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UPUPIDAE - Hoopoes (1:2)
UPUPA Linnaeus, 1758 F - Upupa epops Linnaeus, 1758; type by Linnaean tautonymy  
Upupa epops Common Hoopoe
epops Linnaeus, 17581,2 iNW Africa, C and S Europe to E Siberia and Korea, SW and C Asia, N Pakistan, NW India, Xizang, China >> Africa, SW, northern S and E Asia, continental SE Asia
ceylonensis Reichenbach, 1853 vS Asia (except NW and extreme NE)
longirostris Jerdon, 1862 vNE India, Bangladesh, S China, mainland SE Asia to N (formerly C) Thai-Malay Pen. >> Thai-Malay Pen.
major C.L. Brehm, 1855 vEgypt
senegalensis Swainson, 1837 vSenegal to Somalia
waibeli Reichenow, 19133 iCameroon to NW Kenya
africana Bechstein, 1811 vS DR Congo to C Kenya and South Africa
marginata Cabanis & F. Heine, Sr., 18604 vMadagascar
Upupa antaios   Olson, 1975 St. Helena Hoopoe
St. Helena I.

1 Includes saturata; see Stepanyan (1990) [Stepanyan, 1990 #3721].
2 May also include orientalis which was listed as a synonym of ceylonensis by Ripley (1982) [Ripley, 1982 #3332].
3 For recognition see White (1965) [White, 1965 #4191].
4 May merit treatment as a separate species (Dowsett & Dowsett-Lemaire 1993) [Dowsett, 1993 #1416].