Blyth, 1842)14 vC to E and SE Siberia, Russian Far East, N and C Korea, Mongolia, far-NE China >> S China, S Asia, mainland SE Asia
robustus Stresemann, 192315 αvNC China from S Gansu to Shaanxi, south to N Sichuan >> S China, E continental SE Asia
tibetanus Ticehurst, 193716 vSE Xizang
Phylloscopus fuligiventer17 Smoky Warbler
fuligiventer (Hodgson, 1845) S Xizang, Himalayas east from Uttarakhand >> Nepal, N and NE India, Bangladesh
weigoldi Stresemann, 192318,19 αMountains of WC China from SE Qinghai to W Sichuan >> SE Xizang, Yunnan, Himalayan foothills from E Nepal to Assam
Phylloscopus subaffinis 20,21  Ogilvie-Grant, 1900 Buff-throated Warbler
vChina (except N), N continental SE Asia >> S China, NE India, continental SE Asia
Phylloscopus trochilus Willow Warbler
trochilus (Linnaeus, 1758) iS British Isles and S Sweden to N Spain, Alps and Carpathian Mts. >> W Africa
acredula (Linnaeus, 1758) iFenno-Scandia, C and E Europe, W Siberia >> C, E and S Africa
yakutensis Ticehurst, 1935 vLena Basin, Yakutia, Anadyr >> E and S Africa
Phylloscopus ibericus 22,23  Ticehurst, 1937 Iberian Chiffchaff
vSW France, W and N Iberia, NW Africa >> tropical W Africa, rarely NW Africa
Phylloscopus collybita Common Chiffchaff
abietinus (Nilsson, 1819) vN and E Europe, E Turkey, Transcaucasia >> S Europe, Asia Minor, Middle East, Arabia, Africa to Sahel, rarely further south
collybita (Vieillot, 1817)24 iNW, C and SE Europe >> S Europe, Levant, N and W Africa, rarely south of Sahara
brevirostris (Strickland, 1837) vN and W Asia Minor
caucasicus Loskot, 1991 vN Caucasus, ? Azerbaijan [Loskot, 1991 #2416]
menzbieri Shestoperov, 193725 iTurkmenistan, NE Iran
tristis Blyth, 184326 vSiberia from Ural Mts. east to W Chukotka, south to N Kazakhstan, NW Mongolia, ?far-NW Xinjiang >> SW and C Asia, Nepal, Pakistan, N India, Bangladesh
Phylloscopus canariensis Canary Islands Chiffchaff
canariensis (Hartwig, 1886) vW and C Canary Is.
†? exsul E. Hartert, 1907 iLanzarote (Canary Is.)
Phylloscopus lorenzii 27  (Lorenz, 1887) Mountain Chiffchaff
NE Turkey, Caucasus, Transcaucasia
Phylloscopus sindianus 28  W.E. Brooks, 1880 Kashmir Chiffchaffα
vKarakoram, Pamir and Alai ranges to Tien Shan, NW China in W Xinjiang, W Himalayas to N Himachal Pradesh >> E Afghanistan, Pakistan, N India
Phylloscopus neglectus   Hume, 1870 Plain Leaf Warbler
v? E Turkey; Iran and Turkmenistan to E Uzbekistan and W Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and NW Pakistan >> SW Asia east from NE Arabia, E Pakistan, NW India
Phylloscopus tytleri 29  W.E. Brooks, 1871 Tytler's Leaf Warbler
iNE Afghanistan, Himalayas in N Pakistan and Kashmir >> SW India [Brooks, 1871 #516]
Phylloscopus occisinensis   J. Martens, Sun Yue-hua & Päckert, 2008 Alpine Leaf Warbler
vNC to WC China from E Qinghai and C Gansu to N Yunnan >> ? [Martens, 2008 #11734]
Phylloscopus griseolus   Blyth, 1847 Sulphur-bellied Warbler
vSC Siberia (Tuva Republic), C Asia from Pamir range to Tien Shan, Mongolia, SW to NW Xizang, Afghanistan, N Pakistan >> N and C India
Phylloscopus affinis30 Tickell's Leaf Warbler
perflavus J. Martens, Sun Yue-hua & Päckert, 2008 vKarakoram Range, Himalayas from N Pakistan to Kashmir [Martens, 2008 #11734]
affinis (Tickell, 1833) δvS and SE Xizang, Himalayas (east of perflavus) >> India, Bangladesh, Myanmar
Phylloscopus armandii Yellow-streaked Warbler
armandii (A. Milne-Edwards, 1865) iNE Xizang, N China from E Qinghai to S Liaoning >> S China, N continental SE Asia
perplexus Ticehurst, 1934 v(a) SE Xizang, WC China in N Yunnan and SW Sichuan; (b) SE China on Wuji Shan range (Jiangxi) >> Yunnan, Myanmar, NW Thailand
Phylloscopus schwarzi   (Radde, 1863) Radde's Warbler
iC Siberia east to Sakhalin, Russian Far East, N Korea, far-N to NE China from Nei Mongol to Heilongjiang >> C and S China, mainland SE Asia
SEICERCUS Swainson, 1837 M - Cryptolopha auricapilla Swainson, 1837; type by monotypy = Sylvia burkii E. Burton, 1836  
Seicercus affinis White-spectacled Leaf Warbler
affinis (F. Moore, 1854)31 vHimalayas east from E Nepal, NE India, N Myanmar
intermedius (La Touche, 1898) vWC, SW and S to SE China in Sichuan, Yunnan to Fujian and Jiangxi >> S China, E continental SE Asia
Seicercus poliogenys   (Blyth, 1847) Grey-cheeked Leaf Warbler
iHimalayas east from C Nepal, NE India, N Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam >> N Thailand
Seicercus burkii 32  (E. Burton, 1836) Golden-spectacled Leaf Warbler
iSE Xizang, Himalayas east from Uttarakhand, NE India >> C India
Seicercus tephrocephalus 33  (Anderson, 1871) Grey-crowned Leaf Warbler
vSW and WC to SE China in Yunnan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei and Jiangxi; NE India, NW Myanmar, N Vietnam >> continental SE Asia
Seicercus omeiensis   J. Martens, Eck, Päckert & Sun Yue-hua, 1999 Martens's Leaf Warbler
vWC to C China in Sichuan, S Gansu, Shaanxi and Hubei >> N and E continental SE Asia [Martens, 1999 #2506]
Seicercus soror   Alström & Olsson, 1999 Alström's Leaf Warbler
i(a) WC to C and SW China in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Guizhou, (b) EC and SE China in Henan, Jiangxi and Fujian >> continental SE Asia, N Thai-Malay Pen. [Alström, 1999 #64]
Seicercus valentini Bianchi's Leaf Warbler
valentini (E. Hartert, 1907) iNC to C and SW China (Gansu, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Yunnan) >> N continental SE Asia
latouchei Bangs, 1929 iMountains of C, SE and S China (Hubei, Jiangxi and Fujian to Guangdong) and N Vietnam >> S China
Seicercus whistleri Whistler's Leaf Warbler
whistleri Ticehurst, 1925 iSE Xizang, Himalayas east from Pakistan
nemoralis Koelz, 1954 vFar-NE India (south of R. Brahmaputra), W Myanmar
Seicercus cebuensis Lemon-throated Leaf Warbler
luzonensis (Rand & Rabor, 1952) vN and C Luzon (Philippines)
sorsogonensis (Rand & Rabor, 1967) vS Luzon (Philippines)
cebuensis (A.J.C. Dubois, 1900) vNegros and Cebu (Philippines)
Seicercus olivaceus   (Moseley, 1891) Philippine Leaf Warbler
vPhilippines (except Luzon, Mindoro and Palawan)
Seicercus coronatus   (Temminck & Schlegel, 1847) Eastern Crowned Leaf Warbler
v(a) Russian Far East, Japan, Korea, NE China, (b) WC China in Sichuan and S Shaanxi >> continental SE Asia (except N), Thai-Malay Pen., Sumatra, W Java
Seicercus ijimae 34  (Stejneger, 1892) Ijima's Leaf Warbler
Tokara Is. (W Japan), Izu Is. (SE Japan) >> N Philippines
Seicercus umbrovirens Brown Woodland Warbler
yemenensis (Ogilvie-Grant, 1913) vSW Saudi Arabia, W Yemen
williamsi (Clancey, 1956) iNC Somalia
umbrovirens (Rüppell, 1840) iEritrea, N and C Ethiopian highlands, NW Somalia
omoensis (Neumann, 1905)35 vW and S Ethiopia
mackenzianus (Sharpe, 1892)36 δvSE South Sudan, E Uganda, Kenya
wilhelmi (Gyldenstolpe, 1922) iE DR Congo, Rwanda, SW Uganda
alpinus (Ogilvie-Grant, 1906) vRwenzori Mts. (DR Congo/Uganda)
dorcadichroa (Reichenow & Neumann, 1895)37 δiSE Kenya, N and NE Tanzania
fugglescouchmani Moreau, 1941 iE Tanzania (Uluguru Mts.)
Seicercus budongoensis   (D. Seth-Smith, 1907) Uganda Woodland Warbler
vS Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea to NW PR Congo; NE DR Congo, Uganda, W Kenya
Seicercus herberti Black-capped Woodland Warbler
herberti (Alexander, 1903) iBioko
camerunensis (Alexander, 1909)38 δvSE Nigeria, W Cameroon
Seicercus laetus39 Red-faced Woodland Warbler
schoutedeni Prigogine, 1955 iE DR Congo (Mt. Kabobo)
laetus (Sharpe, 1902) vNE and E DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, W Uganda
Seicercus laurae Laura's Woodland Warbler
eustacei Benson, 1954 iSE DR Congo, N and NW Zambia, SW Tanzania
laurae Boulton, 1931 iW Angola (Mt. Moco)
Seicercus ruficapilla Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler
ochrogularis Moreau, 1941 vW Tanzania (Kungwe-Mahari Mts.)
minullus (Reichenow, 1905) vSE Kenya, E Tanzania
johnstoni W.L. Sclater, 1927 iS Tanzania, Malawi, NW Mozambique, NE Zambia
quelimanensis Vincent, 1933 vN Mozambique (Mt. Namuli)
alacris Clancey, 1969 vE Zimbabwe, W Mozambique
ruficapilla (Sundevall, 1850)40 iNE and E South Africa
voelckeri Roberts, 1941 iCoastal S South Africa
Seicercus castaniceps Chestnut-crowned Leaf Warbler
castaniceps (Hodgson, 1845) iSE Xizang, W Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from Uttarakhand, NE India, W and N Myanmar
laurentei (La Touche, 1922) iSE Yunnan
sinensis (Rickett, 1898) vNE, E, C and S China, NE and EC continental SE Asia >> S China
collinsi Deignan, 1943 iE Myanmar, W and NW Thailand
stresemanni Delacour, 1932 iBolovens Plateau (S Laos)
annamensis (Robinson & Kloss, 1919) vLangbian mountains (SC Vietnam)
youngi (Robinson, 1915) iMountains of N Thai-Malay Pen.
butleri (E. Hartert, 1898) iMountains of C and S Thai-Malay Pen.
muelleri (Robinson & Kloss, 1916) iMountains of Sumatra
Seicercus grammiceps Sunda Leaf Warbler
sumatrensis (Robinson & Kloss, 1916) vMountains of Sumatra
grammiceps (Strickland, 1849) iMountains of Java and Bali
Seicercus montis Yellow-breasted Leaf Warbler
davisoni (Sharpe, 1888)41 iMountains of S Thai-Malay Pen.
inornatus (Robinson & Kloss, 1920) vMountains of Sumatra
montis (Sharpe, 1887) iMountains of Borneo
xanthopygius (J. Whitehead, 1893) vMountains of Palawan (Philippines)
floris (E. Hartert, 1897)42 iMountains of Flores (Lesser Sundas)
paulinae Mayr, 1944 iMountains of Timor (Lesser Sundas)
Seicercus emeiensis   (Alström & Olsson, 1995) Emei Leaf Warbler
vWC to C and S China in NE Yunnan, SE Sichuan and S Shaanxi, south to Guizhou and NE Guangdong [Alström, 1995 #60]
Seicercus nitidus 43  (Blyth, 1843) Green Leaf Warbler
vN Turkey and Caucasus to N Iran, ?Afghanistan, ?southwest C Asia >> SW India, Sri Lanka
Seicercus trochiloides44 Greenish Leaf Warbler
viridanus (Blyth, 1843) vEC and NE Europe east to SC Siberia, ?Afghanistan, C Asia east to Tien Shan, NW Mongolia, NW China in N Xinjiang >> S Asia to SW India
ludlowi (Whistler, 1931) iHimalayas from N Pakistan to Uttarakhand >> S Asia except S India
trochiloides (Sundevall, 1837) iSE Xizang, WC China from N Yunnan and Sichuan to S Shaanxi; Himalayas east from W Nepal >> NC and NE India, Andamans, N continental SE Asia
obscuratus (Stresemann, 1929) vNW to NC China in Qinghai and Gansu >> SW China, N continental SE Asia
Seicercus plumbeitarsus   (Swinhoe, 1861) Two-barred Leaf Warbler
SC to SE Siberia from Sayan range to N Sakhalin, south to Russian Far East, N Mongolia, ?far-NE China >> mainland SE Asia
Seicercus borealis Arctic Warbler/Arctic Leaf Warbler
borealis (J.H. Blasius, 1858)45 vFar-N Europe and Siberia east to Chukotka, south on the continent to Russian Far East, excluding Kamchatka >> SE Asia to Wallacea, NW Australia
kennicotti (S.F. Baird, 1869) iW Alaska >> Philippines, ? E Indonesia
Seicercus examinandus 46,47  (Stresemann, 1913) Kamchatka Leaf Warbler
vKamchatka, Sakhalin, N Hokkaido >> ?E Indonesia
Seicercus xanthodryas 48  (Swinhoe, 1863) Japanese Leaf Warbler
Japan (Honshu to Kyushu) >> Philippines, E Indonesia
Seicercus borealoides   (Portenko, 1950) Sakhalin Leaf Warbler
S Sakhalin, Kuril Is., Japan south to Shikoku >> ?continental SE Asia
Seicercus tenellipes   (Swinhoe, 1860) Pale-legged Leaf Warbler
Russian Far East, ?NC Mongolia >> far-S China, mainland SE Asia
Seicercus magnirostris   (Blyth, 1843) Large-billed Leaf Warbler
vNC and C China from Qinghai and Gansu to Shaanxi and Hubei, south to Yunnan; NE Afghanistan, Himalayas east from Pakistan, N Myanmar >> SW India, Sri Lanka, ?NW continental SE Asia
Seicercus calciatilis 49  (Alström et al., 2009) Limestone Leaf Warbler
vN and C Laos, N Vietnam [Alström, 2009 #11946]
Seicercus cantator Yellow-vented Leaf Warbler
cantator (Tickell, 1833) iW Yunnan, Himalayan foothills east from E Nepal, N Assam, N and E Myanmar >> NE India, W and NW Thailand
pernotus (Bangs & Van Tyne, 1930) vN and C Laos
Seicercus ricketti   (H.H. Slater, 1897) Sulphur-breasted Leaf Warbler
NC and WC to SC and SE China, in Gansu, S Shaanxi, Hubei, and Guizhou to Fujian >> N and EC continental SE Asia east from Thailand
Seicercus claudiae 50  (La Touche, 1922) Ticehurst's Leaf Warbler
NC and WC China in Gansu, Sichuan and S Shaanxi, and NE China in Hebei >> SW and S China, NE continental SE Asia
Seicercus reguloides Blyth's Leaf Warbler
kashmiriensis (Ticehurst, 1933)51 δvHimalayas from Kashmir to Uttarakhand
reguloides (Blyth, 1842) iC Himalayas from Nepal to Bhutan
assamensis (E. Hartert, 1921) vSE Xizang, ?NW Yunnan, E Himalayas, NE India, N continental SE Asia east to NW Vietnam >> NE India, continental SE Asia except S
ticehursti (Delacour & Greenway, 1939) iNW Yunnan, (status?) Langbian mountains (SC Vietnam)
Seicercus occipitalis   (Blyth, 1845) Western Crowned Leaf Warbler
vE Afghanistan, southern C Asia east to W Tajikistan, Himalayas east to Uttarakhand >> C and S India
Seicercus goodsoni52 Hartert's Leaf Warbler
goodsoni (E. Hartert, 1910) S China in Guangxi, Guangdong >> Hainan
fokiensis (E. Hartert, 1917)53 vC, EC and SE China in Shaanxi, Hubei, Jiangxi and Fujian
Seicercus trivirgatus Mountain Leaf Warbler
parvirostris (Stresemann, 1912) vMountains of C and S Thai-Malay Pen.
trivirgatus (Strickland, 1849) vMountains of Sumatra, Borneo (except W), Java and Bali
kinabaluensis (Sharpe, 1901) vUpper montane zone of Mt. Kinabalu (NW Borneo)
sarawacensis Chasen, 1938 vPoi Range (W Borneo)
peterseni (Salomonsen, 1962) iMountains of Palawan (Philippines)
benguetensis (Ripley & Rabor, 1958)54 vMountains of N Luzon (Philippines)
nigrorum (Moseley, 1891) iMountains of S Luzon, Mindoro, Negros (Philippines)
diuatae (Salomonsen, 1953)55 δiDiuata Mts. of NE Mindanao (Philippines)
mindanensis (E. Hartert, 1903) vMountains of S Mindanao (Philippines)
malindangensis (Mearns, 1909) vNW Mindanao on Mt. Malindang (Philippines)
flavostriatus (Salomonsen, 1953) vNC Mindanao on Mt. Kitanglad (Philippines)
Seicercus sarasinorum Sulawesi Leaf Warbler
sarasinorum (A.B. Meyer & Wiglesworth, 1896) iMountains of SW Sulawesi
nesophilus (Riley, 1918) vMountains of Sulawesi except SW
Seicercus maforensis56,57 Island Leaf Warbler
henrietta (Stresemann, 1931) iHalmahera, Ternate (N Moluccas)
waterstradti (E. Hartert, 1903) iBacan, Obi (N Moluccas)
everetti (E. Hartert, 1899) iBuru (S Moluccas)
ceramensis (Ogilvie-Grant, 1910) vAmbon and Seram (S Moluccas)
avicola (E. Hartert, 1924) iKai Besar (SE Moluccas)
matthiae (Rothschild & E. Hartert, 1924) iSt. Matthias Group (Bismarck Arch.)
moorhousei (Gilliard & LeCroy, 1967) iUmboi, New Britain (Bismarck Arch.)
leletensis (Salomonsen, 1965) vNew Ireland (Bismarck Arch.)
misoriensis (Meise, 1931) vBiak I. (in Cenderawasih Bay)
maforensis (A.B. Meyer, 1874) vNumfoor I. (in Cenderawasih Bay)
poliocephalus (Salvadori, 1876) vMontane NW New Guinea (mountains of Doberai Pen. and ? Bomberai Pen.)
albigularis (E. Hartert & Paludan, 1936) vMontane WC New Guinea (Kobowre Mts.)
paniaiae (Junge, 1952) iMontane WC New Guinea (Wissel Lakes)
cyclopum (E. Hartert, 1930) iMontane N Guinea (Cyclops Mts.; ? Foya Mts., North Coast Ranges, Adelbert Range, Yapen I.)
giulianettii (Salvadori, 1896) iMontane WC, EC, NE and SE New Guinea (mountains of central cordillera and Huon Pen.)
hamlini (Mayr & Rand, 1935) iGoodenough I. (D'Entrecasteaux Arch.)
becki (E. Hartert, 1929) iSanta Isabel, Malaita, Guadalcanal (C and SE Solomons)
bougainvillei (Mayr, 1935) iBougainville (Solomons)
pallescens (Mayr, 1935) iKolombangara (New Georgia Is., C Solomons)
Seicercus makirensis   (Mayr, 1935) San Cristobal Leaf Warbler
vSan Cristobal (SE Solomons)
Seicercus presbytes Timor Leaf Warbler
presbytes (Blyth, 1870) iTimor (Lesser Sundas)
floresianus nom.nov. Dickinson & Christidis, 201458 vFlores (Lesser Sundas)
Seicercus amoenus   (E. Hartert, 1929) Kolombangara Leaf Warbler
vKolombangara (New Georgia Is., C Solomons)
Seicercus ogilviegranti59 Kloss's Leaf Warbler
disturbans (La Touche, 1922) NC to WC and C China in Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi >> continental SE Asia east from E Myanmar
ogilviegranti (La Touche, 1922)60 S and SE China in Guizhou, Jiangxi and Fujian (status?), N Vietnam
intensior (Deignan, 1956) vMountains of SE Thailand and SW Cambodia
klossi (Riley, 1922) Mountains of S Laos, SC Vietnam
Seicercus hainanus   (Olsson, Alström & Colston, 1993) Hainan Leaf Warbler
vMountains of Hainan
Seicercus xanthoschistos61 Grey-hooded Leaf Warbler
xanthoschistos (J.E. & G.R. Gray, 1847)62 αiHimalayas from N Pakistan to C Nepal
jerdoni (W.E. Brooks, 1871) iHimalayas from Nepal (east of xanthoschistos) to Arunachal Pradesh
flavogularis (Godwin-Austen, 1877) vSE Xizang, NE Arunachal Pradesh, N Myanmar
tephrodiras Sick, 1939 iS Assam hills, W and SW Myanmar
Seicercus muleyitensis 63  Dickinson & Christidis, 2014 White-tailed Leaf Warbler/Davison's Leaf Warbler
vN and C Yunnan, E and SE Myanmar to N Tenasserim, NW Thailand east to NW Vietnam [Dickinson, 2014 #15763]

1 Contrary to Alström et al. (2013) [Alström, 2013 #14634] this family name was not first proposed in 2006, but was proposed by Jerdon in 1863; see Bock (1994) [Bock, 1994 #398] and Art. 36 of the Code (I.C.Z.N., 1999) [I.C.Z.N., 1999 #2059].
2 Genus sequence and within this species sequence broadly follows Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864], Johansson et al. (2007) [Johansson, 2007 #9906] and Päckert et al. (2009, 2012) [Päckert, 2009 #11876], [Päckert, 2012 #13659]. Our resurrection of Rhadina and Abrornis derives from the deep branches in their findings.
3 Date questionable; it was cited from 1828 by Watson (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and was dated 1827 by Wood (1931) [Wood, 1931 #15582], but the title page of vol. 1, part 2, is dated 1828.
4 For treatment as a separate species from R. bonelli see Helbig et al. (1995) [Helbig, 1995 #1933] and Sangster et al. (2002) [Sangster, 2002 #3474].
5 This dates from January 1847, see Dickinson & Walters (2006) [Dickinson, 2006 #9469] and antedates the name Reguloides Blyth, 1847 which dates from about May.
6 Includes Phylloscopus sichuanensis Alström, Olsson & Colston, 1992 [Alström, 1992 #57]; see Martens (2000) [Martens, 2000 #2507].
7 For treatment as a separate species from A. inornata see Irwin et al. (2001) [Irwin, 2001 #2088] and Sangster et al. (2002) [Sangster, 2002 #3474].
8 For treatment as a separate species from A. proregulus see Alström & Olsson (1990) [Alström, 1990 #54].
9 For correct date see Dickinson & Walters (2006) [Dickinson, 2006 #9469].
10 Previously treated as a synonym of A. [proregulus] chloronotus, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533]; but see Martens et al. (2004) [Martens, 2004 #2513].
11 Previously treated as a synonym of A. [proregulus] proregulus, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449]; but see Alström et al. (1997) [Alström, 1997 #62] and Martens et al. (2004) [Martens, 2004 #2513].
12 Considered to form a superspecies with A. chloronotus, A. kansuensis and A. forresti; see Martens et al. (2004) [Martens, 2004 #2513].
13 Transfer of multiple species to the genus Seicercus is required by the major clades to be found in the study by Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864] and the corroborating evidence in Päckert et al. (2012) [Päckert, 2012 #13659].
14 Red'kin & Malykh (2011) [Red'kin, 2011 #12707] proposed a new subspecies sakhalinensis which requires corroboration, that population is tentatively retained herein. These authors also recognised two other taxa with names in synonymy.
15 For correct date of publication see Quaisser & Eck (2006) [Quaisser, 2006 #7425].
16 For transfer to this species from P. fuligiventer see Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749]. But see Martens (2010) [Martens, 2010 #12717].
17 When this included tibetanus this was sometimes treated as conspecific with P. fuscatus; e.g. by Cheng (1987) [Cheng Tso-hsin, 1987 #739].
18 For transfer from P. fuscatus to this species see Martens et al. (2008) [Martens, 2008 #11734].
19 For correct date of publication see Quaisser & Eck (2006) [Quaisser, 2006 #7425].
20 For treatment as a species separate from P. affinis see Alström & Olsson (1992) [Alström, 1992 #58].
21 Birds named P. s. arcanus Ripley, 1950 have been re-identified as Cettia flavolivacea; see Alström et al. (1993) [Alström, 1993 #11288].
22 For reasons to treat this and P. canariensis as separate species from P. collybita see Helbig et al. (1996) [Helbig, 1996 #1934]; for the use of the name ibericus in place of brehmii see Svensson (2001) [Svensson, 2001 #3788].
23 Includes biscayensis Salomon, Voisin & Bried [Salomon, 2003 #3444], see Elias (2004) [Elias, 2004 #1497].
24 Implicitly includes sardus Trischitta, 1939 [Trischitta, 1939 #3879]; see Vaurie (1959) [Vaurie, 1959 #3961].
25 For recognition see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721], who also recognised fulvescens (here a synonym of tristis). See also Marova-Kleinbub & Leonovitch (1998) [Marova-Kleinbub, 1998 #2498].
26 This may deserve treatment at species rank see Martens & Eck (1995) [Martens, 1995 #2504] and Dean & Svensson (2005) [Dean, 2005 #9816] and was so treated by Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749].
27 For treatment as a species separate from P. sindianus; see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721].
28 For correct date see Pittie (2006) [Pittie, 2006 #9574].
29 Watson (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] cited this from The Ibis, 1872, but the name and description appeared a year earlier in the Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal; see link after range statement.
30 Treated as monotypic by Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] following the recognition of subspecies subaffinis as a distinct species.
31 For correction of authorship see Dickinson (2004) [Dickinson, 2004 #1388].
32 For the revision of the broad species used by Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] into several species see Alström & Olsson (1999) [Alström, 1999 #64] and Martens et al. (1999) [Martens, 1999 #2506].
33 Includes distincta see Martens et al. (1999) [Martens, 1999 #2506] due to the neotypification of S. tephrocephalus by Alström & Olsson (1999) [Alström, 1999 #64].
34 Dated 1882 by Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] but see Anon. (1947) [Anon., 1947 #14610].
35 For recognition see Pearson (1997) [Pearson, 1997 #2990].
36 Correct original spelling. Spelling mackensianus in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
37 Correct original spelling. Spelling dorcadichrous in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
38 Correct original spelling. Spelling camerunensus in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
39 Considered by Clement (2006) [Clement, 2006 #15586] to form a superspecies with S. laurae and S. ruficapilla.
40 Includes ochraceiceps see Pearson (1997) [Pearson, 1997 #2990].
41 In a broad genus Seicercus which subsumes species previously placed in Phylloscopus this name has priority over Acanthopneuste davisoni Oates, 1889 if that is one of the species subsumed.
42 In a broad genus Seicercus which subsumes species previously placed in Phylloscopus this name has priority over Acanthopneuste floris Hartert, 1898 if Phylloscopus presbytes is one of the species subsumed.
43 May belong in S. trochiloides; see Martens (2010) [Martens, 2010 #12717].
44 As noted by Alström (2013) [Alström, 2013 #14634] the interrelationships of S. nitidus, S. trochiloides and S. plumbeitarsus are unresolved. This appears to be due to different signals from morphology and molecules.
45 Includes hylebata, transbaicalica and talovka see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721]. But see Martens (2010) [Martens, 2010 #12717].
46 Previously treated as a synonym of S. borealis xanthodryas, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533]; but see Saitoh et al. (2008, 2010) [Saitoh, 2008 #12076], [Saitoh, 2010 #12565].
47 Winter range tentative especially because this taxon was long considered a synonym of S. [borealis] xanthodryas.
48 Previously treated as a subspecies of S. borealis, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533]; but see Saitoh et al. (2006, 2008, 2010) [Saitoh, 2006 #15581], [Saitoh, 2008 #12076], [Saitoh, 2010 #12565].
49 Cover date January 2010; but mailed 14 December 2009, and 2009 is recommended as a publication date see Ibis vol. 152, p. 414.
50 Previously treated as a subspecies of S. reguloides, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533]; but see Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864] and Päckert et al. (2009) [Päckert, 2009 #11876].
51 Correct original spelling. Spelling kashmirensis in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
52 Previously treated as a subspecies of S. ricketti, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533]; but see Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864] and Päckert et al. (2009) [Päckert, 2009 #11876].
53 For treatment here see Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864], Päckert et al. (2009) [Päckert, 2009 #11876] and Martens et al. [Martens, 2010 #12717].
54 For recognition see Dickinson et al. (1991) [Dickinson, 1991 #1361].
55 Correct original spelling. Spelling diutae in Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] was an ISS.
56 Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533] mistakenly used the name S. poliocephalus; the senior name used here has two years priority.
57 The subspecies poliocephalus has been screened; it appears as S. poliogenys in Fig. 6 in Alström et al. (2013) [Alström, 2013 #14634].
58 The name Seicercus presbytes floresianus is a nomen novum for Acanthopneuste floris Hartert, 1898 which, in Seicercus, is preoccupied by Cryptolopha montis floris Hartert, 1897.
59 Previously treated as a subspecies of P. davisoni, as in Watson et al. (1986) [Watson, 1986 #4449] and Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #9533]; but see Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864] and Päckert et al. (2009) [Päckert, 2009 #11876].
60 This name dates from 3 January 1922, klossi from 3 October, and disturbans from 27 October 1922.
61 For treatment as sister to S. davisoni see Olsson et al. (2005) [Olsson, 2005 #2864] and Martens et al. (2008) [Martens, 2008 #11734].
62 For correct date see Dickinson & Walters (2006) [Dickinson, 2006 #9469].
63 The name Seicercus klossi muleyitensis is a nomen novum for Acanthopneuste davisoni Oates, 1889 which, in Seicercus, is preoccupied by Cryptolopha davisoni Sharpe, 1888. With the placement of Acanthopneuste davisoni in Seicercus precedence passes to Cryptolopha davisoni Sharpe, 1888.