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SCOPIDAE - Hamerkop1 (1:1)
SCOPUS Brisson, 1760 M - Scopus Brisson; type by tautonymy = Scopus umbretta J.F. Gmelin, 1789  
Scopus umbretta Hamerkop
umbretta J.F. Gmelin, 17892 iAfrica (except coastal W Africa), SW Saudi Arabia and W Yemen; Madagascar
minor Bates, G.L., 1931 vCoastal W Africa (Sierra Leone to E Nigeria)

1 Hackett et al. (2008) [Hackett, 2008 #10993] found the Scopidae and the Balaenicipitidae to be sister families.
2 Includes bannermani; see Kahl (1979) [Kahl, 1979 #4684]. If a Madagascan form is to be recognised, then the name tenuirostris is available; the name bannermani is not applicable despite its suggestion by Young in Goodman & Benstead (2003) [Goodman, 2003 #13823].