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CORACIIDAE - Rollers (2:12)
CORACIAS Linnaeus, 1758 M - Coracias garrulus Linnaeus, 1758; type by subsequent designation (G.R. Gray, 1855, Cat. of the Genera and Subgenera of Birds, p. 13).  
Coracias naevius Rufous-crowned Roller
naevius Daudin, 18001 δvSenegal to Somalia and N Tanzania
mosambicus Dresser, 1890 vAngola, Zambia and S Malawi south to C Namibia and N South Africa
Coracias benghalensis Indian Roller
benghalensis (Linnaeus, 1758) vUnited Arab Emirates, N Oman; E Iraq to N India and C Nepal
indicus Linnaeus, 1766 vC and S India, Sri Lanka
affinis Horsfield, 18402 vE Nepal, Bhutan, NE India, Bangladesh, SE Xizang, SW China, mainland SE Asia to C Thai-Malay Pen. >> Thai-Malay Pen.
Coracias temminckii   (Vieillot, 1819) Purple-winged Roller/Sulawesi Roller
iSulawesi and satellites
Coracias spatulatus 3  Trimen, 1880 Racquet-tailed Roller
vAngola, SE DR Congo and S Tanzania to N Botswana, Zimbabwe and S Mozambique
Coracias caudatus Lilac-breasted Roller
lorti Shelley, 1885 iEritrea, Ethiopia, W Somalia, NE Kenya
caudatus Linnaeus, 1766 vS and W Kenya and Uganda to Angola, C Namibia and N South Africa
Coracias abyssinicus   Hermann, 1783 Abyssinian Roller
vSenegal to Eritrea south to N DR Congo and NW Kenya
Coracias garrulus European Roller
garrulus Linnaeus, 1758 iN Africa, S and C Europe to SW Siberia and E Mediterranean basin >> Africa
semenowi von Loudon & von Tschusi, 19024 iIraq and Transcaspia to C Kazakhstan, N Pakistan, Kashmir, and NW China (Xinjiang) >> NE Africa and SW Asia
Coracias cyanogaster   Cuvier, 1816 Blue-bellied Rollerα
iSenegal to C Nigeria, N DR Congo and W South Sudan
EURYSTOMUS Vieillot, 1816 M - Rolle des Indes Buffon; type by monotypy = Coracias orientalis Linnaeus, 1766  
Eurystomus gularis Blue-throated Roller
gularis Vieillot, 1819 vGuinea to W Cameroon
neglectus Neumann, 1908 vS Cameroon to N Angola and Uganda; Bioko
Eurystomus glaucurus Broad-billed Roller
aethiopicus Neumann, 19055 vEthiopia
afer (Latham, 1790)6 vSenegal to Liberia, N DR Congo, Uganda (except NE) and Sudan
suahelicus Neumann, 19057 vS Somalia and NE Uganda to Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and NE South Africa
glaucurus (Statius Muller, 1776) vMadagascar >> SE and C Africa
Eurystomus orientalis8 Dollarbird
cyanicollis Vieillot, 18199,10 vRussian Far East, Japan, Korea, Himalayas (east from Uttarakhand), NE India, Bangladesh, China (except NW), NE Vietnam >> S and mainland SE Asia, Greater Sundas [Vieillot, 1819 #4010]
laetior Sharpe, 1890 vSW India
irisi Deraniyagala, 195111 iSri Lanka [Deraniyagala, 1951 #1311]
gigas Stresemann, 1913 iS Andamans
orientalis (Linnaeus, 1766)12,13 vContinental SE Asia (except extreme NE), Thai-Malay Pen., Greater Sundas, Lesser Sundas (E to Moa), Philippines >> Thai-Malay Pen., Sulawesi, Sula Arch., Moluccas
oberholseri Junge, 193614 iSimeulue I. (off W Sumatra)
pacificus (Latham, 1801)15 αvN and E Australia >> E and S Wallacea, lowland New Guinea, Bismarck Arch.
waigiouensis Elliot, 1871 vWestern Papuan Is., lowland New Guinea, Yapen I., Karkar I., D'Entrecasteaux Arch., Louisiade Arch.
crassirostris P.L. Sclater, 1869 vUmboi, New Britain, New Ireland, New Hanover and satellite islands, St. Matthias Group, Hibernian Is. (Bismarck Arch.)
solomonensis Sharpe, 1890 vFeni Is. (Hibernian Is.), Solomons (all main islands)
Eurystomus azureus   G.R. Gray, 1861 Purple Rollerα
vN Moluccas

1 Spelling selected by a First Reviser; see David et al. (2009) [David, 2009 #11541].
2 For correct author see Dickinson (2003) [Dickinson, 2003 #1384].
3 Includes weigalli; see Hustler & Dean in Hockey et al. (2005) [Hockey, 2005 #12724].
4 The use of Tschudi by Peters (1945) [Peters, 1945 #3013] was a typographic error for Tschusi.
5 Recognition follows Mackworth-Praed & Grant (1937) [Mackworth-Praed, 1937 #13821] and Fry (1988) [Fry, 1988 #1625].
6 Includes rufobuccalis; see White (1965) [White, 1965 #4191].
7 Includes pulcherrimus; see Fry (1988) [Fry, 1988 #1625].
8 Following the admission of Stresemann (1952) [Stresemann, 1952 #3767] that he had erred in 1913 in restricting the type locality to Java he proposed Amboina be recognised. While most works retained the treatment of Peters (1945) [Peters, 1945 #3013] others did not. For a decision to retain Java see Schodde in Schodde & Mason (1997) [Schodde, 1997 #3523].
9 Previously treated as E. o. calonyx; acceptance of Java as type locality for the nominate form by Schodde in Schodde & Mason (1997) [Schodde, 1997 #3523] promotes a return to the treatment adopted by Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332], with abundus, the subspecies name used by Ripley in synonymy.
10 Includes latouchei Allison, 1946 [Allison, 1946 #52]; see Deignan (1950) [Deignan, 1950 #1212] and Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721].
11 Reputedly a rare breeding form (Phillips, 1978) [Phillips, 1978 #3070]; perhaps extinct (Ripley, 1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332]. Diagnosibility doubted by Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749].
12 Implicitly includes deignani; see Fry & Fry (1992) [Fry, 1992 #1628]. Also includes connectens; see Mees (2006) [Mees, 2006 #7094].
13 NE India excluded as Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332] treated all northern Indian birds as cyanicollis not considering that a synonym of orientalis. As Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) [Rasmussen, 2005 #4749] followed him we defer to this view.
14 This population has been minimally sampled and requires review; accepted by van Marle & Voous (1988) [van Marle, 1988 #3920] but it is unclear if they had specimens available.
15 The name connectens was placed in synonymy here by White in White & Bruce (1986) [White, 1986 #4194], but see Mees (2006) [Mees, 2006 #7094]. May merit recognition as a connecting form.