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TODIDAE - Todies1 (1:5)
TODUS Brisson, 1760 M - Todus Brisson; type by tautonymy = Alcedo todus Linnaeus, 1758  
Todus multicolor   Gould, 1837 Cuban Tody
iCuba, Isla de la Juventud
Todus angustirostris   Lafresnaye, 1851 Narrow-billed Tody
vMountains of Hispaniola
Todus subulatus   G.R. Gray, 1847 Broad-billed Tody
vHispaniola, Ile de la GonĂ¢ve
Todus todus   (Linnaeus, 1758) Jamaican Tody
Todus mexicanus   Lesson, 1838 Puerto Rican Tody
vPuerto Rico

1 Classification and sequence derived from Overton & Rhoads (2004) [Overton, 2004 #2889].