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Future concerns and possible "programmes".

Written and/or vocal support for the ICZN and/or for ZooBank, both of which suffer from funding problems.

Collaboration with ZooBank, if requested, to advance the validation of details of works, names and nomenclatural acts registered but still awaiting the careful scrutiny needed to allow the community to consider registrations accurate and thus valid.

Involvement in any organised collaboration in the development of Lists of Available Names (LANs) for avian family-group names, then avian genus-group names and eventually perhaps avian species-group names - strictly based on the methodology set down for such lists by the ICZN. Each of the first two would take several years and the third would take many years.

Support for a possible new textbook on avian systematics including explanatory notes on aspects of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (probably the forthcoming 5th. Code. It should include a firm intention to illustrate it with examples from the world of birds, and it should explain many if not most issues in the context of the world’s avifauna. The Trust would need to make of this an Appeal for funds to support the creation and writing of the work, which the Trust itself would not publish. Ideally this should be a work used to teach students and should be created in conjunction with a leading educational publisher with good market access.