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HAEMATOPODIDAE - Oystercatchers and Ibisbill (2:13)
HAEMATOPUS Linnaeus, 1758 M - Haematopus ostralegus Linnaeus, 1758; type by monotypy  
Haematopus leucopodus   Garnot, 1826 Magellanic Oystercatcher
vS Chile (Isla de ChiloƩ) and S Argentina (Chubut) to Cape Horn; Falkland Is.
Haematopus ater   Vieillot, 1825 Blackish Oystercatcher
vCoasts of N Peru (Lambayeque) and S Argentina (Chubut) to Tierra del Fuego; Falkland Is.
Haematopus bachmani 1  Audubon, 1838 Black Oystercatcher
iAleutian Is. (west to Kiska) and coastal S Alaska to NW Mexico (C Baja California and Islas Los Coronados)
Haematopus palliatus2 American Oystercatcher
palliatus Temminck, 18203 vAtlantic coasts of North, Middle and South America (Massachussetts to SE Brazil); Pacific coast of Central America (Guatemala to Panama); West Indies
galapagensis Ridgway, 18864 vGalapagos Is.
frazari Brewster, 18885 Pacific coast of Mexico (Baja California to Oaxaca)
pitanay Murphy, 19256 Coastal SW Ecuador (Guayas) to SC Chile (Isla de ChiloƩ)
durnfordi Sharpe, 1896 Coastal Uruguay and Argentina (south to N Santa Cruz)
Haematopus meadewaldoi   Bannerman, 1913 Canary Islands Oystercatcher
iE Canary Is.
Haematopus moquini   Bonaparte, 1856 African Oystercatcher
iCoastal S Africa (N Namibia to KwaZulu-Natal)
Haematopus ostralegus Eurasian Oystercatcher
ostralegus Linnaeus, 17587 vIceland to NW Russia, south to W Mediterranean >> W and S Europe and W Africa
longipes Buturlin, 1910 iBalkans, Ukraine, and Turkey to C and S Russia and W Siberia >> E Mediterranean, coastal E Africa, Arabian Pen.
buturlini Dementiev, 19418 iLower Ural basin and Transcaspia to E Kazakhstan and NW China >> Red Sea and SW Asia to India [Dementiev, 1941 #1305]
osculans Swinhoe, 1871 iSea of Okhotsk and Kamchatka to Korea and NE China >> E China and Korea
Haematopus finschi 9  G.H. Martens, 1897 South Island Oystercatcher
iInland South Island >> North Island (New Zealand)
Haematopus longirostris   Vieillot, 1817 Pied Oystercatcher
vCoasts of SE Moluccas (Kai Is.), Aru Is., S New Guinea, Australia and Tasmania
Haematopus unicolor   J.R. Forster, 1844 Variable Oystercatcher
Coasts of New Zealand
Haematopus chathamensis 10  E. Hartert, 1927 Chatham Oystercatcherα
vChatham Is. (New Zealand)
Haematopus fuliginosus Sooty Oystercatcher
fuliginosus Gould, 1845 vCoasts of S Australia and Tasmania
opthalmicus Castelnau & E.P. Ramsay, 1877 vCoasts of N Australia
IBIDORHYNCHA Vigors, 1832 F - Ibidorhyncha struthersii Vigors, 1832; type by monotypy  
Ibidorhyncha struthersii   Vigors, 1832 Ibisbill
iTien Shan Mts., Pamir Mts., Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas (east from N Pakistan), SW and C China >> N India to NE Myanmar

1 For continued recognition as a separate species from H. palliatus see Jehl (1985) [Jehl, 1985 #14065].
2 Forms a superspecies with H. bachmani; see Sibley & Monroe (1990) [Sibley, 1990 #3636].
3 Includes prattii; see Hockey (1996) [Hockey, 1996 #1978].
4 May merit treatment as a separate species; see Hockey (1996) [Hockey, 1996 #1978], but see also Jehl (1985) [Jehl, 1985 #14065].
5 Included in nominate palliatus by Hockey (1996) [Hockey, 1996 #1978] because it might be a hybrid swarm; however, Jehl (1985) [Jehl, 1985 #14065] postulated hybrid origin but did not suggest an active hybrid zone per se.
6 This and durnfordi not recognised by Hockey (1996) [Hockey, 1996 #1978].
7 Includes malacophaga (which, contrary to its original spelling, should be rendered as malacophagus) and occidentalis; see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721].
8 For recognition see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721].
9 For treatment as a separate species from H. longirostris, see Marchant & Higgins (1993) [Marchant, 1993 #2487].
10 Treated as a separate species from H. unicolor following Marchant & Higgins (1993) [Marchant, 1993 #2487], Hockey (1996) [Hockey, 1996 #1978] and Gill et al. (2010) [Gill, 2010 #12348].
11 For placement here see chapter herein by Cracraft.